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Advisory Committee to the Nebraska Library Commission
Talking Book and Braille Service

Nebraska Library Commission
1200 N Street, Suite 120, Meadowlark Room
Lincoln, Nebraska
Friday, April 21, 2006, 1:00 p.m.

Present - Dave Oertli, BobDeaton, Nancy Oltman, Sandra Kelsey, Mike Steinmeyer, Carolyn Bennett, Ryan Osentowski, Annette Hall, Scott Scholz. By phone: Avis Wiest, Shirley Schmidt. Absent: Kay Paulsen.

The meeting was called to order by Dave Oertli. Dave welcomed everyone and each in turn was introduced to the group. A motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting was made by Ryan, seconded by Shirley. The motion was accepted with the amendment of the number of vacancies on the staff of the Commission for the Blind being 5 due to staff cuts instead of 6.

Carolyn Bennett was nominated to serve as committee chair by Avis, seconded by Ryan.  Elected by acclamation.

VIPS - State convention:  The state convention will be held on May 2 and 3. Annette Hall, Shirley Schmidt, Avis Wiest and Mike Steinmeyer will attend. Items which the group will discuss in the workshop time slot - making better use of advisors, procedure to follow when returning tapes (rewind or not), questions beginning readers need to know, how to contact Library Commission if there is a problem, how to locate items on the Commission catalog, demonstration of how to use the tape players (4-track concept). Annette will bring some of the magnets with info. on them, 3 x 5 cards with the 800 number and application blanks. It was noted that the discussion time is very important to answer users questions.

Outreach efforts to schools: Vision resource teachers are eager for digital to become available; a list of tips for schools including reading disabilities and talking books is a helpful item. A mailing to promote Talking Books will be done in August to schools. There was discussion about whether any of the tapes could be used with those without disabilities (perhaps in a classroom setting). Mike wondered if there were going to be smaller players for students with the digital system. The capability of downloading books from the internet will be available. The information concerning the possible use of earphones with tape players needs to be included, also screen readers and voice synthesizers for computers.

Summer Reading Program:  The summer reading program for talking book users was explained. The readers are rewarded for their completion of books on tape during the summer. The prizes awarded at the completion of the program were displayed. There was discussion about how a reader might be rewarded if they read more than the required amount (an especially large number of books) - would Barnes & Noble be a sponsor?

Borrower/Staff receptions: May 24 Fremont at Keene Memorial Public Library, June 21 Ogallala at Senior Center. These gatherings are for borrowers and family members, staff of TBBS and local public library staff. Mailings have been scheduled for the areas surrounding these locations.

Availability of Braille Books: There is a contract with Utah Braille Service. It might be helpful to know what public libraries in Nebraska do have materials in Braille that might be available through interlibrary loan. What resources are available to purchase in Braille?

Other items: Books on CD, talking book topics on computer disk. How to locate talking book titles - NLC - Commission Services - Talking Books - searchable catalog. Recording for the Blind - once free through the commission. Digital Books - 2008 to rollout - first preference given to Veterans, 2009 general release. During the 10 year period after introduction, both digital and audio will be available. Date for Fall meeting - It was suggested a Tuesday or Thursday morning (no earlier than 9:30 a.m.) in late August or early September.

Date for Fall meeting - It was suggested a Tuesday or Thursday morning (no earlier than 9:30 a.m.) in late August or early September.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

Carolyn Bennett, Acting Secretary Meeting adjourned at 3:28.

For more information contact Scott Scholz, Director, Nebraska Library Commission Talking Book and Braille Service.
Scott Scholz

For more information, contact Scott Scholz.