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Nebraska Library Commission Western Trails Project

A Network of Discovery: A Comprehensive Trails Plan for the State of Nebraska. RDG Martin Shukert and Ciaccio Dennell Group, for the Nebraska Energy Office and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development,  July 1994. To build on the recreational trails movement in Nebraska and to promote recreational travel that does not use fossil fuels, the Nebraska Energy Office commissioned the preparation of this document. The plan provides a statewide framework for trails planning and development efforts.  
The Cowboy Trails Master Plan
Cover, Table of Contents, and Prefatory Material
A Vision for Nebraska Trails
Trail Resources and Opportunities
The Resource Corridors
Constituencies and Trail Types
The Trails Development Plan
Implementation Recommendations
Appendix: Community Trail —Inventory
Western Trails
Supported in part by funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the Nebraska Library Commission.

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