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Public Information and Communication

January 22, 1999

Jeannette Powell
402-471-7740, 800-307-2665

FirstSearch Libraries, January 1999

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Adams Elementary School
Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library
Ainsworth High School
Ainsworth Public Library
Albion Public Library
Albion Public Schools
Alcott Elementary School
Alice M. Farr Library
Allegent Immanuel Medical
Alliance High School
Alliance Middle School
Alliance Public Library
Alma Public School
American Historical Society of Germans from Russia
Amherst Public School
Anselmo-Merna School
Ansley Public Schools
Aquinas High School
Arapahoe Public Library
Arapahoe Public Schools
Arbor Park Middle School
Arcadia Public Schools
Arlington Public Library
Arnold Elementary School
Arnold County High School
Ashland Park/Robbins School
Ashland Public Library
Atkinson Elementary /Junior High School
Atkinson Township Library
Auburn High School
Auburn Memorial Library
Aurora Public Schools
Axtell Community School
Axtell Public Library
Bancroft Elementary School
Bancroft-Rosalie Schools
Bancroft Public Library
Banner County School
Barr Middle School
Bartley Public Library
Bassett Grade School
Bayard Elementary School
Battle Creek Public Library
Battle Creek Public School
Beals Elementary School
Beatrice Public Library
Beattie Elementary School
Beaver City Public Library
Belle Ryan Elementary School
Bellevue Public Library
Bellevue University
Bellevue East High School
Bellevue West High School
Belmont Elementary School
Belvedere Elementary School
Bennet Elementary School
Bennington Public Schools
Benson High School
Benson West Elementary School
Bergan Mercy Medical Center
Bertrand Community School
Bess Johnson Elkhorn Public Library
Beveridge Middle School
Blackburn Study Center
Blair Community High School
Blair Public Library
Blessed Sacrament School
Bloomfield Community Schools
Blue Hill Community Schools
Blue Hill Public Library
Bob and Wauneta Burkley Library and Resource Center
Boyd Elementary School
Boys Town High School Library
Boys Town Library Services
Brady Public Schools
Broken Bow Public Library
Broken Bow Public Schools
Brownell Elementary School
Brownell-Talbot Preparatory School
Bruning Public School
Bruun Memorial Library
Bryan Community School
Bryan Middle School
Bryan Memorial Hospital and School of Nursing
Burke High School
Burwell Jr/Sr High School
C L James Middle School
Catlin Elementary School
Calvert Elementary School
Cambridge Public Schools
Campbell Elementary School
Cavette Elementary School
Cedar Bluffs Public Schools
Cedar Rapids Public Schools
Centennial Schools
Central City High School
Central City Public Library
Central Community College - Grand Island
Central Community College - Hastings
Central Community College - Platte
Central High School
Central Park Elementary School
Centura Public Schools
Ceresco Community Library
Chadron High School
Chadron Middle School
Chadron Public Library
Chadron State College
Chandler View Elementary School
Chappell Public Schools
Chase County High School
Chester-Hubbell-Byron Public School
Clarks Public Schools
Clarkson Public Library
Clay Center Public Library
Clinton Elementary School
Coleridge Community School
College of St. Mary
Columbian Elementary School
Columbus Public Library
Concordia University
Conestoga Elementary School
Cook Public Library
Cozad High School
Creighton Prep School
Creighton Public Library
Creighton University - Health Sciences
Creighton University - Law Library
Creighton University - Reinert Alumni Library
Crestridge Elementary School
Crete Public Library
Crete Public Schools
Crofton Community School
Culbertson Public Library
Culbertson Public Schools
Culler Middle School
Dana College
Daniel J. Gross Catholic High School
Davenport Community School
David City Public Schools
Dawes Middle School
Dawson-Verdon School
Deshler Public Library
Deshler Public Schools
Diller Community School
Doane College
Dodge Elementary School (Grand Island)
Dodge Elementary School (Omaha)
Dodge Public Schools
Doniphan Public School
Duchesne Academy
Dundee Elementary School
Dundy County Public School
Dvoracek Memorial Library
Eagle Elementary School
Early Childhood Training Center
East Butler Public Schools
Eastern Library System
Eastern Township Library
Eastridge Elementary
Edison Elementary School
Edith Abbott Memorial Library
Educational Service Unit #2
Educational Service Unit #4
Educational Service Unit # 5
Educational Service Unit #6
Educational Service Unit #7
Educational Service Unit #8
Educational Service Unit #13
Educational Service Unit #14
Educational Service Unit #15
Educational Service Unit #16
Elkhorn High School
Elliot Elementary School
Elmcreek School
Elmwood Public Library
Elwood Public Schools
Emerson Public Library
