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  • CountryWatch Premium Online is an online resource that offers CountryReviews, an up-to-date series of publications for each country including demographic, political, economic, business, cultural and environmental information, and the CountryWire that provides daily news coverage for every country in the world and a significant news archive made up of the compendium of regional news carriers. Finally, CountryWatch's Premium Service also features CountryWatch Data, the CountryWatch Map Gallery, the Image Gallery, the Global Guide, the weekly Political Intelligence Briefing and the associated Intelligence Wire.
  • CountryWatch Youth Edition is a concise version of CountryWatch tailored to younger students exploring the countries of the world.  The Youth Edition incorporates resources appealing to the younger audiences such as cultural information, recipes, quizzes, interesting facts, etc for each of the 194 countries of the world.
  • CountryWatch Forecast provides a 20-year projection for key variables in the areas of Macroeconomics, Energy, Metals and Agriculture for each of the 194 countries of the world. The Forecast also provides 5 years of historical data along with the forecasting models.  Not only is the CountryWatch Forecast a useful forecasting resource, it is also an excellent teaching tool.   
  • CountryWatch Elections Central is an online resource focused solely on international elections. Here, users can access the following:
    • Comprehensive list of past and upcoming international presidential and parliamentary elections around the world;
    • Election Profiles - gives a summary of selected elections: the positions at stake (parliamentary and presidential), the names of the candidates running in the final election, and the past outcomes. The Profiles cover dates 2009 to present;
    • Country Profiles - overview of the countries in which elections are held, including an outline of the current government structure;
    • And, extensive coverage on elections in the United States, including the 2008 and 2012 elections.
  • CountryWatch Political Intelligence Briefing (PIB) is an in depth report on significant political developments across the international spectrum. The Political Intelligence Briefing is written by CountryWatch's editor on a weekly basis and it is intended to inform users of important political events evolving in the world and global hotspots. Online access also includes a one-year archive of weekly PIB reports, Political Intelligence News Wire and Country Overviews.
  • Country Profile Video Series is a collection of short video documentaries using the information developed by CountryWatch in the Country Reviews, Country Wire and the Political Intelligence Briefing as the guidelines for the documentary. The countries covered in this series include 24 high profile countries such as:  Iraq, China, Israel, Syria and Afghanistan.  The Country Profile Videos review the geography, history, politics and economics of the country.

Pricing (last confirmed March 2021) 

  1 yr. Subscription Type Discounted Unit Price
 reflects 20% discount:
CountryWatch Premium Online $0.19/FTE ($556 Min - $1,920 Max)
CountryWatch Forecasts - Macro, Energy, Metals & Agriculture $0.23/FTE ($852 Min- $2,396 Max)
Youth Edition $0.08/FTE ($279 Min - $799 Max)
Elections Central $0.08/FTE ($279 Min - $799 Max)
Political Intelligence Briefing $0.08/FTE ($279 Min - $799 Max)
Video Profiles $0.04/FTE ($159 Min - $319 Max)
CountryWatch Premium Online $279 per site
CountryWatch Forecasts - Macro, Energy, Metals & Agriculture $279 per site
Youth Edition $199 per site
Elections Central $119 per site
Political Intelligence Briefing $119 per site
Video Profiles $79 per site
Public Library
CountryWatch Premium Online 10% of library card holders X  $0.18 per patron ($279 min)
CountryWatch Forecasts - Macro, Energy, Metals & Agriculture 10% of library card holders X $0.18 per patron ($279 min)
Youth Edition 10% of library card holders X $0.18 per patron ($199 min)
Elections Central 10% of library card holders x $0.08 per patron ($119 min)
Political Intelligence Briefing 10% of library card holders x $0.08 per patron ($119 min)
Video Profiles 10% of library card holders X $0.04 per patron ($79 min)

If a member library subscribes to more than one resource, an additional discount will be offered as follows:

2 Resources - 5% discount
3 Resources - 10% discount
4 Resources - 15% discount
5 Resources - 20% discount
6 Resources - 25% discount

Remote Access:

Remote access is included at no additional charge.

Subscription Term:

July 1 through June 30


May 31 for a July 1 start date. 

Mid-term subscriptions will also be accepted after the July 1 subscription term start date.  The price will be prorated accordingly.  You must have your order form to the Nebraska Library Commission by the 15th of the month in order to have access on the first day of the following month. 

All subscriptions will end on June 30.  

TTo Place an Order:

Contact Susan Knisely at 402-471-3849 , 800-307-2665 or email Susan Knisely.


Tech Support:

CContact Tech Support by email using the online form available at or call 800-879-3885.





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