Nebraska Libraries Future Search

Charting a Future Course for Nebraska Library Services


A conference participant stated that he hoped there would be action by libraries in individual communities. Needs will be different from community to community,and the task force can explore ways to help them succeed. The task force also can explore whether there is a need to continue with a statewide collaboration and whether people from inside and outside of libraries will work together to develop action plans for one or more issues that were raised during the Nebraska Library Future Search Conference.


Task Force Meeting - February 6, 2009
Task Force Meeting - October 30, 2008
Task Force Meeting - September 30, 2008
Task Force Meeting - August 7, 2008


Nebraska Future Search Task Force

June 10, 2008

Nancy Busch
Scott Childers
Audrey DeFrank
Marcia Dority Baker
Brenda Ealey
Steve Fosselman
Teresa Hartman
Marjorie Harrison
Judy Henning
Mary Nelson
Mary Jo Ryan
Kathy Tooker
Lisa Voss

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