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Nebraska Summer Reading Programs

Nebraska is a member of the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) consortium who contracts with Upstart-Highsmith to develop, produce, and distribute summer reading material to libraries in several states.

CSLP Flyer to help you share why summer reading is important

The Summer Reading Program program theme for 2019 is Space
The slogan for all 2019 is A Universe of Stories
Space in 2019 will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon.

Materials and order forms for the 2019 Summer Reading Program are mailed in October, 2018 and the deadline for ordering Summer Reading Program materials for summer 2019 will December 1, 2018. Late orders may not be filled completely. Materials are scheduled to be shipped on March, 2019. [Shipping dates are subject to change.]

To see a listing of current, past, and future Summer reading programs please see below.

All public libraries will receive one copy of the program material at no charge. If a public library needs additional copies of the materials, the additional materials must be ordered directly from Highsmith at the regular purchase price.

Nebraska school libraries and media centers may receive one copy of the program materials at no charge, but only if one is requested. School libraries and media centers may request the manual by contacting Sally Snyder or by phone at 1-800-307-2665. Manuals should be requested by January 1. If a school library or media center needs additional copies of the manual, the additional manuals must be ordered directly from Highsmith at the regular purchase price.

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Current Summer Reading Program in Nebraska:

Future Summer Reading Programs in Nebraska

    2020 - Imagine Your Story (topic: Fairy Tales/Fantasy/Folklore/Mythology)
    2021 - Tails & Tales (topic: Animals)
    2022 - All Together Now (topic: Change the World)

These topics and slogans were selected by the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) Council. For more information about the CSLP, go to the CSLP Web page. Here's a link if you would like more information about Nebraska's CSLP program.

For more information about summer reading programs in Nebraska, contact: Sally Snyder Coordinator Children and Young Adult Library Services.

Past Summer Reading Programs in Nebraska

  • 2019 was A Universe of Stories for all groups

  • 2018 was Libraries Rock! for all groups

  • 2017 was Build a Better World for all groups

  • 2016 was On Your Mark, Get Set, Read.
  • The Teen slogan for 2016 is Get in the Game - Read.
  • The Adult slogan for 2016 is Exercise Your Mind - Read.

  • 2015 was Every Hero Has a Story.
  • The Teen slogan for 2015 was Unmask!
  • The Adult slogan for 2015 was Escape the Ordinary.

  • 2014 was Fizz, Boom, Read.
  • The Teen slogan for 2014 was Spark a Reaction.
  • The Adult slogan for 2014 was Literary Elements.

  • 2013 was Dig into Reading.
  • The Teen slogan for 2013 was Beneath the Surface.
  • The Adult slogan for 2013 was Groundbreaking Reads.

  • 2012 was Dream Big - Read.
  • Teen slogan for 2012 was Own the Night.
  • Adult slogan for 2012 was Between the Covers.

  • 2011 was One World, Many Stories.
  • Teen slogan for 2011 was You are Here.
  • Adult slogan for 2011 was Novel Destinations.

  • 2010 slogan was Make A Splash -- READ!
  • Teen slogan for 2010 was Make Waves at Your Library.
  • Adult slogan for 2010 was Water Your Mind  READ.

  • 2009 slogan was Be Creative @ your libraryTM
  • Teen slogan for 2009 was Express Yourself @your libraryTM.
  • Adult slogan was Master the Art of Reading

  • 2008 Summer Reading Catch the Reading Bug
  • Teen - Metamorphosis @ your libraryTM
  • 2007 Get A Clue
  • Teen Theme - YNK (You Never Know @ your libraryTM
  • 2006 -Paws, Claws, Scales and Tales
  • Teen Theme - Creature Feature

  • 2005 - Dragons, Dreams, and Daring Deeds
  • Teen Theme - Joust Read

  • 2004 - Discover New Trails @ your libraryTM
  • Teen Theme - Get Lost @ your libraryTM

  • 2003 - Laugh It Up @ your libraryTM
  • Teen Theme - HA! (first Teen Theme)
    2002 - Join the Winner's Circle - Read
    2001- Reading Road Trip, USA
    2000- Cosmic Connections at Your Library
    1999- Treasure Your Library.
    1998- Rock 'N' Read.
    1997- Thrills & Chills At The Library.
    1996- Peer-Amid Books.
    1995- Adventure Begins at Camp Read-A-Lot.
    1994- Books Make The World Go Round.
    1993- Books Come In All Flavors.
    1992- Dive Into A Good Book.
    1991- Western Frontier!
    1990- Summer Safari : Stalk A Story.
    1989- Space And Beyond : Find Your Own Space With A Book.
    1988- Dino-Soaring Into Books.
    1987- Your Library -- Greatest Show of All!
    1986- Have a Bearable Summer.
    1985- All Aboard The Reading Railroad!
    1984- Go Hog Wild With Books.
    1983- Superreader.
    1982- Your Library -- The FUN FACTory
    1981- Fantasy Summer.

Manuals for each of the Summer Reading Programs listed above are available for check-out from the Nebraska Library Commission. If you are interested in borrowing manuals, please contact the Nebraska Library Commission at 1-800-307-2665 or send e-mail to Ask A Librarian. (Check outs are available to Nebraska Librarians only - we do not loan summer reading manuals outside Nebraska.)

CSLP Flyer to help you share why summer reading is important
We had a request from a State Rep looking for a flyer that helps demonstrate the importance of summer reading. We came up with this flyer that has some good information on the front, and has a space on the back where a librarian could put information on their upcoming programs, stats from last year's program, or additional summer reading facts. We tried to keep it generic enough that it could be used by you, the State Reps, or by the librarians you serve.   If you do not have PowerPoint, there is a PDF version of the file. You cannot edit the file, but you could add your information by running it through the printer twice.   Here is a link to the page with both versions of the file: