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Contemporary Mystery by K.C. Greenlief
Mystery | Wisconsin Story
Door County resident Ann Ranson is playing a round of golf at Wisconsin's Gibraltar State Park when she discovers a body on the eighth green. The victim, Paul Larsen, a local landowner and Chicago architect, had opposed nearly all commercial development in the increasingly popular Door County. At the same time, a string of burglaries have involved the theft of expensive antiques from summer homes. Authorities trace these stolen items to a series of prestigious auction houses across the United States. As the investigations continue, it becomes apparent the burglaries are tied-in with the murder. Book Two of the Swenson and Smith Mystery Series. Contains strong language. Narrated by Bonnie Faimon.

by Gary Gabelhouse
Mystery | Adventure Fiction
Gabe Turpin, a middle-aged anthropologist, rescues an African shaman from torture, becomes his student, and learns "dream walking" - a meditation that allows its practitioners to slip past all defenses undetected. Caught in a whirlwind of political assassination in East Africa, Gabe struggles to understand the dark secret of "dream walking" before its mysterious destruction kills him. Contains violence and strong language. Narrated by Kay McKinzie.

by Pam Broderick
Cozy Mystery | Christian Fiction - Catholic
Emily Sinclair, a principal in a parochial school, investigates the death of Donna Brendall, a parishioner whose demise, it seems, would have been on many people's wish list. Narrated by Helena Whitaker.

by Pam Broderick
Cozy Mystery | Christian Fiction - Catholic
Once her divorce from David is final, Emily Sinclair goes on a pilgimage to France and Italy. Her efforts to make a fresh start are complicated by the death of her tour guide, and she finds herself involved in solving a murder. Narrated by Helena Whitaker. (3 hours, 7 minutes)

by Pam Broderick
Cozy Mystery | Christian Fiction - Catholic
Emily Sinclair is devasted to find her own doctor, Charles Lincoln, dead in her church choir loft. Since he was one of Fall Oakes' beloved and respected physicians, Emily is determined to find out who would have killed him, and why. Narrated by Helena Whitaker. (3 hours 11 minutes)

by Mary Connealy
Nebraska Story | Christian Fiction - Romance Mystery | Short Stories
Three romance mysteries are all set in rural Melnik, Nebraska, home of the world's largest field mouse. In Of Mice...and Murder, Carrie Evans, who hates mice and loves big cities, returns to her small hometown to live in a mouse-infested house where a human body is found in the pantry. A local carpenter helps her trap the rodents and try to solve the murder. In Pride and Pestilence, Bonnie Simpson, an insomniac museum curator, is chief suspect in the murder of Sven Gunderson, whom nobody liked. In The Mice Man Cometh, attorney Tyler Simpson is thrilled to open a law office in Melnik until a body falls out of his cupboard and he angers the locals after being appointed public defender for the town's nemesis. Part of the America Loves a Mystery Series. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt. (17 hours, 50 minutes)

by Pam Broderick
Cozy Mystery | Christian Fiction - Catholic
Parochial school principal Emily Sinclair volunteers to produce a community play. The star of the show attracts a secret admirer, who Emily suspects is a dangerous stalker. When the star dies suddenly, Emily wonders if the stalker is more dangerous than she thought. Narrated by Helena Whitaker. (3 hours, 40 minutes)
Historical Mystery by Robert Richter
Mystery | Historical Fiction
1972. A young American expatriate, former student, and political activist named Cotton Waters hides along Mexico's Pacific Coast where he is known by his buddies as Algo, which is Spanish for Something. When his money runs out, he reluctantly finds employment with wealthy Americanos. One of them, who is jealous, pays him to follow a beautiful woman to make sure she isn't cheating. Algo finds himself in a tangled, dangerous web of murder, drugs, corrupt police, and buried treasure. Contains some strong language. Narrated by Dan Howell. (6 hours, 5 minutes)

by Mignon G. Eberhart
Nebraska Mystery | Nebraska Sandhills | Historical Fiction
Smack in the middle of the Nebraska Sandhills is Hunting's End, a weekend lodge owned by the rich Kingery family. Socialite Matil Kingery invites a strange collection of guests--the same people who were at the lodge when her father died of "heart failure" exactly five years ago. She intends to find out which one of them murdered him. Originally published in 1930. 1998. 2023 One Book, One Nebraska Award selection. Narrated by Jane Knox. (10 hours, 26 minutes)
Suspense by Kenny Miller
Donnnie, a young co-pilot, returns to the United States in a private Learjet after an extended assignment in Africa where he helped survey forest areas for Liberia. To his horror, he discovers a deadly bomb has been smuggled onboard, with New York City as the target. With only minutes to spare, he needs to overcome his fears in order to prevent catastrophic loss of life. Some strong language. Narrated by Helen Whitaker. (7 hours, 16 minutes)
Crime Fiction by Jack Botts
Crime Fiction | Adventure Fiction
The Russian Mafia buys a New Jersey jeweler's debt paper in order to coerce his help in robbing an international shipment of diamonds. In trying to substitute his own plan, the jeweler lays out a trail of deception half-way around the world, including the Sahara, and ends up in a desperate struggle for survival in Idaho's Bitter Root Mountains. Some violence and strong language. Narrated by Pete Mayeux. (10 hours, 30 minutes)

by Jim Thompson
Nebraska Story | Family Saga - Historical | Crime Fiction
Four generations of Fargos dominate the small Nebraska town of Verdon. Set in the early 1900s, this dark, yet playful story portrays the mean-spirited members of an interlocking clan. A charming young lawyer turns into a crooked politician, and a bank clerk is slowly dying of syphilis. The clan’s grandmother is persuaded by a clergyman of dubious character to sign over the family property. Contains explicit descriptions of sex. Narrated by Michael Cartwright. (9 hours, 15 minutes)

by Sean Doolittle
Nebraska Story | Crime Fiction | Neo-Noir
Though he comes from a proud line of cops, Matt Worth finds his career on the skids after losing his temper and decking a detective. His love life has also taken a hit, with a ten-year marriage ending in divorce. Now on provisional work status, he is assigned night patrol at a supermarket in a high-crime Omaha neighborhood. Worth finds himself drawn to Gwen, the checkout girl who has been battered by her drug-dealing boyfriend. He ends up driving a car with the boyfriend's body in the trunk and contending with rogue cops whose hands are dirty with drug money. Contains strong language, violence and sexual situations. Narrated by Tami Works.

by Lisa Ward
Nebraska Story | Crime Fiction
In the 1950s, Charles Starkweather, accompanied by his girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate, terrorized Nebraska and Wyoming through a spree of eleven murders. In this novel, three voices tell how that shocking violence left an indelible mark on three generations. The first voice, belonging to Fugate, tells how she was consumed by love and craziness. The second voice belongs to a girl of similar age who is enthralled by accounts of the tragedy. Finally, the third voice belongs to a grown man who was suddenly orphaned while in prep school by the Starkweather killings. Narrated by Michael Cartwright. (11 hours, 43 minutes)
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