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Advisory Committee to the Nebraska Library Commission
Talking Book and Braille Service

Nebraska Library Commission
1200 N Street, Suite 120 Meadowlark Room
Lincoln, Nebraska
Thursday, October 15, 2009, 9:00 a.m.
DRAFT Minutes subject to change at the next meeting

The Advisory Committee to the Talking Book and Braille Service met on Thursday, October 15, 2009, at the Nebraska Library Commission. Present were Brenda Elson, Marjorie Harrison (by telephone), Ana Kalin, Robert Kalin, Nancy Larimer, Rebecca Sims, and Mary Trenerry. Also, present were staff members Annette Hall, Scott Scholz, and David Oertli.

Chairman Mary Trenerry called the meeting to order. The minutes of the last meeting make reference to NLC having 3000 to 5000 books digitized. The sentence should read National Library Service (NLS) instead of NLC. The minutes were then approved as corrected.

Outreach strategies to date have focused on veteran service organizations, since veterans have priority for digital players and books which are anticipated to be in short supply. Are other veterans groups being overlooked? One suggestion: the Lincoln Veterans Administration Medical Center.

Library staff led a discussion of additional outreach efforts to qualifying Nebraskans who may or may not be veterans. Activities have included displays at community health fairs and demonstrations to educators. New suggestions: provide a link on the library ' s website for direct downloads. Nebraska libraries could be encouraged to provide a link from their home page to the Talking Book and Braille Service. Also feature the download service in the library ' s newsletter.

The Talking Book and Braille Service received the first digital books from National Library Service in July 2010 and has been receiving a steady flow of incoming materials since. These materials have primarily been retrospective titles. Library staff members were able to prioritize their selections by focusing on popular genre ' s such as westerns as well as popular authors and books in series. The first allocation of digital players arrived in Nebraska in August. Forty to 120 players have been arriving each month since. Feedback from borrowers has been limited but positive. Most comments refer favorably to the quality of the sound and the ease of use.

Committee members discussed the possibility of using the Nebraska Library Association/Nebraska Educational Media Association (NLA/NEMA) annual conference for outreach to Nebraska librarians and school media specialists. Again this year, NEMA is sponsoring an Exploratorium Session where organizations may staff displays. Talking book staff is working with Nancy Larimer on a digital talking book display for this year ' s NLA/NEMA conference.

The committee reviewed proposed changes in the library ' s Reproduction of Materials Policy in order to incorporate new digital formats. It addresses the circumstances under which the library would duplicate a digital book onto a cartridge in response to a immediate borrower need or book missing for longer than four months. It also addresses duplication of digital magazines onto cartridges as resources permit. With several minor changes in wording, the policy was approved as amended.

Appreciation was expressed to Shirley Schmidt upon completion of her second two-year term on the committee.

The spring 2010 meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 2010. The date would need to allow for American Library Association Special Library Association national conferences.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried.

For more information contact
Scott Scholz, Director
Nebraska Library Commission Talking Book and Braille Service.
Scott Scholz

For more information, contact Scott Scholz.