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Policies and Guidelines for Using Archival Materials
at the Nebraska Library Commission

Access to Collections

Materials in the Nebraska Library Commission archives are accessible for research by NLC staff and others but may not be borrowed.  Access to some material may not be possible if state or federal legal or confidentiality requirements pre-empt open access.  Researchers wishing to use the archives should contact the Reference Desk for assistance.  A librarian will speak with you about your research interests and guide you to circulating photocopies or scanned reproductions of some items  if available.  If these are not available or do not meet your needs,  a librarian will  take you to the archive area.

Handling of Material

Because of the irreplaceable and often fragile nature of many of the archival materials, both staff and patrons are obligated to preserving them for future use. All materials should be handled with care. Items should not be folded, leaned on, written on, traced from, or handled in a manner likely to damage them. Extreme care should be used when working with photographs and negatives, and with oversized items such as scrapbooks. Material should be left in existing order within each folder, and folders in existing order within each box. Cotton gloves are available for handling  delicate materials.

Duplication Services

Requests for duplication should be made at the Library Commission Reference Desk.  Depending on the nature of the material,  photocopying or scanning may be possible.  Duplication will  be done by  the Library Commission Documents Team staff.  In some cases researchers will be allowed to do their own photocopying in the reference area.   Please be selective and limit quantity based on actual need.   We provide a limited number of complimentary copies.  Additional charges will be determined by the staff. Copies or digital images may not be available on the day requested, and may not be provided if  material is too fragile for handling. The Government Information Services Director will determine if duplication is possible.

Copyright and Use Permission

The Nebraska Library Commission has created digital reproductions of some materials in its archives and state documents collections.  Digitized state documents can be located using the search on the Nebraska State Government Publications Online website.

State publications digitized by the Library Commission are either not protected by copyright or permission has been granted to duplicate them on a form on file at the Library Commission containing the following statement: "Yes, I grant nonexclusive permission to the Publications Clearinghouse to reproduce the publications of this agency in microfiche and/or electronic format and distribute them to the public and to state depository libraries."  

The materials housed in the Archives may be protected under Title 17 of the United States Copyright Law. The Library Commission may not own the copyright or intellectual rights. Permission to use is given by Nebraska Library Commission as owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder for uses by others that go beyond simple linking from a web site to a digitized publication posted on the Library Commission 's web site. The user is responsible for verifying copyright and gaining permission for use. Persons wishing to use digital reproductions created by the Nebraska Library Commission should

  • Contact the state agency or copyright holder and obtain permission for uses beyond simple linking to the digitized version.

  • Cite the publication properly. The purpose of citation is twofold: for proper credit, and to allow others to find and verify the information being cited. A citation includes, if applicable:
  • title, author, date, and (where applicable) state agency responsible for the original document
  • creator (Nebraska Library Commission or other agency) and URL of the digital reproduction

Researchers may use visual images from the Archives collection for private, educational and historical purposes, in publications, to display, or for other specific uses. Persons should provide appropriate credit for all material used in their research, publication, presentation, exhibition, or any other display in any media format, for example:

"Photograph Courtesy of Nebraska Library Commission "
"Used with Permission of Nebraska Library Commission, Lincoln, Nebraska "

For more information, contact Mary Sauers.