Instructions for Digital Cartridge Player

When you sign up for Talking Book and Braille Service, you will receive a talking book player in the mail. The player will arrive in a large, cardboard box with large print and braille instructions for how to use the player. While you’re unpacking the player, please keep the Styrofoam ends and any plastic bags in the box. Please keep the box and packaging to use when you want to return the player in the future.

There are two different types of player: standard and advanced. Most of the time, the standard player is distributed. The advanced player comes in handy for those who read a lot of magazines and do not mind having extra buttons. The books are mailed separately in hard, plastic cases.

Standard and Advanced Players

Getting Started

  1. The front of the player is the side with the pull out handle. The back of the player is the side with the power cord tucked in a crevice.
  2. Pull out the power cord and plug it into a power outlet.
  3. The player will automatically turn on and you will hear “Player On”.
  4. Each button will say what it is when you press it. Before you put a cartridge in the player, try pressing each button to hear a short description of what it does.
  5. Remember the location of the round, red Power button because you are going to use this button to turn your machine off and on from now on.
  6. When you’re ready, insert a talking book cartridge. Make sure the braille label is facing up and grip the cartridge by the figner hole at one end. Push the cartridge firmly into the slot at the front of the player.
  7. The book will automatically start playing. To stop the book, press the green Play/Stop button near the front of the player.
  8. The player will remember where you left off on your book. The Fast Forward and Rewind buttons are located on either side of the Play/ Stop button and can be used to move backwards and forwards in the book. You do not need to rewind the book when you are finished.
  9. The Detailed Guide links below will show a diagram of where buttons are located and describe in more detail what they do. There is a separate guide for both the standard and advanced model.

Opening and Inserting the Book Cartridge

  1. To open the book, find the two indentations on the top of the case. Pull on the snap enclosures in the indentations until they pop open.
  2. The case opens like a hinge. Open the case and pull the book cartridge out.
  3. To put the cartridge in the player, locate the open finger hole at one end of the cartridge. Locate the open crevice at the front of the player. It will be in front of the play/stop button on the player.
  4. Grip the book by the finger hole and firmly push it into the player. The finger hole will still be sticking out of the player when it is fully pushed in.
  5. The book should start playing when it is inserted.

Other TBBS Player Instructional Documents