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Fantasy by Bob Huerter
Nebraska Story | Historical Fiction | Family Saga | Ireland Story | Fantasy
Liam O'Conlan convinces his troubled grandson to drive him from Omaha to eastern Iowa in order to bring closure to a tragic chapter from the grandfather's youth. On the way, Liam tells his family's story to his grandson who is amazed at all that his Irish ancestors had endured. While returning to Omaha, their car collides with a truck on an icy bridge over the Missouri and the grandfather is killed. The grandfather returns from the grave to take his grandson on a journey through time to relive their ancestors' experiences during the Potato Famine and their migration aboard the "coffin ships" in order to establish a new life in America. Contains violence and strong language. Narrated by Alice Timm.

by Paul A. Johnsgard and Karin Johnsgard
Folklore-Mythology | Fantastical Natural History | Reference Collection
Whimsical zoology at its best this carefully researched book presents the first scientific look at these mysterious and elusive creatures. 1982. Narrated by Craig Keplinger. (2 hours, 58 minutes)
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