Nebraska Libraries Future Search

Charting a Future Course for Nebraska Library Services

Action Items from the 09/30/2008 Meeting in Kearney

  • The task force should comment and make corrections to the Conference Report Draft either on the wiki or by sending the information to Mary Jo Ryan at the commission.
  • A one page executive summary of the draft report will be compiled to use as communication throughout the state. Steve Fosselman volunteered to draft the summary for comment by the task force members at the next meeting.
  • Task force members should brainstorm a "catchy" but relevant title to use in communications with the Nebraska Library community. A couple were discussed at the meeting:The Future is in Your Hands and Real People, Real Libraries, Real Futures for Nebraska.
  • A report/communication from the task force and future search retreat needs to be communicated to the Legislative Committee. Brenda Ealey will contact Jenni Puchalla for additional information concerning the legislative committee.
  • Scott Childers will visit the commission and try to get photographs of the graphic being prepared in conjunction with the future search. The graphic will be placed in the conference hall, hopefully in the meeting room where the panel discussion is to be held at the NLA/NEMA conference. It will be helpful to see the graphic ahead of time and perhaps we will be able to glean a part of the graphics for our task force communication campaign.
  • The committee discussed possible ways to market to the concepts that came out of the Nebraska Libraries Future Retreat.

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