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Interchange Newsletter

Summer 2021

Vol. 7, No. 1

Staff Change

Eric Saxon has been hired to replace the now retired Dave Eckmann as the new studio and circulation support staff member. Eric comes to us from Lincoln City Libraries. Help us welcome Eric to Talking Books.

Eric comes to the TBBS fresh from Lincoln City Libraries, where as a jack-of-all-trades he helped patrons with all the library-related things they could think of. His journey to the knobby end of the audio booth included stints at the libraries of Bellevue (NE) University, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Eric brings a background in sound archives and analog-to-digital conversion to the job, and somewhere in his desk drawer are diplomas signifying an MLIS degree from University of Missouri, an MA in Art History and graduate certificate in Digital Humanities from University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and a BA in American Studies from Stanford University. He is not really a gambling man but he bets he is the first employee of the Nebraska Library Commission who has worked at both Graceland and Alcatraz.

Wild Summer Reading

The 2021 Summer Reading Program is Tails and Tales. Readers of all ages are encouraged to read five books over the summer. We invite you to get wild! Though you don’t have to read books about animals, maybe now is the perfect time to start. Join in the fun by reading about animals. A few books about animals are included at the end of this newsletter.

Magazines from Our Studios

Trail Tales by the Nebraska Game and Parks is produced quarterly for outdoors and nature lovers. Each issue focuses on Nebraska’s wildlife species, science concepts, and outdoor sports. This magazine is especially pertinent to 4th grade students in their exploration of Nebraska.

NebraskaLand, also by Nebraska Game and Parks, showcases Nebraska’s outdoor recreational activities. It is published ten times a year.

Midwest Living covers places to visit, recipes, gardens, hobbies, restaurants, and editorials. Its focus is on the Midwest. It is a bimonthly publication.

BARD Password Reminder

For those of you that use BARD, remember that you must log in to the BARD site or the BARD app at least once, every six months. If you do not, your account will be automatically suspended by NLS. If that happens to you, please contact your reader’s advisor to get you restarted.

You may reach them at (402) 471-4038 or 800-742-7691. Or, email:

New Book on BARD

DBC01977 Luck: The Story of a Sandhill Crane by Jean Craighead George. After a girl in Texas saves his life by removing a plastic six-pack holder from his neck, Luck sets out with his parents on a long migration across North America all the way to Siberia where he was born. Along the way, they use their voices to produce a tracking signal to stay together as a family as they eventually join 500,000 other cranes. In Siberia, Luck chooses his own mate, with whom he dances and composes his own song. They then begin their long migration south. For grades K-3.

Order Form and Mailing Instructions

Mark the books and magazines you wish to order, then put this page into an envelope and mail to:

Nebraska Library Commission Talking Book and Braille Service
The Atrium, 1200 N St, Ste 120
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508-2023

Or call 1-402-471-4038 or 1-800-742-7691. You can also order online by going to