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Scenario 1: Library Type: any

Authentication Options: Only use NebraskAccess Passwords. This means you can’t search the databases in the library without entering a NebraskAccess password.

We believe this scenario will mainly apply to small public libraries, small private schools, special libraries, or any other library that either cannot use IP recognition for NebraskAccess or prefers to use only passwords

If you have not already done so, please read NebraskAccess Linking and Authentication.

Any size or type of library may choose to use NebraskAccess Passwords as their sole authentication option. This option allows librarians to quickly and easily help patrons log in to NebraskAccess databases using the NebraskAccess password and database access page best suited to their information needs.

For more details about the three passwords each library will receive annually, please read NebraskAccess Passwords.

To add links on your website to the best NebraskAccess landing site(s) for your users, please see Linking to NebraskAccess.

If you have questions, please contact Allana Novotny or Susan Knisely at NebraskAccess.

For more information, contact NebraskAccess.