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Leading online research tools on government, politics, and world affairs in a powerful electronic format:

  • CQ Researcher (CQR) - In-depth analysis reporting on the most current and controversial issues of the day. Each issue features a look ahead; a pro-con section that presents opposing viewpoints; a chronology; and annotated bibliographies to point the way to additional research.  Learn more.
  • CQ Magazine (formerly CQ Weekly) - A weekly source on Capitol Hill. The award-winning magazine's legislative news and analysis is consistently hailed for its accuracy and comprehensiveness.  Learn more.
  • CQ Encyclopedia of American Government (EAG) - Based on the award-winning A to Z Encyclopedia series, the CQ Encyclopedia of American Government is a one-stop, easy-to-navigate reference on Congress, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and U.S. Elections.  Learn more.
  • Sage Stats (formerly CQ State Stats) - An interactive, statistical platform that provides vetted, hard-to-find data to students and academics to use when conducting social science research. Features thousands of data series organized in three main collections: State Stats, Local Stats, and Business Stats, which are cross-searchable. Learn more.
  • CQ Public Affairs Collection - Public policy content organized into 22 topics with historic documents, primary sources, statistic, and directory information. Learn more.
  • CQ Supreme Court Collection - Combines CQ's unique historical analysis and summaries of the most important Supreme Court decisions together with Justice biographies, statistics, and a quantitative analysis on essential topics, an institutional history of the Court, and news feed on current events and public opinion surrounding the Court's decision.  Learn more.
  • CQ Congress Collection - Provides an analytical survey of the history and development of the United States Congress including: powers; personalities; current developments; and providing an ever-expanding wealth of data and non-biased commentary.  The CQ Congress Collection is organized under four main sections: Public Policy Legislation; Members of Congress; CQ Key Votes; and The Legislative Branch.  Learn more.
  • CQ Voting and Elections Collection - Integrates a wealth of data, authoritative analyses, concise explanations, and historical material to help your patrons research and understand voting and elections in America.  From the American voter, to major and minor political parties, to actual races for Congress, the presidency, and governorships, the CQ Voting and Elections Collection provides context-driven intelligence on the state of the free and fair elections in America.  This research and reference Web site is organized into six sections: Presidential Elections; Congressional Elections; Gubernatorial Elections; Campaigns and Elections; Political Parties; and Voters and Demographics.  Learn more.
  • CQ Almanac Archive: 1945-2011 - Seamlessly navigate over 60 years of the most authoritative Congressional coverage available! Learn more.


For a quote please contact Susan knisely at 402-471-3849, 800-307-2665 or email Susan Knisely.

All product pricing includes remote access where authenticated by the institution. 

Consortia pricing represents a minimum 10% discount from list price.

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Mid-term subscriptions may be accepted.  If accepted, the price will be prorated for the number of months left in the term.  If insufficient time remains in the subscription term, libraries may be offered extended subscriptions instead (e.g., 16 months, as opposed to 4 months).  Please note that pricing is provided on a calendar-year basis; this means the cost of prorated subscriptions beginning January 1 or later will be calculated using the new year's pricing.

All subscriptions through the Nebraska Library Commission end June 30th.  Order forms must be received at the Library Commission by the 15th of the month preceding the start date, or the start date will be delayed until the first day of the following month.

To Place an Order:

Contact Susan Knisely at 402-471-3849, 800-307-2665 or email Susan Knisely.


Submit an online 30-day trial request form or send an email.

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Pricing is provided on a calendar year basis.  This means that the cost of prorated subscriptions with start dates after January 1 will be calculated using the new year's pricing.

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