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As we've done for many years, the Nebraska Library Commission continues to work with LYRASIS to bring discounted pricing on LexisNexis products to Nebraska libraries.

LexisNexis Products

  • LexisNexis Nexis Uni (formerly Academic Universe) - Nexis Uni provides access to full-text news, business and legal publications. Designed for the evolving needs of today's students, Nexis Uni delivers a streamlined search experience that includes personalization, discovery and collaboration features students want in their research journey. Nexis Uni is available to nearly 2,000 libraries serving over 8 million students and faculty. (NexisUni Support & Training)
  • LexisNexis Library Express - Around the world, professionals in business, law and government turn to the LexisNexis services for their critical research needs millions of times every day. They know LexisNexis sets the standard for powerful, precise and authoritative results.
  • LexisNexis Scholastic - LexisNexis Scholastic provides news, legal reasearch, legislation and statistics for high school students.



Renewal subscription orders:  Renewal orders must be received on or before May 20, 2020. Renewal forms received after May 20, 2020 may result in an interruption of service.

To Place a New Order:

Please print out and complete the Order Form.

New subscription orders will also be required to submit:

  1. A new subscriber agreement -- Contact Susan Knisely to request the latest version. Also, please note the Subscriber Terms and Conditions governing new subscriptions does not include express permission for use by walk-ins.  This permission must be negotiated with LexisNexis on a case-by-case basis if the subscriber wants it.
  2. A Tax Exempt Certificate

Renewal orders: Customized renewal agreements will be sent to current subscribers in early April. Libraries that already have a Subscriber Terms and Conditions on file do not have to complete a new license agreement at renewal.  Subscriber Terms and Conditions automatically renew when a library commits to renewing their LexisNexis service.

Mail the signed forms to: Susan Knisely, Nebraska Library Commission, 1200 N Street, Suite 120, Lincoln, NE 68508-2023.  If you prefer you may fax these documents to Susan Knisely at 402-471-2083. 

Tech Support:

Call tech support at 800-897-3419.

See Nexis Uni Support & Training for videos, guides and other resources to help you research more efficiently.

IP Changes/setup: Call tech support at 800-897-3419 or use the support form. You will be asked for your Billgroup/Account number. If you need to find out what this number is please contact Susan Knisely

Usage statistics: Usage reports for Nexis Uni are available through PowerInvoice. Use your Nexis Uni user ID and password to login. See the LexisNexis PowerInvoice Quick Reference Guide for more information. 

Historical usage statistics for LexisNexis Academic may still be accessed via the old LexisNexis Academic usage tool:

If you have questions, please contact LexisNexis Customer Service at 800-543-6862.

Licensing: (PDF April 21, 2004)


If a library renews their subscription and subsequently cancels the subscription, they will be financially liable for any usage up to the time of the cancellation -- no exceptions.

Law Schools cannot subscribe in conjunction with a main campus library. Law School subscriptions must be submitted separately.

LexisNexis Pricing:

Academic Libraries (July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021)

LexisNexis Nexis Uni* (formerly LexisNexis Academic)

  • Renewals: In an ongoing effort to help academic institutions manage cost, LexisNexis is applying a flat percentage renewal increase of what was paid for the 2019-20 term for Nexis Uni and Scholastic (now combined with Library Express) E-Resources.

  • New Subscriptions:

    • Academic institutions with < 22,000 FTEs: $2.14 per FTE, with a minimum FTE of 500

    • Academic institutions with 22,000+ FTEs: $2.08 per FTE

    • Pricing for brand new community college subscribers for 2020-2021:

      • Community Colleges with up to 2,000 FTE: $1,053.00

      • Community Colleges with FTE at 2,001 to 10,000 FTE: $3,158.00

      • Community Colleges over 10,000 FTE: $10,530.00

* Available to colleges & universities only; law libraries excluded from this offer.

Secondary School

LexisNexis Pricing for Schools, Grades 7-12 (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021)
LexisNexis Scholastic (now combined with Library Express) Network Price
1-250 Students* $1,597.00
251-500 Students* $1,917.00
501-799 Students* $2,131.00
800+ Students* $2,237.00
District wide enrollment < 800 $6,728.00
Districe wide enrollment 800+ $8,357.00
* Based on enrollment in grades 7-12 only  

For more information, contact Databases.