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Library Innovation Studios

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2021 Nebraska Makerspace Conference

Project Summary

Logic Model

Library Participation Benefits and Expectations with Answers to Questions

Application of Interest & Commitment  (Word)

Recorded Webinars

Training Videos

Equipment / Components

Equipment Instructions

Space Needs Chart


Community Engagement

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Training Videos

Find helpful videos for your in-library training on everything from general safety to consumables.

General Safety for Library Innovation Studios

Max Wheeler, Instructional Designer for Library Innovation Studios, walks us through the general safety rules for the makerspace equipment, training, and basic use.

Find printable slides for this video here.

Introduction to LIS Slack Forum

Graphtec Vinyl Cutter Overview

Carvey CNC Router Overview

Universal Laser Cutter Overview

Makerbot 3D Printer Overview

How to Prevent Knots and Untangle 3D Printer Filament

How to Unjam a Button Maker Machine

Using the Metal Punch Tool

Metal Punching Pliers

CorelDRAW Tutorial: Making Plant Stakes for the Laser Cutter

Work through this simple laser cutter project in CorelDRAW. Learn how to create a plant stake from scratch, while learning CorelDraw basics like editing text, adding nodes, welding, and using Object Properties to change the outline and fill.

Corel PHOTO PAINT Tutorial: Cutting out images from the Green Screen

Learn how to edit digital photos by cutting a figure out of a green screen background using Corel PHOTO PAINT.

For more information, contact JoAnn McManus.