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Taking Charge of Your Library's Future

Tips & Techniques for Planning
NCompass Live


A series of programs designed to help Planners--and anyone else gathering information from and about the community or putting together a program.

NCompass Live, the Nebraska Library Commission's weekly online event, presents topical programs of interest to librarians.  The free one-hour Webinars are offered every Wednesday at 10:00AM (CT.)   To view recordings of the programs listed below, go to the Library Commission Training and Events Calendar   and use the Search box to find the program, then click on "View Recording".

December 9, 2009
American FactFinder: Mining the U.S. Census for Information About Your Community

The U.S. Census Bureau, that source of authoritative demographic information, collects a lot of numbers-and makes them available through their custom Web Interface, American FactFinder. Join Beth Goble, Nebraska Library Commission Government Information Services Director, for a tour of American FactFinder and some great tips on finding facts fast.

January 1, 2010
Presenting Data in Meaningful and Interesting Ways

You've gathered data to support the case you're making. But how can you present that data so that the audience understands-and more-is grabbed by it? John Felton, Nebraska Library Commission Planning and Data Services Coordinator, offers some tips and techniques to make your data lift off the page and capture your audience.

February 2, 2010
How to Get Buy-In
One of the key factors in a successful project is buy-in, the process that gets staffers, board members, and other participants to adopt the goals of the project as their own. Because buy-in is so important--even crucial--it is worth spending time to achieve it. Richard Miller, Nebraska Library Commission Library Development Director, will discuss proven techniques for getting buy-in, and making sure that everyone is "on board."

March 10, 2010
Surveys, Focus Groups & Observation, or How to find out stuff from people in your community

Okay, so the best way to find out something is to ask someone. But what's the best way to ask so that you get an answer to the question that you meant to ask and not to the question they thought that you asked? Join Kathryn Brockmeier, Nebraska Library Commission Research Analyst, for some tips and techniques for getting the information you need.

April 14, 2010
Communication: Getting the word out so they hear what you meant

The library has a lot to offer, as a provider of information and entertainment, and as a partner in the cultural, economic, and civic life of the community. But it can be difficult to compose the message and to find channels to deliver it that will make sure that the message gets through. Mary Jo Ryan, Nebraska Library Commission Communications Coordinator will offer some techniques for improving communications with the community.


Taking Charge of Your Library's Future"  is a program of the Nebraska Library Commission
and the Nebraska Regional Library Systems