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November 25, 2002


Mel Krutz

Nebraska Book Clubs and Writing Groups Sought

The Nebraska Center for the Book, an affiliate of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, is conducting a survey to identify all of the book clubs, discussion groups, and writing groups in the state.

Book clubs and discussion groups in Nebraska enjoy a rich heritage that spans three centuries. The oldest group in the survey is the George Eliot Club of Hastings, which was begun in December of 1889. The club's name derives from the fact that the women who founded the group chose as their first reading a book on the life of George Eliot, "an outstanding and most controversial authoress in the nineteenth century." Other clubs with lengthy histories include Fortnightly of Beatrice and Musigma of Omaha, both begun in 1892.

Whether your group was chartered in the nineteenth century or this month, the survey will not be complete unless it is included. Members of reading and writing groups are asked to contact Ms. Mel Krutz at 402-643-3464.

NOTE: Click /publications/news_releases/0211NCBReading-melsarticle.html to read an interesting article by Mel about some history of Book Clubs and Writing Groups in Nebraska.


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