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Travel Guides by Alan Boye
Nebraska Story | Roadside Guide | Nebraska History | Natural History
This second edition represents a major enlargement and revision of the first edition. It is a comprehensive guide to Nebraska, covering over 12,000 miles in all 93 counties. Includes the location of Indian battle sites, burials, unusual geological formations, pioneer roads, parks, museums, folklore tales, and thousands of other sites; prefaces by Ron Hansen and Wright Morris. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt.

by Keith Terry
Nebraska Story | Outdoor Recreation Guide | Nebraska History | Cowboy History
The nation's longest recreational rail-to-trail project, the Cowboy Trail follows a 321-mile corridor across northern Nebraska once used by the railroad to carry supplies to the Black Hills during the 1870s gold rush. Now stretching from Norfolk to Chadron, the tail passes through eastern farmland on through Plains ranchland and then across the northern Sandhills and on to the edge of the Pine Ridge. This book serves as a companion for those who plan to hike, bike, or ride horseback along this unique trail. Narrated by Tim Gaskell.

by Jeff Barnes
Nebraska Story | Travel Guide | Nebraska History | Indian History
This historical travel guide provides information on visiting 51 military posts of the Plains Indian Wars. The focus is primarily on those involved with the Sioux (Dakota) Indians. This guide includes directions, admissions and hours, amenities, special events, nearby attractions, and other tips. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt. (6 hours, 0 minutes)

by Nebraska Life Magazine
Nebraska Story | Self-Guided Tour | Nebraska History | Architecture
Completed in 1932 after a decade of construction, Nebraska's third State Capitol was designed to be an outward sign of the character of its people. Its broad base resembles the sweeping plains, and its 400-foot tower symbolizes the greater good of mankind and ongoing effort to reach upward. Artwork outside and inside tell the story of the land and depict the values of its citizens. Narrated by Pete Mayeux. (1 hour, 15 minutes)
Travelogues by Patrick Dobson
Travel Memoir | Traveler Biography
In 1994, Patrick Dobson felt trapped and lost in a stupefying job with child support and other pressing obligations. He remembered fondly his childhood camping trips into the Great Plains and the sense of freedom they gave him. A year later, he set out to walk from Missouri to Montana, including a traverse from Southeast Nebraska to the Wyoming border. His encounters included numerous individuals who "needed someone to listen to them as much as I needed someone to listen to me." Contains strong language. Narrated by Gail Marik. (9 hours, 25 minutes)

by Jerry Ellis
Travel Memoir | Frontier History
The author retraces the 2100-mile trail of the Pony Express--a journey he undertakes by foot, horseback, covered wagon, hitchhiking, and canoe. Written in the present tense from diary entries, his account is filled with unforgettable friendships and experiences. Narrated by Marjory Gloe. (10 hours, 30 minutes)

by Joanne Wilke
Travel | Women's History
In 1924, eight farm girls attending Iowa's Teacher's College embarked on an extended car-camping trip in two Model Ts. Using clues from their diaries and letters, the author reconstructs their journey on 9000 unpaved miles through six national parks "without a man or gun along." From the era of the flapper, their true story becomes a celebration of resourcefulness and individual freedom. Narrated by Marjory Gloe.

by Daryl Farmer
Travel Memoir | Bike Trek
At age forty, the author retraces a five-thousand-mile bike trek through the American West, a journey he previously undertook as a college drop-out when he was twenty years younger and seventy pounds lighter. Taking along his journals from his first trek, he observes what has changed and what has endured, in terms of the environment, the individuals he encounters, and himself. On this second trip, he is caught in a Colorado snowstorm, has to negotiate a herd of bison, shares meals and stories with homeless individuals, and kayaks with Orcas in Puget Sound. Narrated by Karen Boyer. (13 hours, 36 minutes)

by Clive Scott Chisholm
Travel Memoir | Frontier History | Traveler Biography
A displaced Canadian sets out to explore the West on foot to discover the origins of the American Dream. As he traverses the Mormon Trail, from Omaha to Salt Lake City, he describes fascinating American dreamers he meets along the remnants of the historic trek. Often these individuals are torn by the contradictory desire to seek community while preserving individuality, as were their pioneer counterparts. Contains some strong language. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt. (17 hours, 5 minutes)

