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Licensing Terms and Subscriber Obligations

Statewide databases funded through the Nebraska Library Commission are governed by license agreements with the database vendors.  Libraries that have registered for these databases should strive to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth in these agreements.  A violation of the terms and conditions set forth in a specific database license agreement jeopardizes access to that database by the violating library and potentially puts our statewide contract at risk.  Your cooperation in complying with all database terms and conditions is appreciated.

One of the most common ways libraries violate license agreements is by distributing database passwords in such a way that they are made available to non-Nebraskans.  Several simple suggestions for avoiding this breach are listed below:

DO create a flyer listing database access instructions and passwords that you can hand out to your patrons.

DO inform patrons that they should not share database passwords with friends and family out of state.

DON'T post passwords to publicly-accessible web pages.

DON'T publish passwords in newspapers, newsletters, school bulletins, or other mass-circulation publications.

Libraries should also be careful not to promote to their patrons or themselves pursue unauthorized uses of these databases.  These databases are generally provided to Nebraska citizens to meet their personal and educational information needs.  Other uses, particularly commercial uses, may be prohibited.  If you have questions about permitted uses please contact the Nebraska Library Commission or review the license agreements listed below. 

Database License Agreements Governing Nebraska Statewide Databases

  • FirstSearch (PDF) (Note: Per these Terms and Conditions use of the FirstSearch service for cataloging purposes is expressly prohibited)

Nebraska Library Commission Terms

In addition to the terms and conditions outlined in the database contracts, the Nebraska Library Commission sets forth the following terms and conditions that libraries must agree to in order to get access to the databases:

  1. These databases shall be provided at my library to any Nebraska citizen regardless of his or her place of residency within this state.
  2. Public access to these databases shall be available to all library users.  Libraries may provide remote patron access to all of the database.
  3. There shall be no charge to any library user for these databases including charges to access the Internet while using these databases.

For more information, contact NebraskAccess.