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NetLibrary Consortium Information

These collections are now EBSCO eBooks.

Between 2000 and 2011, the Nebraska Library Commission coordinated shared collections of NetLibrary ebooks on behalf of Nebraska libraries. The ebooks are currently available through EBSCOhost.

Participating Nebraska Libraries

Title Lists

Shared Title List Number of Publication Dates
Collection HTML Excel Titles Range Majority From
Collection 10 (2011) HTML Excel 3,002 2005-2012 2011
Collection 9 (2010) HTML Excel 3,313 2001-2011 2009
Collection 8 (2008) HTML Excel 3,238 2000-2009 2008
Collection  7 (2007) HTML Excel 3,112 2001-2007 2007
Collection 6 (2007) HTML Excel 3,639 2001-2007 2006
Collection 5 (2005) HTML Excel 7,030 1982-2006 2005
Collection 4 (2004) HTML Excel 7,662 1948-2005 2004
Collection 3 (2003)  HTML Excel 11,174 1953-2004 2002
Collection 2 (2001) HTML Excel 1,425 1980-2002 2000
Collection 1 (2000)  HTML Excel 2,900 1972-2001 1999

Publicly Accessible eBooks

The Publicly Accessible eBook Collection is available to Consortium members who purchased any of the shared collections. This collection includes many classic books, as well as other eBooks.

About the Collections

  • The Library Commission arranged for the first group purchase of ebooks in 2000 from the NetLibrary company.
  • Some of the other collections are shared with consortiums located in other states.
  • The vast majority of the books in these collections are nonfiction titles.
  • Books in these collections can only be checked out by one person at a time.
  • In 2002, OCLC purchased the assets of NetLibrary.
  • In 2011, EBSCO purchased the NetLibrary assets from OCLC. The ebooks were moved to the EBSCOhost platform. The NetLibrary name was dropped and they are now referred to as EBSCOhost eBooks.
  • Libraries that purchased access to these collections can still access them. It is not possible to select which collections or titles are made available to library patrons. A library can selected to make all of the collections they have purchased available or make none of them available.


Contact Allana Novotny for assistance accessing EBSCOhost eBooks.

Usage Statistics

Usage statistics for EBSCOhost eBooks are available. Please contact Allana Novotny for more information.

For more information, contact Allana Novotny.