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Nebraska Library Commission - Minutes

Nebraska Library Commission
May 12, 1995

The Nebraska Library Commission held its regular meeting Friday, May 12, 1995 at 9:30 a.m. at the Nebraska Library Commission, The Atrium, 1200 "N " Street, Suite 120, Lincoln, Nebraska. Notice of the meeting was submitted to local newspapers (Lincoln Journal-Star, Omaha World Herald), and posted on Nebraska Online.


Chairman Ron Norman called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. Members present: Ron Norman, Jean Sanders, Myrna Vollbrecht, Frances Lovell, and Dr. Robert McPherson. Staff present: Rod Wagner, Nancy Busch, and Elaine Miller. Guests present: Kate Marek.

Approval of Agenda: It was moved by Jean Sanders and seconded by Dr. Robert McPherson to approve the agenda with the addition of a date change of the July 14, 1995 Library Commission Meeting to June 30, 1995. Motion carried on a roll call vote: Vollbrecht-aye; Lovell-aye; McPherson-aye; Harvey-absent; Norman-aye; Sanders-aye.

Approval of the minutes of the March 17, 1995 meeting: It was moved by Myrna Vollbrecht and seconded by Frances Lovell to approve the minutes of the March 17, 1995 meeting. Motion carried on a roll call vote: Vollbrecht-aye; Lovell-aye; McPherson-aye; Harvey-absent; Norman-aye; Sanders-aye.


Recognition of guests. The Chairman asked that if anyone wished to address the board to do so at this time. There was no response from the guests


No correspondence or communications were noted.


Ron Norman, chairman reported on attending the Meridian Library System meeting on May 10, 1995 in Broken Bow. During the meeting a discussion was held concerning the realignment of the library systems. The Northeast Library System has the most libraries of all the systems, which makes for a heavy work load for the Administrator of that system.


1995-97 Biennium Budget Status: Nancy Busch, Deputy Director of the Library Commission gave an overview to the Commissioners on the 1995-97 Biennium Budget. The Governor was recommending a 3% salary increase both years and the Library Commission would have to make up the other 1% for 1995 and .5% for 1996. The Appropriation Committee recommended funding the entire salary increase for agencies employing under 50 employees and the Library Commission, and a 1.5% operating and travel inflation. The Governor recommended funding the Nebrask@ Online watts line. The Appropriation Committee did not recommend funding the Nebraska@ Online watts line. These were the major differences between the Governor 's recommendation and the Appropriation Committee 's recommendation (Attachment I).

Public Library Statutes Revision Update (LB 590): LB 590 did not come out of committee and did not advance, so it is currently in general file. It was not selected as a priority bill by any senator nor the committee. The bill will carry over to next year 's legislative session.

Nebrask@ Online Update: Nebrask@ Online has completed its first month of providing "batch " processing of driver 's license records for the Department of Motor Vehicles. The interactive service for look-up of individual records is also now available. A contract has been arranged with the Secretary of State 's office to provide electronic access to various records held by the Secretary of State. Work is also underway with the State Court System to provide electronic access to various court records and information. Nebrask@ Online is working with the State Bar Association and with the State Court Administrator to pursue development of services to the legal community.

Federal Library Programs Status: A package of recisions of the current federal appropriations. Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) Title II money for technology and construction grants. When Title II was initiated only a few states had submitted funding requests for projects, Title II stood to loose almost the entire federal appropriation. Nebraska was among the many states that had not submitted applications for funding. The Library Commission has now submitted an application. Grant awards have now been selected and papers were filed with the United State Department of Education, and the grant awards have been approved. If the Congress does rescind the remaining monies in the Title II program it should not affect Nebraska because the monies in Nebraska have already been committed. The Congress is looking at money that has not been committed. The bill that would replace the Library Services and Construction Act is still close to being intact, a few differences have emerged, there is an initiative to eliminate smaller more specific federal grant programs and consolidate them into larger block grants.

Spring Events (Nebraska Library Association Meetings, Resource Sharing Workshop): The week of May 1st through 5th Regional Spring Meetings were held. The meetings were sponsored by the Nebraska Library Association, Public Library Trustees, Users and Friends and School Children and Young Peoples Sections. Approximately 200 people attended the three meetings held in Scottsbluff, Holdrege, and Fremont. The main part of the program related to reference services in libraries. The Nebraska Library Association and Library Commission collaborated to produce a new reference manual called the Star Reference Manual. On May 19, 1995 the College and University Section of the Nebraska Library Association will hold their spring meeting in Omaha. The Paraprofessional Section of the Nebraska Library Association will hold their spring meeting in Fremont on May 19th. The Technology Roundtable and the Library Commission co-sponsored an all day workshop entitled "The Changing Face of Resource Sharing " on May 10, 1995. Approximately 80 people attended the workshop. Mary E. Jackson from the Association of Resource Libraries was the guest speaker.

National Science Foundation Electronic Library Project: On April 19 and 20, 1995 the Library Commission hosted a retreat for over 55 people from across the state. Keynote speaker for the retreat was Susan Fayad, Networking and Resource Sharing Consultant from Colorado State Library.

Status of Long Range Plan Goals and Objectives: Progress is being made on the Long Range Plan. An update to the Long Range Plan has to be submitted by the end of June, this is a change from October 1 last year. The State Advisory Council will meet on June 30th, and will be involved in updating the Long Range Plan.

The Nebraska Library Commission "Home Page ": The Library Commission has been involved in the creation of two different home pages, home page being an Internet based component that allows someone searching the Internet to come to a place on the Internet to receive information. One home page is the Nebraska State Government Home Page. This home page was initiated by a group of state agency representatives who are Internet users. A National initiative is to have an officially designated State Home Page for State Governments. The Library Commission was asked to take the initiative to create the Home Page for Nebraska State Government. The second home page is the Nebraska Library Commission Home Page.


March and April Expenditure Reports: Commissioners received and reviewed the March and April, 1995 Expenditure and Financial Reports (Attachments II and III).


There was no unfinished business.


Review of Current Contracts: Commissioners received and reviewed the Library Commission Contracts in effect as of May, 1995 (Attachment IV). An additional contract is an inter-agency agreement with the Secretary of State 's Office for Nebrask@ Online services. Governor Ben Nelson has issued some new requirements for contracting.

Review of Grant Projects: Commissioners received and reviewed the Library Commission Grant Project Awards (Attachment V). The grant project review needs to be updated with the recent Title II grants.

Nebrask@ Online Fee Policies: Commissioners received and reviewed the Nebrask@ Online Fee Policies (Attachment VI). The interagencies will meet again on May 30, 1995 to dicuss the Nebraska Online Fee Policies. At the next Library Commission meeting on June 30 the Library Commission will have a Nebrask@ Online Fee Policies for the Commissioners to act on.

Out-of-State Travel Request: It was moved by Dr. Robert McPherson and seconded by Myrna Vollbrecht to approve an out-of-state travel request from Rod Wagner to attend the Chief Officers of State Library meeting in Chicago on June 23rd, 1995 and to attend the American Library Association conference in Chicago on June 24th through June 27th, 1995. Motion carried on a roll call vote: Vollbrecht-aye; Lovell-aye; McPherson-aye; Harvey-absent; Norman-aye; Sanders-aye.


It was moved by Myrna Vollbrecht and seconded by Jean Sanders to adjourn the meeting at 11:20 a.m. Motion carried on a roll call vote: Vollbrecht-aye; Lovell-aye; McPherson-aye; Harvey-absent; Norman-aye; Sanders-aye.

Elaine Miller, Secretary

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