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November 4, 2001


Rod Wagner

Nebraska Books Honored by Center for the Book

The 2001 Nebraska Book Awards program, sponsored by the Nebraska Center for the Book (NCB), recognizes and honors books that are written by Nebraska authors, published by Nebraska publishers, and/or set in Nebraska or relate to Nebraska.

Six books published in 2000 were awarded certificates, representing the following categories: Non-Fiction, Fiction, Cover Design/Illustrations, Children/Young Adult, and Poetry. The following winners were announced at the Nebraska Center for the Book Annual Literature Festival on September 21.

Non-Fiction: Marion Bahensky and Ron Sack. Entering Howard County: a history of the people and the land of Howard County, Nebraska. Publisher: Howard County Historical Society.

Non-Fiction (Honor Book): Esther Black Elk DeSersa, Olivia Black Elk Pourier, Aaron DeSersa Jr., Clifton DeSersa. Editors: Hilda Neihardt and Lori Utecht. Black Elk Lives. Publisher: University of Nebraska Press.

Poetry: Ted Kooser, Winter Morning Walks: One Hundred Postcards to Jim Harrison. Publisher: Carnegie Melon University Press.

Children/Young Adult: Susan Buckley, Elspeth Leacock and Randy Jones. Places in Time: A New Atlas of American History. Publisher: Houghton Mifflin.

Cover Design/Illustrations: Robert Richter. Homefield: Sonata in Rural Voice. Publisher: The Backwaters Press.

Fiction: John McNally. Troublemakers. Publisher: University of Iowa Press.


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