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Nebraska Library Commission - Minutes

Nebraska Library Commission

March 10, 2000


The Nebraska Library Commission held its regular meeting Friday, March 10, 2000 at 8:00 a.m., at the Holiday Inn, Kearney, Nebraska. Notice of the meeting was submitted to local newspapers (Lincoln Journal-Star, Omaha World Herald), and posted on the Nebraska Library Commission Homepage.


Chair Wally Seiler called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m. Members present: Robert King (late) Richard Jussel, Kristen Rogge, Wally Seiler, Velma Sims, and Karen Warner. Staff present: Rod Wagner, Sally Synder, and Nancy Busch. Guests present: Michael LaCroix, Kathy Tooker, and Jeanne Saathoff.

Approval of Agenda: A motion was made to approve the agenda. Motion to approve the agenda was made by Richard Jussel and seconded by Velma Sims. Motion carried on roll call vote: Seiler, aye; Warner, aye; Jussel, aye; Rogge, aye; Sims, aye.

Approval of the Minutes (January 7, 2000): A motion was made to approve the minutes. Motion to approve the minutes from the January 7, 2000 meeting was made by Karen Warner and seconded by Richard Jussel. Motion carried on roll call vote: Seiler, aye; Warner, aye; Jussel, aye; Rogge, aye: Sims, aye.


Chair Wally Seiler welcomed all present and invited comments from guests


Rod Wagner reported that he received a letter from Mary Neben, Director of the Cozad Public Library, in which Mary expressed thanks to the Commission for services and assistance provided to her and the Cozad Public Library. Rod noted that Mary has offered the new public library facility in Cozad for library meetings. The Cozad library is a great facility and an excellent place for meetings and training.

Rod Wagner referred to correspondence received from Representative Berueter's office regarding federal copyright legislation in reply to a letter that Rod had sent to Mr. Bereuter and to other members of the Nebraska Congressional delegation.


Rod reported that Maria Medrano-Nehls is on medical leave for about six weeks and plans to return toward the middle of April. Julie Pinnell, one of our reference librarians, is starting family leave next week. She will be out for three months. Renee Klebe, interlibrary loan librarian, resigned recently to become a full-time mother. Renee has been on the Commission staff for about ten years.

Diane Wells has been on a six-month technology training program full-time through Southeast Community College. The State of Nebraska, like many other employers, is having a hard time finding workers who are skilled and knowledgeable with computer applications. So the state created an information technology training program. State employees have an opportunity to take an aptitude test and if they are determined to have the capability to successfully complete the training, they are eligible. The program is only able to take a certain number of personnel at a time and as it turned out, there were only eight in the class that Diane was part of that graduated this past week. We think the program was very successful and Diane returns to NLC next week. Most of her duties will include working with the computer services staff and supporting the Talking Book and Braille Service automated functions. Diane will also help with information technology related training. We don't have the luxury of being able to create an entirely new position without giving up something else, and so now we are working on trying to fill the duties that Diane did have in the Talking Book and Braille Service. Diane's duties in the TBBS included work with volunteers and studio recording. This is something we are trying to sort out now and may be able to have a part-time position to address the volunteer service responsibilities. Pam Scott has been doing some of that, only on an interim basis.

Rod reported on recent demonstrations of computer software products that may support electronic library services, including an interface for improved access to and searching of our licensed online databases. One product is OCLC WebZ and SiteSearch software. We've been looking at that as a product that will enable us to build a Nebraska "digital library." An interface product will help pull together a lot of the computer support and online services that we have available. We want to involve some other people from around the state in helping us develop the digital library.

Continuing Education - Ellen Van Waart, working with library representatives, has arranged a couple of institutes to be held in Nebraska this April and May. The institutes are through the American Library Association (ALA) Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA). The institutes will be held in North Platte and Lincoln. The LAMA institutes are excellent continuing education programs for library personnel and we hope to have good attendance at these two programs.

This fall the Nebraska Library Association and the Nebraska Educational Media Association annual convention will include two additional organizations. The Mountain Plains Library Association will join our two state associations for a Tri-Conference. In addition, the White House Conference on Library and Information Services Task Force (WHCLIST) will meet in Omaha and begin at the conclusion of the Tri-Conference. With the combined efforts of these four organizations, there will be some exceptional programs.

Libraries are gearing up and will be busy preparing for Summer Reading Programs.

Rod reported that the Nebraska Center for the Book sponsored Nebraska Literature Festival will be co-hosted this year by the Lincoln City Libraries and the Beatrice Public Library. The festival will be held in September. This is a change from previous years. Prior festivals have been hosted by and rotated among Nebraska public colleges and universities: UNO, UNL, UNK, Wayne State College, and Chadron State College.

The Nebraska Center for the Book has created a new program - the Nebraska Book Awards Program. The award program will recognize writings by Nebraska authors, books about Nebraska, and books published by Nebraska publishers. Entries are starting to come in. One of the next tasks will be to form committees to judge the entries. Awards are planned for presentation during the Nebraska Literature Festival.


No discussion.


Wally stated that at the last Commission meeting copies of Deb Johnson's certification program evaluation report were requested. Not all of the Commission members received the report. Rod indicated that he would arrange to have copies sent to all Commission members.


Out-of-State-Travel Request - Rod requested approval for out-of-state travel to attend "Web-Wise: Libraries and Museums in the Digital World" a conference in Washington, D.C. on March 15 through 17, 2000, sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services; the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA) meetings in Washington, D.C. and National Library Legislative Day activities from April 29 through May 2, 2000. A motion was made and seconded to approve Rod Wagner's travel request. Motion carried on roll call vote: Warner, aye; Rogge, aye; King, aye; Seiler, aye; Jussel, aye; and Sims, aye.

A motion was made by Karen Warner and seconded to approve out-of-state travel for Kristen Rogge to attend National Library Legislative Day activities in Washington, D.C. on May 1 and 2, 2000. Motion carried on roll call vote: Warner, aye; Rogge, aye; King, aye; Seiler, aye; Jussel, aye; and Sims, aye.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 a.m.

All attachments are available upon request. If you would like a copy, please contact Sue Biltoft at the Nebraska Library Commission, 800-307-2665 or 402-471-2045.

For more information, contact Sue Biltoft.