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Faulkner Information Services is pleased to announce the availability of two databases, Faulkner Advisory for IT Studies (FAITS) and Security Management Practices (SMP), at special discounted prices for Nebraska Library Commission members (students, educators, IT and library staff).


  • FAITS Database - FAITS is a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind online technology reports library created especially for use by the academic community. Continually updated and fully searchable, FAITS contains hundreds of reports addressing critical issues, trends, market conditions, products, services, and vendors driving the information technology industry. Recent additions to this service include modules on Health Care IT and Government IT. This dynamic, feature-rich tool, will be a benefit to educators, administrators, researchers, students, IT staff, and others.  For more information go to the Faulkner Advisory for IT Studies web site or view the Faulkner Table of Contents (PDF).
  • SMP Database - Security Management Practices (SMP) is an expert resource on the Web for learning about how to confront and manage organizational risk, plan for disruptions, deploy network security appliances, employ biometric technologies, safeguard intellectual property, establish security best practices, protect and train students, staff and much more.  SMP would be appropriate for Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, or Emergency Management-type courses.  For more information go to the Security Management Practices web site or view the SMP Table of Contents (PDF).

  • ITI Library and Consortia Resource Collection - A special package of six popular online information resources offered together for the first time from Information Today, Inc.  For more information see the LCRC Brochure (PDF) and Price List (PDF).
    • American Library Directory (ALD) - When you need to find anyone or anything in the library community, this is the place to turn to. Includes details for more than36,000 public, academic, special, and government libraries and library-related organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Addresses, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, network participation, expenditures, holdings, special collections, key personnel, special services, and more are provided.
    • Fulltext Sources Online (FSO) - FSO is an extensive listing of periodicals accessible online in full text through a host of aggregators and content providers such as Burrelles Luce, Dialog, Eureka, Factiva, GENIOS, LexisNexis, Ovid, ProQuest, Wilson Web, and many more. Lists more than 40,000 newspapers, journals, magazines, newsletters, newswires, and transcripts. Each title entry consists of the aggregators and databases that provide the publication online in full text. Coverage dates, frequencies, and lag times of titles appearing online, as well as ISSN's and document types, are included.
    • Literary Market Place (LMP) - Here is the ultimate insider's guide to the U.S. book publishing industry, covering every conceivable aspect of the business. Reach the people who publish, package, review, represent, edit, translate, typeset, illustrate, design, print, bind, promote, publicize, ship, and distribute.
    • International Literary Market Place (ILMP) - For book publishing contacts on a global scale, this is your ticket to the people, companies, and resources at the heart of publishing in more than 180 countries worldwide, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Contains complete, up-to-date profiles for more than 15,000 book-related concerns around the globe.
    • Faulkner Advisory for Information Technology Studies (FAITS) - See above.
    • Faulkner Security Management Practices (SMP) - See above.

Pricing (2013-2014):

Faulkner Information Services will provide Nebraska libraries with a flat 15% discount on both their FAITS and SMP databases.  This 15% discount is reflected in the pricing below.  Pricing is based on a per library cost plus an additional charge for FTE over a certain level.

  • FAITS Price per Single Library -- $846
    Price for Libraries 2 and 3 (per campus) -- $846 each  (Maximum Charge -- 3 Libraries per Campus)

Additional Charge for FTE:

0 - 5,000 FTE $0
5,001 - 9,000 FTE $676
9,001 - 14,000 FTE $846
14,001 - 20,000+ FTE          $931
  • SMP Price per Single Library -- $761
    Price for Libraries 2 and 3 (per campus) -- $761 each (Maximum Charge - 3 Libraries per Campus)

Additional Charge for FTE:

0 - 5,000 FTE $0
5,001 - 9,000 FTE $591
9,001 - 14,000 FTE $761
14,001 - 20,000+ FTE          $846
  • ITI Library and Consortia Resource Collection -- See Price List (PDF)

    Note: Libraries that purchase the online ITI Library and Consortia Resource Collection will be eligible to purchase print editions of the following directories at a 60% discount off list price, plus shipping and handling.  Directories and current annual list prices are as follows:

    • ALD American Library Directory -- $309
    • FSO Fulltext Sources Online -- $279
    • LMP Literary Market Place -- $309
    • ILMP International Literary Market Place -- $259

Subscription Term:

July 1 - June 30


May 25 for a July 1 start date. 

Pricing may be prorated up to six months for mid-term subscriptions.  Subscriptions may not be prorated for less than a six-month period.  All subscriptions will end on June 30.  For mid-term subscriptions you must have your order form to the Nebraska Library Commission on or before the 15th of the month preceding the requested start date, or the start date will be delayed until the first day of the following month.

To Place an Order:

Please print off, fill out and mail/fax the Faulkner Purchase Agreement, along with a signed copy of the FAITS License Agreement and/or the SMP License Agreement, to Susan Knisely, Nebraska Library Commission, 1200 N Street, Suite 120, Lincoln, NE 68508-2023  Fax: 402-471-2083


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Tech Support:

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For more information about these products call account executive Paula Sherman at 800-856-662-2070 ext. 143 or email 

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