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ProQuest has indicated they will offer a 10% discount on new subscriptions to the following products through the Nebraska Library Commission. Discounts on other ProQuest products may be available upon request.

  • Academic Complete - Academic Complete offers libraries 150,000+ multidisciplinary ebooks with unlimited, multi-user access, powerful research tools and DRM-free chapter downloads. Academic Complete also includes the Book Display Widget for promoting titles on any website and select elements of Syndetics Unbound which provides enrichment elements like reviews and recommendations directly within Ebook Central. (Discount Available for: K12, Community College, Higher Education)
  • Academic Video Online - Academic Video Online is a comprehensive video subscription. It delivers over 70,000+ titles spanning a range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more. (Discount Available for: K12, Community College, Higher Education)

  • Black Historical Newspapers - ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers offer primary source content and editorial perspectives of the most distinguished African American newspapers in the U.S. Examine major movements from the Harlem Renaissance to Civil Rights, and explore everyday life as written in the Chicago Defender, The Baltimore Afro-American, New York Amsterdam News, Pittsburgh Courier, Los Angeles Sentinel, Atlanta Daily World, The Norfolk Journal and Guide, The Philadelphia Tribune, Cleveland Call and Post, and Michigan Chronicle. (Discount Available for: K12, Community College, Higher Education)

  • Black Studies Center - Black Studies Center supports research, teaching, and learning in Black Studies and other disciplines that benefit from a more detailed coverage of the black experience such as history, literature, political science, sociology, philosophy, and religion. (Discount Available for: K12, Community College, Higher Education)

  • Culturegrams - CultureGrams® is a concise and reliable reference for cultural information on the countries of the world. Providing country reports that go beyond mere facts and figures to deliver a one-of-a-kind perspective on daily life and culture, including the background, customs, and lifestyles of people from 200+ countries, all 50 United States, and the Canadian provinces. (Discount Available for: K12)

  • eLibrary - eLibrary® delivers collections of periodical and digital media content editorially selected to support novice researchers. Available through two methods of access: a custom Guided Research application, and as part of the unified ProQuest platform. Content is in 100% full text and includes 1,700+ magazines, newspapers, transcripts and digitized reference book content, more than seven million images, maps, websites, videos and interactive simulations. (Discount Available for: K12)

  • Ethnic NewsWatch - Ethnic NewsWatch is a current resource of full-text newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic and minority press, providing researchers access to essential, often overlooked perspectives. The database now also contains Ethnic NewsWatch: A History, which provides historical coverage of Native American, African American, and Hispanic American periodicals from 1959-1989. (Discount Available for: K12, Community College, Higher Education, Public Libraries)

  • Global Issues Library - Global Issues Library reflects the key issues affecting our world today, including border issues, migrations, atrocities and human rights violations, security, revolution and protest, incarceration, disasters, and environmental issues. Through historical and contemporary events found in this database, students and scholars can learn about and contextualize the issues that have transformed the human experience globally. (Discount Available for: Community College, Higher Education)

  • Health & Fitness Magazine Archive - Launching 3/31/20 - Unique digital access to the archives of 9 leading US and UK Consumer magazines devoted to health and fitness topics including Prevention, Men's Health, Women's Health, and Flex. Topics include women's/men's studies, history of health, childhood/youth studies, and psychology/psychiatry. Coverage from 1950-2020 (Discount Available for: Public Libraries)

  • LGBT Magazine Archive - The archives of 26 leading previously hard-to-find magazines are included in LGBT Magazine Archive, including many of the longest-running, most influential publications of this type. (Discount Available for: Community College, Higher Education)

  • Nursing Education in Video - Nursing Education in Video: Third Edition is an up-to-date collection of demonstration and training videos designed to help students improve their clinical skills. This resource provides access to Medcom's complete collection of 300+ full-length training videos allowing your patrons anytime, anywhere access to the latest resources available for nurse training so they can provide the best possible patient care. (Discount Available for: Community College, Higher Education)

  • O'Reilly for Public Libraries Basic - subscription includes more than 5,100 titles and more than 3,500 videos on essential business and technology topics. To keep this critical content fresh, The O'Reilly for Public Libraries: Basic collection uses a rolling wall model in its curation. It includes Tech Books/Videos from the current year and the two previous years, and business books from the current year and the previous three years. (Discount Available for: Public Libraries)
  • O'Reilly for Public Libraries Complete - subscription includes more than 45,000 books and 30,000 hours of video in areas such as information technology and software; business; digital media; professional and personal development; and desktop and web applications. Serving the needs of patrons who are working to advance their careers, tune into business and technology trends, or explore new software. (Discount Available for: Public Libraries)

  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers - Various Collections Available - Every issue of each title includes the complete paper, cover-to-cover, with full-page and article images in easily downloadable PDF format. Researchers can study the progression of issues over time through these historical newspaper pages, including articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries, and editorial cartoons. The ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ archive contains more than 100 million digitized pages. (Discount Available for: Public Libraries)

  • SIRS Discoverer - SIRS® Discoverer® is a multidisciplinary database specifically designed for upper elementary and middle school learners, researchers, and educators covering curriculum areas such as, history, health, language arts, math, science, social studies, and technology. All newspaper, magazine, and reference book content is 100% full text, editorially-selected and indexed from over 2,200 reliable, high-quality global sources. (Discount Available for: K12)

  • SIRS Issues Researcher - SIRS® Issues Researcher helps novice researchers understand the major issues of the day, by offering balanced content selections from more than 2,000 international sources. Analysis and opinions cover the pros, cons, and everything in between of 360+ social, scientific, health, historic, economic, and political issues. Editorially curated and created. (Discount Available for: K12)

  • US Newsstream - US Newsstream enables users to search current U.S. news content, as well as archives that stretch back into the 1980s. It features top newspapers, wires, broadcast transcripts, blogs, and news sites in full-text format. US Newsstream provides key national and regional news sources from the U.S. and includes exclusive and preferred access to top titles, including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Newsday, and Chicago Tribune. All titles are cross searchable on the ProQuest platform. (Discount Available for: Public Libraries)


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