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Open Source Integrated Library Systems

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Nebraska Pioneer Library Consortium


Open Source Platforms

Nebraska Pioneer Library Consortium 

  • History and Background - The Nebraska Library Commission awarded a $75,000 grant during the 2008-2010 biennium for a pilot project to create an open source cooperative library catalog and circulation system in Nebraska. Project participants examined Koha and other open source solutions and contracted a scoping study to determine the feasibility of using open source software to provide a shared Integrated Library System (ILS) for Nebraska libraries.
    With the decision to move forward, the consortium chose Pioneer Consortium as its name, signed an agreement with Progressive Technology Federal Systems (PTFS) to migrate catalog records and maintain its LibLime Koha union catalog, and executed joint entity agreements with member libraries. During that time the Library Commission awarded a second grant to help participating libraries with the conversion costs.
    In 2022, the Consortium migrated to ByWater Solutions to host and support their Koha ILS, using the Aspen Discovery patron interface.
  • Pioneer Today - The Pioneer Consortium is central to the Nebraska Library Commission's long range plans to secure the most effective means for encouraging cooperative resource sharing for Nebraska libraries, and to initiate or support current information library systems that are affordable, scalable, and customizable. The Pioneer Consortium currently has 16 member libraries: 15 public libraries and one community college library. More information about the Pioneer Consortium can be found on the Pioneer Consortium website.
  • How to Participate - The Pioneer Consortium accepts applications from all types of Nebraska libraries to join the consortium at any time. To learn how your library can participate in this project, check the Pioneer Membership section of the consortium website.
  • For more information contact:

    Robin Quinn
    Director, Hastings Memorial Library (Grant, NE)
    Phone: 308-352-4894

For more information, contact Christa Porter.