Nebraska Libraries Future Search

Charting a Future Course for Nebraska Library Services

Nebraska Futures Task Force Meeting
8.7.08 at NLC
DRAFT Notes -- Session was tape recorded as well
Present: Lisa Voss (Lincoln City Libraries), Scott Childers (UNL) Kathy Tooker (Eastern Library System), Brenda Ealey (Southeast Library System), Steve Fosselman (GIPL), Audrey DeFrank (UNO), Mary Jo Ryan (NLC), Margie Harrison (PLS) Judy Henning (Keaney Public Schools), Mary Nelson (Commissioner), Nancy Busch (UNL) (Amy is also interested in participating on this Task Force)
Marcia Dority-Baker, Teri Hartman unable to attend
• Brenda's correspondence:
Carol Speicher communication wants written summary
Wally Seiler -- attendee commented that libraries do not understand how things work in the real world
Ken's report to NLA was a positive experience and hoped that the outcome could help with future advocacy work
Gate's advocacy for public libraries will require the PLS participate in the PL Advocacy training program -- we could build on it locally
• Need to select chair or co-chairs
Marcia D-B (Brenda will ask) since has declined; Mary Nelson asked
Steve Fosselman (agreed to co-chair)
• Survey response (Mary Jo handed out)
24 responses received to date; NLC will send out a reminder with new deadline for response; then summary will be posted on Wiki
Discussed results so far -- need to keep the momentum going with activities; statewide collaboration important; how do we position ourselves over the next few years; customer service, sustainability; relevancy; infrastructure maintenance; what are our missed opportunities? (technology; information for business); Rod -- hopes people not there see things that match up to their interest and passions; Kathy -- need to keep the message out there; Rod -- we are committed to put a report together; send people to the wiki now; graphic will be a good conversation; will send out a follow-up and try to get more responses and put summary on wiki;
Go green; action design; spawn of future search; do your own marketing things -- you tube contests; local library; systems have submitted pod cast/pod cast grant to do a training pod cast every month.
• Action/Vision Statements:
Need succinct summary
The "experience" factor in libraries; relationships; sure you could do this yourself but; who does the front porch appeal to? What's the front porch to kids? Web site as front porch too. Virtual front porch? MySpace? Facebook?
• Communication-Promotion-Advocacy
Scott -- let's use wiki as reference site but need face to face to feel the energy; blog?; video; pod-casting; keep it simple
Target audience: build on 1991 NIP attendees, all libraries, public officials, trustees, general public, youth; MLS students (9 were FS conference participants);
Take main themes --service, collaboration, economy, real people real libraries real communities
NE Leadership Institute (informal reports)
NLA Legislative committee (use graphic as placemat at Leg luncheon); Steve F goal--that we have something in the Legislature that they have to hear by Leg day-money issues; OS software will be a part of NLC's budget request; also need local advocacy efforts when it comes to money)
C&U NLA/NEMA Panel Members - Lisa Voss volunteered; ask Bev Russell? Audrey; Marcia DOB; Judy (or rep of NEMA) ; Mary Nelson? Nancy B facilitate
Do PowerPoint with graphic and vision statements; placemat size of graphic to distribute and report if done
Customize process of future search to local libraries
Encourage spin-offs to report back to wiki
Presentations to system boards
Need to share results with local libraries of all types
Paul Hoffman is working on the graphic; Nancy Evans will draft a report
ROI -- a part what needs to be pursued
How do we use the report and drill down ideas/notes from FS conference? Discussed a lot of ways to do that on local, regional, state level
Need to find a way to keep the conversations going. Develop tool kits
NLC's newsletters; web site; system newsletters; start seed of discussions; NLA/NEMA news articles, encourage people to use themes and process
"Monthly point of conversation" via email to libraries; trustees (like "refresh your library")
Get a volunteer from FS (young people, Pasco's students who participated) help create blogs or pod casts or you tube
Funding needed -- identify sources:
Bhags (big harry audacious goals) -- do we have any? E.g. Foundations? Sustainability issues? Is there a big idea out there? PSAs or commercial? Recruitment video example -- what people want is a 20 second image and the recruitment one is 60 seconds (cost $25,000) -- really a challenge; billboard rentals
FALUSA examples -- Sally Gardner (5 minute podcast)
What changes people's behaviors? Story approach suggested
What is the end result for the customer?
Only publicize the successes? Not the cuts, etc.?
If the BHAG is "excellent customer service", this can be promoted in every library in Nebraska.
Go Green; Front Porch; Excellent Customer service

• Follow-up meeting (same time next year) - piggy back on 2009 leadership institute with reunion on Friday afternoon

• Next Task Force meeting will be held in September; Steve Fosselman will get the ball rolling on a date and we will meet in Kearney or Grand Island

Notes respectfully submitted by Nancy Busch
Session recorded by NLC
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Nebraska Library Commission

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