Nebraska Libraries Future Search

Charting a Future Course for Nebraska Library Services

Meeting Summary

Task Force Meeting
February 6, 2009 10:00 AM via Centra

1. Conference Report
Task force members noted changes that the NLC has made to the Conference Report. The task force considers the full report to be fine as is, and will work on an abridged document (already started by Scott and Brenda) for library community and public. We agreed that this can be funded from leftover Future Search funds.

2. Executive Summary
Revised by Steve Fosselman 012109 so vision statements follow along with Paul's excellent drawing. Steve offered to revise further for NLA Legislative Day.

3. Meetings with NLC, NLA, NEMA, Systems
All conversations to date indicate strong support and encouragement for us as the process of "continuing the discussion" continues! As reported by Brenda in this wiki's What's Next?, "the Nebraska Regional Library Systems will share a topic bi-monthly based on 12 Vision Statements from that 2008 conference. If you want to use these for conversations with library boards, friends, or your community that would be a way to ensure the discussion continues."

4. Toolbox
As the future search wiki, ALA etc. toolboxes develop, we will monitor and determine future actions.

5. Legislative Day
We thanked Nancy, Kathy and Brenda for making a Future Search presentation at the upcoming NLA Legislative Day, and we agreed that the Future Search graphics placemat and our Executive Summary can be printed with funding from leftover Future Search funds.

Action Items from Meeting

1. Brenda, Scott, Nancy, Kathy and Mary will work on an abridged conference report that can be used by target library audiences as well as general public, and are aiming for spring association meetings for a usable draft.

2. Nancy, Kathy and Brenda will be getting ready for Legislative Day February 10th - if you come, be ready to participate in the discussion of Future Search! Steve has revised the exec summary but Kathy is looking over. Once all changes are made, it will get reposted to the wiki.

3. All task force members should take a look at various toolboxes being produced by ALA etc. and we'll talk about they fit into our own ideas for our continually evolving Future Search toolbox currently in wiki form.

4. As each of us produce our own information pieces (i.e. Regional Library System newsletter information) we will share so they can be used by one and all.

5. We'll start a discussion via email soon about a timetable for the next task force meeting.
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