Nebraska Libraries Future Search

Charting a Future Course for Nebraska Library Services

Action Items from the 10/30/2008 Meeting in Lincoln at the Nebraska Library Commission in Lincoln

  • NLA/NEMA Conference Program with a panel of the Nebraska Library Futures Task Force members was well attended. The Nebraska Libraries Future Search Wiki was shown to the participants. Library people were asking how to access the vision from the retreat.
  • The Task Force questioned whether the report from the Nebraska Libraries Future Search Conference was ready to all the library stakeholders. Comments were made to make the document more readable. A final edit of this document will be made by Mary Jo Ryan will work with the subcommittee of Nancy Evans, Scott Childers and Brenda Ealey. It was thought that this report should follow the formatting of the previous 1991 report. Mary Jo also wants to have anything added (procedure, process) to be submitted to her. The FS Task Force Wiki will have Draft 3 of the future Search Conference Report available for comment by Nov. 19th. Copies will be made both in electronic and printed form.
  • The actual Nebraska Libraries Future Search Toolbox was discussed. Questions concerning the server that would house the FS Toolbox and who would maintain it was debated. Scott Childers felt we needed a FS Toolbox editorial board to answer questions and monitor submissions. The FS Toolbox would be a place for people to contribute ideas that have been used to support the vision for libraries. The FS Task Force is requesting the NLC provide external linkage to a specific Wiki that is available to the entire library community. The Task Force is not expecting NLC to run, build content or maintain this Wiki. It was thought that that members of the Task Force would take on these responsibilities. There is a possibility of linking to a PB Wiki instead of housing this on the NLC server. It was thought that this type of thing needs to be taken to the NLC Commissioners so they know what we are doing. It was thought that a free wiki site may limit the number of users and amount of content. There will be an investigation into what we can get free that will serve the purpose of sharing ideas. Scott Childers will do the investigating and will email the information to the entire group. Steve Fosselman will make a formal request to Rod Wagner to be put on the NLC Commissoner's meeting.
  • The Executive Summary by the Nebraska Libraries Future Search Task Force was discussed. It was thought it needed to be more concise and catchy so the library community can have a flyer. It also needs to be included in the book. This document is going to be given to a designer and create a PDF file that can give information as to where to go to get more information.
  • Steve Fosselman is the person to approach Rod Wagner along with leadership in the Library Systems and NLA about the expectations for the Nebraska Library Future Task Force. It was also mentioned that at the next NLC Commissioners Meeting, they discuss what is expected from the Nebraska Libraries Futures Task Force. The Task Force needs to know what support and expectations NLC has for the Task Force and how does NLC expect this to be carried forward to the Nebraska library community? Steve will also be asking these questions of the Nebraska Library Systems and NLA. Judy Henning will approach NEMA also.
  • Future meetings of this Task Force will utilize the Centra Live Web Conferencing software program which allows web conferencing instead of the face-to-face meeting. A December date to be determined at a later date.

Work Outline for the Task Force

  • Provide report from the task force
  • Provide the shared visions from the Future Search Retreat
  • Discover what has and is currently happening in Nebraska libraries as a result of the future search
  • Identify the shared challenges that face Nebraska libraries
  • Make recommendations for further work and "happenings"

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