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Oxford University Press and the Nebraska Library Commission are once again joining forces to offer cost-saving subscriptions to the following online databases:                           

Description / Pricing:

Please contact Susan Knisely to request a price quote.

Subscription and Purchase Products

  • AMA Manual of Style Online (AMA) - purchase and subscription options
  • American National Biography Online (ANB) (Access | About)
  • Benezit Dictionary of Artists Online - purchase and subscription options
  • Electronic Enlightenment Online (EE) - purchase and subscription options
  • Grove Art Online (GRA) (Access | About)
  • Grove Music Online (GRM) (Access | About)
  • Mayo Clinic Toolkit
  • New Oxford Shakespeare (NOS)
  • Oxford African American Studies Center (AASC)
  • Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO) - purchase and subscription options
  • Oxford Clinical Psychology (OxPsych)
  • Oxford Dictionaries (OD) (Access | Guide)
    • Arabic
    • Chinese
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Spanish
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online (DNB) (Access | About)
  • Oxford English Dictionary Online (OED) (Access | About)
  • Oxford Handbooks Online (OHO) - purchase and subscription options
  • Oxford History of Western Music Online (OHWM) - purchase and subscription options
  • Oxford Reference Library (RL) - over 250 individual titles available for one-time purchase
  • Oxford Reference Premium (ORP) (Access | About)
  • Oxford Research Encyclopedias (Access | About) - purchase and subscription options
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia: Encyclopedia of Social Work (OREESW)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia: Oxford Classical Dictionary (OREOCD)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History (OREAFH)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History (OREAMH)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology (OREANT)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History (OREASH)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science (ORECLI)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication (ORECOM)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice (ORECRI)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance (OREECO)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education (OREEDU)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Environmental Science (OREESC)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Food Science - summary articles freely available, paid content forthcoming
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Global Public Health (OREPUB)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies (OREISA)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History (ORELAMH)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics (ORELIN)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature (ORELIT)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Natural Hazard Science (ORENHS)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Neuroscience (ORENEU)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Physics
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Planetary Science (OREPLS)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics (OREPOL)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Psychology (OREPSY)
    • Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion (OREREL)
  • Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO) (Access | About) - purchase and subscription options
    • Recently added: Greek Poetry; Greek Prose
  • Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO)
  • Oxford World's Classics (OWC) - purchase and subscription options
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Yearbook (SIPRI) - purchase and subscription options
  • University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) - purchase and subscription options
    • British Academy Scholarship Online (BASO) - British Academy
    • Cairo Scholarship Online (CSO) - American University in Cairo Press
    • California Scholarship Online (CALSO) - University of California Press
    • Chicago Scholarship Online (CHSO) - University of Chicago Press
    • Columbia Scholarship Online (CUSO) - Columbia University Press
    • Cornell Scholarship Online (CORSO) - Cornell University Press
    • Edinburgh Scholarship Online (ESO) - Edinburgh University Press
    • Florida Scholarship Online (FLSO) - University Press of Florida
    • Fordham Scholarship Online (FSO) - Fordham University Press
    • Hawai'i Scholarship Online (HSO) - University of Hawai'i Press
    • Hong Kong Scholarship Online (HKSO) - Hong Kong University Press
    • Illinois Scholarship Online (ILSO) - University of Illinois Press
    • Kentucky Scholarship Online (KSO) - University Press of Kentucky
    • Liverpool Scholarship Online (LSO) - Liverpool University Press
    • Manchester Scholarship Online (MSO) - Manchester University Press
    • Minnesota Scholarship Online (MNSO) - University of Minnesota Press
    • Mississippi Scholarship Online (MSSO) - University Press of Mississippi
    • MIT Press Scholarship Online (MITPSO) - The MIT Press
    • North Carolina Scholarship Online (NCSO) - University of North Carolina Press
    • NYU Scholarship Online (NYSO) - New York University Press
    • Policy Press Scholarship Online (PPSO) - The Policy Press
    • Princeton Scholarship Online (PRSO) - Princeton University Press
    • Stanford Scholarship Online (SSO) - Stanford University Press
    • Yale Scholarship Online (YSO) - Yale University Press
  • Very Short Introductions Online (VSI)
  • What Everyone Needs to Know (WENTK) - purchase and subscription options
  • Who's Who and Who Was Who (WWHO & WWWHO)
  • World Shakespeare Bibliography (WSB)

