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NebraskAccess Authentication Options

To access the databases the Nebraska Library Commission purchases and makes available to Nebraska residents through NebraskAccess users must be authenticated. The Library Commission provides multiple ways of authentication.

IP Authentication

A number of public libraries and most school and academic libraries are set up for IP authentication to the databases. It’s easy to determine if computers in your library are set up for IP access. If IP access is working, you should be able to click on one of the links listed under Databases Available to Nebraskans and go directly into the database without being prompted for a password. If you get prompted for a password that means the library is not set up for IP Authentication. To learn more about setting your library up for IP authentication please contact Allana Novotny.

Password Access for in the Library and at Home

NebraskAccess passwords can be used by libraries not set up for IP authentication and by any Nebraska resident wanting to access the databases from home or other location. Each library is issued their own unique password. To maintain security NebraskAccess Passwords are changed two times a year, on October 1 and April 1. Passwords are emailed to the director of each library about a month before the scheduled change. The new passwords can be used and distributed immediately. To verify we have the director’s email address on file please search the Nebraska Library Directory on our website. Please use the “Submit corrections, updates, comments” link found within the directory to submit any updates.

We realize that sometimes a director may be out of the office or forget to distribute the new NebraskAccess password to staff. To help with this situation a message letting folks know the new passwords have been emailed to the directors is sent to the NebraskAccess4Lib mailing list which any Nebraska librarian can subscribe to. The mailing list message serves as a reminder to directors to distribute the password and it lets staff members know they can ask the director for the new password. Any library staff member may also contact the Library Commission for the password.

We encourage libraries to distribute the NebraskAccess passwords to their patrons so everyone can easily access the resources when they are not in the library. One way you can distribute the passwords is to use the customizable business cards. Please do NOT put the passwords on your websites or publish them in your local newspaper.

Patrons may also use their Nebraska Driver's License or State Identification Number to login to the NebraskAccess databases. Driver's license numbers will only be used to verify that the person logging in is a Nebraska resident; they will not be retained for personal identification purposes, nor will they be used to track individuals' usage of the resources.

For more information, contact NebraskAccess.