Engelman Elementary School
Everett Elementary School
Ewing Public Schools
Exeter Public Library
Exeter Public Schools
Fairbury High School
Fairbury Public Library
Fairmont Public Library
Fairmont Public Schools
Faith Regional Health Services
Falls City Public Schools
Field Club Elementary School
Florence Elementary School
Fontenelle Elementary School
Franklin Public Schools
Fredstrom Elementary
Freeman Public Schools
Fremont Junior High School
Fremont Senior High School
Fullerton Public Library
Fullerton Public Schools
Funk Public Schools
Garden County High School
Gates Elementary School
Geneva High School
Genoa Public Library
Genoa Public Schools
Gering High School
Gering Public Library
Gibbon Public Library
Gilder Elementary School
Giltner Public Schools
Goodall City Library
Goodrich Middle School
Gordon City Library
Gordon Elementary School
Gordon Senior High School
Gothenburg Public Library
Gothenburg Public Schools
Grace University
Grand Island Central Catholic High School
Grand Island Senior High School
Grant County Library
Grant Public Schools
Grattan Township Library
Graves Public Library
Greeley Public Schools
Greenwood Public Library
Gretna Public Library
Guardian Angles School
Guide Rock Public School
Hale Middle School
Hamlow Elementary School
Hampton Public School
Harrison Elementary School
Hartley Elementary School
Hartman Elementary School
Harvard Public Library
Hastings College
Hastings Middle School
Hastings Public Library
Hastings Regional Center
Hastings Senior High School
Hawthorne Elementary School
Hay Springs School
Hayes Center Public School
Heartland Community Schools
Hebron Public School
Hemingford Public Library
Hemingford Public Schools
Hershey Public Schools
Highland Elementary School
Hoesch Memorial Library
Holdrege High School
Holdrege Middle School
Holdrege Public Library
Holy Name School
Holmes Elementary School
Hooper Public Library
Howard Elementary School
Howells Public Library
Howells Public Schools
Humann Elementary School
Hruska Memorial Public Library
Humboldt Public Schools
Humphrey Public Library
Humphrey Public School
Huntington Elementary School
Hyannis High School
Imperial Public Library
Indian Hill Elementary School
Irving Middle School
Jackson Alternative Center
Jefferson Elementary School (Grand Island)
Jefferson Elementary School (Omaha)
Jefferson Intermediate School Library
Jensen Memorial Library
Jewish Federation Library
John A Stahl Library
John Rogers Memorial Library
Johnson-Brock Schools
Joslyn Art Museum
Joslyn Elementary School
Kahoa Elementary School
Karlen Memorial Library
Kearney Catholic High School
Kearney High School
Kearney Public Library
Keene Memorial Library
Kellom Elementary School
Kenesaw Public Schools
Kilgore Memorial Library
Kimball Public Library
Kinckrehm Elementary School
King Primary School
King Science Center
Klyte Burt Memorial Library
Lakeview High School
Lakeview School
LaPlatte Elementary School
LaVista Junior High School
LaVista Public Library
Lawrence Public School
Lefler Middle School
Leigh Community School
Leigh Public Library
Lewellen Grade School
Lewis and Clark Elementary School
Lewis and Clark Middle School
Lewiston Consolidated Schools
Lexington Public Library
Lexington Public Schools
Leyton Elementary - Middle School
Leyton High School
Lincoln Christian School
Lincoln City Libraries
Lincoln East High School
Lincoln Elementary School
Lincoln General Hospital
Lincoln High School
Lincoln Lutheran Jr/Sr High School
Lincoln Public Schools, Staff Library Media Department
Lincoln Regional Center
Lincoln School of Commerce
Lisco Grade School
Little Priest Tribal College
Logan View Public Schools
Longfellow Elementary School
Lord Elementary School
Louisville Public Library
Louisville Public Schools
Loup City Library
Loup County Public School
Lothrop Elementary School
Lux Middle School
Lydia B. Woods Memorial Library
Lyons Public Library
Madison Public Schools
Magnet Career Center
Malcolm Public Schools
Maltman Public Library
Marrs Middle School
Mary Lynch Elementary School
Masters Elementary School
Maxey Elementary School
Maywood District 46
McCook Community College
McCook Junior High School
McCook Public Library
McCool Junction School
McMillan Middle School
McPhee Elementary School
Mead Public Library
Mead Public Schools
Meadow Grove Library
Meadow Lane Elementary School
Medicine Valley Public Schools
Mercy High School
Meridian Library System
Meridian Public School
Metropolitan Community College
Mickle Middle School
Mid-Plains Community College
Midland Lutheran College
Millard Public Schools
Milford Public Schools
Millard West High School
Miller Park Elementary School
Milligan Public Schools
Minatare Public Schools
Minne Lusa Elementary School
Mitchell High School
Mitchell Public Library
Monroe Middle School
Monroe Schools
Morley Elementary School
Morrill Public Library