by David Haward Bain
Travel Memoir | Frontier History | The Railroad
The author chronicles an eight-week road trip which he and his family undertook from Missouri through California to retrace covered wagon trails, the first transcontinental railroad, and the Lincoln Highway. Throughout the seven-thousand-mile trip, the author highlights the dramatic Western terrain and historic locales. Narrated by Judy Hanefeldt. (20 hours, 10 minutes)
The Environment by Karla J. Cooper
Environmentalism | Black History
Black Americans have a tradition, often out of necessity, of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Today individuals who wish to live "green" can draw from those experiences in order to reclaim such virtues as simplicity, creativity, and imagination. Narrated by Kay McKinzie.

by Ted Genoways
Agriculture | Environmentalism
Award-winning Nebraska journalist Ted Genoways follows a year in the life of a contemporary small family farm. Documents a family’s struggles within a changing agricultural landscape, as they learn to navigate issues including water rights, climate change, volatile crop prices, evolving technology to meet global food supply demands, and corporate farming. Winner of the 2018 Stubbendieck Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize, and 2019 One Book One Nebraska and All Iowa Reads selection. Contains some strong language. Narrated by Alice Timm.
Nature by Nebraskaland Magazine
Nebraska Story | Climatology and Meteorology
Explains Nebraska's weather and climate--its awesome power and beauty. Narrated by Brad Field and Ann Kelly.

by Ted Kooser
Nebraska Story | Landscape Descriptions | Seasons | Literary Tribute
Organized around the four seasons, this books uses humor and exquisite detail to describe the place the author calls home--the Bohemian Alps of Southeastern Nebraska. At times recalling his Iowa childhood, Nebraska poet and author Ted Kooser celebrates quiet walks in the country, subtle beauty in the landscape, and the ways in which his neighbors care for each other. Narrated by Tami Works.

edited by Annick Smith and Susan O'Connor
The West | Landscape Descriptions | Literary Tribute
Writers with ties to the prairie, such as Willa Cather, Mari Sandoz, Rick Bass, and Jim Harrison, describe how the high, cold plains of the American West challenged their imagination and provided inspiration. The grasslands, badlands, rivers, and sagebrush provided the stimulus that produced beautiful prose and poetry. Some strong language. Narrated by Karen Boyer.

by Robert Richter and the Keith County News
Nebraska Story | Landscape Descriptions | Nebraska History | Natural History
Lake McConaughy, the largest reservoir in Nebraska, was formed following the completion of Kingsley Dam in 1941. At full capacity, this man-made lake is 22 miles long, and up to 4 miles wide and 142 feet deep. Constructed to store water for irrigation, this huge reservoir is also a magnet for outdoorsmen who congregate on white-sand beaches along its 76 miles of shoreline. Narrated by Janet Bohaty. (5 hours, 29 minutes)

by John Janovy
Nebraska Story | Landscape Descriptions | Natural History
The natural life of Keith County, in west central Nebraska, is explored in this unusual and highly praised book. As we walk with the author through the fields and marshes, we are shown aspects of the countryside that are usually ignored or even found repulsive, such as termites, snails, the blood-sucking louse, etc. 1978. Narrated by Budd Duvall. (6 hours, 46 minutes)

by Paul A. Johnsgard
Wildlife | Ornithology
For centuries the snow goose has signified the passing seasons to the Indians—its white feathers a symbol of the breadth of life and a reminder of the roles the birds played as messengers between heaven and earth. The importance of the geese in these roles is attested by their prominence in Indian lore and myth. As a boy growing up in North Dakota, Paul A. Johnsgard measured his winters not by conventional time units, but in the days it took for the snow geese to return from their wintering grounds to Lake Traverse. In this book he recounts the story of one year in the life of a pair of snow geese-the incubation and breeding of the young in the Arctic, their hazardous migration to winter quarters near the Gulf of Mexico, and the spring migration back to the Arctic. Paul Austin Johnsgard was an ornithologist, artist and emeritus professor at the University of Nebraska. His works include nearly fifty books including several monographs, principally about the waterfowl and cranes. 1974. Narrated by Budd Duvall. (3 hours, 6 minutes)
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