Oxford Law Products (calendar year subscription cycle) - Call for pricing

  • Investment Claims (IC)
  • Max Panck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law (MPECCoL)
  • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law Online (EPIL)
  • Oxford Competition Law (OCL)
  • Oxford Constitutions of the World (OCW)
  • Oxford Historical Treaties (OHT)
  • Oxford International Organizations (OXIO)
  • Oxford Legal Research Library (OLRL)
  • Oxford Reports on International Law (ORIL) content modules:
    • Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC)
    • Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Law (IHRL)
    • Oxford Reports on International Criminal Law (ICL)
    • Oxford Reports on International Investment Claims (IIC)
    • Oxford Reports on International Trade Law Decisions (ITL)
    • Oxford Reports on International Law in EU Courts (ILEC)
  • Oxford Scholarly Authorities in International Law (OSAIL)
  • U.S. Constitutional Law (USC)

Oxford Quick Reference

Oxford Quick Reference will no longer be available as a subscription option.

Pricing Notes:

Please note some important updates relating to OUP's network business policies:

  • OED Online pricing for NEW subscriptions is now determined by an FTE tier structure like all other products.
  • Minimum prices are discontinued on all subscriptions.

Pro-rating School Subscriptions:

Oxford offers very attractive "School Bundle Pricing" for K-12 schools, and allows the prorating of school subscriptions throughout the year. There will no longer be a minimum price for K-12 subscriptions to align with a policy change on direct subscriptions.

Cancellation Policy; User Level Downgrades & Upgrades:

Oxford's policy remains that all subscriptions are non-cancellable and non-refundable. Additionally, OUP will not allow credits for a user level downgrade during the course of a subscription. User level upgrades are always welcome and will be prorated for the appropriate term.

Multi-Campus Academic Institutions / Multi-Branch Public Libraries:

There will be no aggregating of FTE's for academic institutions with multiple campuses or public library systems with multiple branches.  Each branch will be invoiced separately.

Subscription Term:

July 1 - June 30

January 1 - December 31 (for Oxford Online Law Resources)


May 31, 2024 (for a July 1, 2024 start date)

Late Renewals: Beginning in 2020, OUP is discontinuing fees for late renewals. OUP  will automatically cancel any subscription not renewed by July 1st, so customers will lose access at that time.

New mid-term subscriptions will be accepted.  Subscription fees will be prorated for the months remaining in the subscription term, but no subscription fee will be prorated below the minimum rate. 

For mid-term subscriptions you must have your order form and signed license agreements to the Nebraska Library Commission by the 10th of the month to have access beginning the first day of the following month.

To Place an Order:

  1. Contact Susan Knisely at 402-471-3849, 800-307-2665 or email Susan Knisely to request a customized order form.

  2. Print out and sign EXHIBIT C: REGIONAL NETWORK/LICENSEE AGREEMENT  (New subscribers only)
  4. Mail or fax the completed order form and signed agreements to:

Susan Knisely
Nebraska Library Commission
1200 N St., Suite 120
Lincoln, NE 68508-2023
Fax: 402-471-2083



Note: When a member library signs a license with the network for their subscriptions and purchases, Oxford University Press cannot accept any changes to the network-subscriber agreement that is provided with the Oxford-network license. The terms of the license that is negotiated between the network and Oxford must apply to all libraries that subscribe to or purchase Oxford online products through the network.


Librarians can use this form to apply for a 30 day institutional free trial of up to 3 online products.  

Tech Support:

For general questions and technical support for Oxford online resources call 800-334-4249 ext. 6484 or email:

IP Updates:

OUP has partnered with to handle ongoing IP address management. This external service checks and manages institutional IP addresses to make sure they're correct. It helps OUP reduce problems with access and ensures librarians have accurate usage data with less effort required for maintenance.


Oxford's policy is that all subscriptions are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

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Product Pricing Tiers (Levels)

Please note that all products are now priced according to the 5 pricing tiers outlined below:

Academic & Higher Ed Institutions (2 year & 4 year), Public, Corporate,
Not-for-Profit Libraries
Band Academic
(2 & 4yr)
Public Library
(pop. served)
(# of employees
w/network access)
(# of employees
w/network access)
A 0 - 1,500 0 - 50,000 0 -100 0 - 100
B 1,501 - 10,000 50,001 - 100,000 101 - 500 101 - 500
C 10,001 - 20,000 100,001 - 250,000 501 - 3,000 501 - 3,000
D 20,001 - 40,000 250,001 - 750,000 3,001 - 10,000 3,001 - 10,000
E 40,001+ 750,001+ 10,001+ 10,000+

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For more information, contact Databases.