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Advisory Committee to the Nebraska Library Commission
Talking Book and Braille Service

Nebraska Library Commission
1200 N Street, Suite 120 Meadowlark Room
Lincoln, Nebraska
Tuesday, October 20, 2005, 1:00 p.m.

Present - Dave Oertli, Annette Hall, Avis Wiest, Nancy Oltman, Scott Scholz, Carolyn Bennett, Roy Hobley, Kay Garey, Ryan Osentowski , Kay Paulsen.Absent - Kathy Tooker

Welcome - Roy called the meeting to order at 1:42. Introductions were made. Dave reported that Susan Roe stepped down due to a job change. Her vacancy will be filled in the new calendar year. Minutes of the last meeting were presented. Nancy made a motion to approve them, and Avis seconded it. Motion passed.

Proposed changes in the Reproduction of Materials Policy - These changes have been proposed by Library of Congress. The major change is to update language. Example: changing each time it says cassette or analog to recording or digital master. Another change deals with when there is a need to make another copy. Carolyn made a motion to accept these changes and Nancy seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Update on Outreach Efforts -

  • There has been a mailing to 250 Senior Centers across the state. The mailing included posters, a magnet, cover letter, and an application.

  • Another mailing was made to 500 Care Facilities (assisted living) that included a poster, facility application form, individual applications, and a magnet.

Roy asked about response to these mailings. Dave indicated there has been some. Nancy questions why there was such a small response since the blind community in Nebraska is growing. Possible reasons were discussed including

  • more access to cable

  • more competition for people 's time

  • a more mobile society.

  • Roy said he goes to Senior Center everyday and nothing has ever been said about the poster/mailing.

  • Avis said that demonstrations are important for people to feel comfortable with using the machines. Perhaps at VIPs meetings. This will be harder now because Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired have had 6 people laid off across the state

  • Kay mentioned that younger blind people turned off by cassettes. Ryan agreed. He said they can download unabridged audio books off Internet now.

  • Dave reported that in 2008-2009, when digital player will be available, they will have core collection of 20,000 titles that will be converted and ready to go. The plan also calls for having encrypted books on the Internet.

  • Results of a national survey of computer usage by the blind indicated that the dividing line is not age, but income.

Outreach to schools was discussed as follows:

  • Dave said there are around 200 elementary and preschool patrons, many of whom are dyslexic.

  • It is hard to promote the service to schools that have been inactive because the books are still on tapes. Kay suggested stories of students who have used or been helped by TBBS might be helpful. Dave said a newsletter article saying digital is coming and in the mean time we have these services available might also help.

  • As a result of the news article in the NEMA News, Kay was approached by a media specialist in Omaha area about services for her student. She referred them to TBBS. At a NEMA board meeting it was decided that schools would like two posters in largest size.

Ten Squared Club is a national outreach effort to recognize borrowers 100 years old or older. Dave said that so far nine states have participated. Most held a reception a the state library where borrowers came and got certificate. In Nebraska, we currently have, statewide: 7 borrowers age 100, 6 borrowers age 101, 2 borrowers age 102, 2 borrowers age 103, and 1 borrower age 104. Dave is thinking about someone from Commission and the local librarian taking a certificate to the patron. These was discussion about taking photographer with. Is that right to get publicity from this? Other concerns about this program were discussed, including:

  • Can we maintain it?

  • Would take 4-5 days out of office.

  • Would it stereotype TBBS as being for OLD people?
  • It was decided to table is issue until next meeting.

Possible borrower receptions this Spring.
  • Background - in past TBBS has had borrower receptions in several towns at a senior center or another place TBBS staff and Advisory Committee members attend and food is catered.
  • Borrowers are invited to meet reader advisors face to face. They can also meet other talking book borrowers and presentations are given. The draw is 20 to 70 people. Discussion: Ryan suggested wind and cheese or a meal would appeal to college kids. Perhaps have receptions in two sites: a western site, like North Platte, and a central site, either Columbus, Fremont, or Norfolk.
  • Dave will let the committee know when these are set up in case anyone can go along.
Other- Avis said that people in her VIP group are confused about Reader 's Advisory and several other issues concerning the rewinding returning of tapes. It was suggested that "Helpful Hints" addressing these topics could be included in the newsletter.

Spring Meeting - maybe April. Dave will contact committee members and set a date.

Goodbyes and Adjournment - Three new members will be added to the committee as Roy and Kathy 's second terms are up, and we need a replacement for Sue. Roy said Candy Laursen is interested in serving on the committee again. The procedure is: Dave asks for candidates, then forms a subcommittee to choose the new members. Dave will offer a second term to those who are finishing their first term: Avis, Carolyn, and Ryan.

Meeting adjourned at 3:28.
Respectfully submitted by Kay Paulsen.

For more information contact Scott Scholz, Director, Nebraska Library Commission Talking Book and Braille Service.
Scott Scholz

For more information, contact Scott Scholz.