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Pandemic Resources for Libraries

Concerned about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in your library or wondering what to tell your patrons? We've put together some guidance and resources for libraries.

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Library Closings

If your library has to close due to local outbreaks, please let us know by filling out this form, or if you need help with due dates of book club kits or ILL items due to patron illness, please let us know at

Reopening Your Library

Guidance on restoring library services as conditions change:

School Libraries

Looking for school library/media center-specific information?


Need to hold a library board or other public board meeting? Governor Ricketts has issued executive orders waiving certain requirements of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act to allow elected board officials to attend meetings virtually while in quarantine or isolation and to allow all government bodies to meet virtually. The second order has been extended through April 30, 2021.

  • Once these executive orders expire, library boards still have the option to hold meetings via teleconference or videoconference, as long as they meet the conditions in Section 84-1411 of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act. These meetings are subject to the full Nebraska Open Meetings Act, so be sure to post notice of the meetings as you would normally, telling the general public how they may access the meeting (contact the board president or library director for a phone number or link and password.
  • Zoom is a commonly used videoconferencing software and they have a page of Privacy and Security Resources that will help libraries keep their virtual meetings safe and secure:
  • The Nebraska Library Commission does not endorse any one specific online meeting service; here are some commonly used resources.


Responses and Guidance from Local and National Library Organizations

Health education/facts:

Continuing Operations/Disaster Planning

Providing online/remote services:

Continuing Education:

General Guidance

General guidance for patrons and staff, from the CDC:

For more information, contact Information Services Team.