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Advisory Committee to the Nebraska Library Commission
Talking Book and Braille Service


Nebraska Library Commission
1200 N Street, Suite 120 Meadowlark Room
Lincoln, Nebraska
Tuesday, April 19, 2005, 1:00 p.m.

Present: Dave Oertli, Annette Hall, Roy Hobley, Bob Deaton, Brad Hauptman, Ryan Osentowski, Nancy Oltman, Avis West, Kathy Tooker, Carolyn Bennett, Kay Paulsen, Susan Roe. Roy Hobley, chair, called the meeting to order. Dave welcomed everyone asked us to introduce our selves. The minutes were presented. Kathy Tooker moved and Kay Paulsen seconded that the minutes be approved. Vote passed.

New committee appointments: Kay Paulsen will serve as secretary and Ryan Osentowski will serve as vice chair.

Outreach Discussion

  • We will have two sessions at the VIPs Conference May 3, in Kearney. Dave presented an outline that was used for last year,s presentations. It was suggested that Candy Laursen be invited to help with the presentation. The committee discussed the pros and cons of having Dave talk about the upcoming changes TBBS will be making to digital. It was suggested that some of the new posters be distributed at the sessions. Dave, Roy, and Avis will help with the session.
  • Dave will make a presentation to the NFB Sr. group at their convention in Oct.
  • Library of Congress Posters - Annette reported that 400 of the first poster, of a man listening to a talking book, had been ordered. Twenty were sent to senior centers. Fifty of the second poster, of a woman with a guide dog, have been ordered. The target audience for this poster will be rehabilitation agencies. There was discussion about potential audiences for upcoming posters. Kay suggested that two posters would be appropriate for school media centers. Kathy suggested we target new librarians and have the posters available at the spring/summer systems meetings.
  • Dave reported that there are currently fewer borrowers than there were in 1998. Discussion ensued about why this has happened and what we can do about it. Dave reported that demographics are changing. Kay reported that the schools are asking about when books will be available digitally. Kathy cited an NEA article that said the amount of reading being done by the general public is down. Ryan thinks there will be a surge in usage when the switch is made to digital. A mailing to optometrists and ophthalmologists was done eight months ago. The Library of Congress is working on producing PSA targeting veterans.
Digital Talking Books

There was discussion of transitional issues. For a while both cassettes and digital will be produced and people can have two machines. Older titles are in the process of being identified for conversion to digital. The Battle company is working on the design of a digital player.

The committee identified things borrowers will need to know about digital talking books:

  • the size of the player
  • that one disc will replace 3-4 tapes
  • the timeline for transition
  • what the selection will be
  • that the players will be simpler to operate

The committee had a question about the new players - will the they be able to play more that one format?

New marketing opportunities could include the internet and national discussion lists that could be accessed from the NLC home page. Discussion list subjects could include: Talking Books, PR, and marketing. It was noted that a high percentage of National Federation of the Blind members use the internet in some form or another.

Other marketing channels discussed were: state agencies, non-profit groups, optometry clinics, speaking engagements with various groups, Radio Talking Books, and Newsline Information Channel.

Other items discussed included:

  • Suggestions for areas not presently covered - movies.
  • The volume is too low on tapes.
  • Users prefer human readers.

Next Meeting

Dave will look at dates in August and September and contact the committee.

Respectfully submitted by Kay Paulsen

For more information contact Scott Scholz, Director, Nebraska Library Commission Talking Book and Braille Service.
Scott Scholz

For more information, contact Scott Scholz.