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Nebraska Makerspaces and Their Machines/Devices

Nebraska Makerspace Database

Makerspaces in Nebraska were recently invited to add their makerspace information to a Nebraska makerspace database that was launched in May 2022. Any library, school or community makerspace in Nebraska that can be accessed by patrons, members, and/or students can be included in the database. For-profit businesses are not included in the database. If your makerspace would like to enter your makerspace equipment and basic information about your makerspace into the database, request the login information from JoAnn McManus.

The Nebraska Makerspace Database is a great way to find a makerspace near you or to learn what interesting equipment and devices makerspaces are making available to their makers.

Organizations in Nebraska that loan makerspace equipment and kits to other organizations in their service area

Loaning Makerspace Equipment/Kits to Schools:

Mobile Trailer Labs Rotating to Schools:

Learning Space Labs Available For Area School Visits:

Loaning to Libraries (Public, School, Academic & Special) in Nebraska:

If you are a service provider in Nebraska that loans makerspace equipment in your service area and would like to be included in this listing, contact JoAnn McManus.

For more information, contact JoAnn McManus.