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Nebraska Library Commission - Agendas

Nebraska Library Commission
The Atrium, 1200 N Street
Lincoln, Nebraska
Friday, March 12, 2004, 8:00 a.m


I. Call to Order

a)Approval of Agenda *
b)Approval of Minutes (January 23, 2004) *

II. Public Forum

III. Correspondence and Communications

IV. Chair's Report and Commissioner Comments

V. Director's Report

a) IMLS Web-Wise Conference: "Sharing Digital Resources"
b) Virtual Library Project
c) Nebraska Library Legislative Day
d) National Library Legislative Day
e) Western Council of State Libraries Meeting
f) Urban Libraries Council Program - Funding Public Libraries: Understanding Public Revenue Sources & Structure Choices

VI. Financial Report

a) Library Services and Technology Act FY 2004 Appropriations
b) January and February Financial Reports
c) Biennium Budget Status
d) Planning for 2005 - 2007 Biennium Budget

VII. Unfinished Business

a) Public Library Accreditation Review Project Update

VIII. New Business

a) Out-of-State Travel Requests *

IX. Adjournment*

* indicates action item

For more information, contact Sue Biltoft.