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Mango Languages

Mango is an annual subscription product that offers remote access and in-library access to multiple languages. 


Product Overview
Each lesson teaches you to engage in a new conversation.  The conversations cover a broad range of situations.  For example in a travel lesson, you will hear a conversation between a traveler and a hotel front-desk agent.  In a business lesson, you will hear a conversation between two business associates discussing the launch of a new product.  By the end of each lesson, you will be able to confidently participate in the conversation.

Vocabulary & Grammar
During a lesson, each line of conversation is systematically broken down into its component parts to teach you the relevant vocabulary and grammar.  You interact with the words and phrases in your new language to hear native speakers pronounce them either slowly or at a conversational pace.  With this method you master speaking and understanding your new vocabulary.

Memory Building Exercises
Learning is not enough.  You must remember what you learn.  Therefore, during the lessons, you are constantly challenged to draw on what you have learned from memory.  Quizzes and tests are strategically and systematically placed throughout the lessons to reinforce your new language in your mind and memory.

High Frequency Vocabulary
Linguistic research shows that over 80% of day-to-day conversation consists of 2,000 high frequency words.  The Mango Language courses teach you over 2,200 of the most high frequency words and phrases to ensure that you will be able to fulfill your daily conversational needs.


Cost is based on your total population served.  Please email Susan Knisely with your total population served for a price quote.

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To Place an Order:

Please email Susan Knisely.

Technical Support:

Visit the Help Center:

Call 877-626-4611 or email


  • Remote access and in-library access included.
  • All upgrades included.
  • Billing is through NLC

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