Morrill Public Schools
Morton James Public Library
Morton Middle School
Mount Michael High School
Mount View Elementary School
Mullen Public Schools
National Park Service
Nebraska Christian College
Nebraska City Public Schools
Nebraska College of Business
Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services
Nebraska Department of Roads
Nebraska Indian Community College
Nebraska Methodist Hospital
Nebraska Wesleyan University
Neligh-Oakdale Public Schools
Neligh Public Library
Nemaha Valley Schools
Newcastle Public Schools
Newell Elementary School
Newman Grove Public Library
Niobrara Public Library
Niobrara Public Schools
Norfolk Catholic High School
Norfolk Junior High School
Norfolk Middle School
Norfolk Public Library
Norfolk Regional Center
Norfolk Senior High School
Norris Middle School
Norris School District #60
North Loup-Scotia Schools
North Platte High School
North Platte Public Library
North Bend Public Library
Northeast High School
Northeast Library System
Northwest High School
Norwood Park Elementary School
Oak Valley Elementary School
Oakland-Craig Public Schools
Ogallala High School
Omaha North High School
Omaha Northwest High School
Omaha Public Library
Omaha Public Schools, Educational Research Center
Omaha Public Schools, Library and Instructional Info. Services
Omaha South High School
Omaha Veterans Administration Medical Library
Orchard Public Library
Orchard Public School
Ord Elementary School
Ord Township Library
Osceola Public Library
Oshkosh Grade School
Osmond Public Library
Otte Blair Middle School
Palmyra High School
Panhandle Library System
Park Middle School
Parkview Christian School
Parrish Study Center
Pawnee City Public Schools
Pawnee Elementary School
Paxton Consolidated Schools
Pershing Elementary School
Peru State College
Petersburg Public Schools
Picotte Elementary School
Pierce Public Library
Pierce Public Schools
Pinewood Elementary School
Plainview Carnegie Library
Plainview Public Schools
Plattsmouth High School
Plattsmouth Middle School
Plattsmouth Public Library
Platteview High School
Pleasanton Public School
Ponca Elementary School
Potter-Dix High School
Pound Middle School
Prairie Wind School
Prescott Elementary School
Pyrtle Elementary School
Ralston High School
Ralston Middle School
Ralston Public Library
Randolph Elementary School
Randolph Public Library
Ravenna Public Schools
Raymond A. Watson Elementary School
Republican Valley School
Republican Valley Library System
Riley Elementary School
Rock County High School
Rock County Public Library
Roper Elementary School
Rosehill Elementary School
Rousseau Elementary School
Rushville Public Schools
Ruth Hill Elementary School
Sacred Heart Catholic School
Sandhills Public Schools
Santee Tribal Library
Saratoga Elementary School (Lincoln)
Saratoga Elementary School (Omaha)
Sargent Public Schools
Schuyler Central High School
Schuyler Grade School
Schuyler Public Library
Scott Middle School
Scottsbluff High School
Scottsbluff Public Library
Scotus Central Catholic High School
Scribner Public Library
Seedling Mile Elementary School
Seward High School
Seward Middle School
Seward Public Library
Shelby Public Library
Shelby Public School
Shelton Public Library
Shelton Public School
Sheridan Elementary School
Sherman Elementary School
Shickley Public Schools
Shoemaker Elementary School
Sidney Public Library
Sidney Public Schools
Silver Creek Schools
Silver Lake Public Schools
Skutt Catholic High School
South Platte High School
South Sarpy School District #46
South Sioux City Public Library
South Sioux City Senior High School
Southeast Community College - Beatrice
Southeast Community College - Lincoln
Southeast Community College - Milford
Southeast High School
Southeast Library System
Southeast Nebraska Consolidated School
Southern Public Schools
Southern Valley Jr/Sr High School
Spencer-Naper High School
Spencer Township Library
Spring Lake Elementary School
Springfield Elementary School
Springfield Public Library
Springville Elementary School
St. Edward Public Library
St. Elizabeth Community Health Center
St. Joseph School
St. Marys School
St. Patrick Jr/Sr High School
St. Paul Public Library
St. Paul Public Schools
St. Robert Bellarmine School
Stanton Community Schools
Stanton Public Library
Stapleton High School
Starr Elementary School
Sterling Public School
Stolley Park Elementary School
Stratton Public Schools
Stromsburg Public Library
Sump Memorial Library
Sunny Slope Elementary School
Superior High School
Superior Public Library
Sutherland Public Library
Sutherland Public Schools
Sutton Memorial Library
Sutton Public Schools
Swanson Elementary School
Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca High School
Syracuse Public Library
Table Rock-Steinauer Schools
Tecumseh Public Library
Tekamah Public Library
Tekamah-Herman Community Schools
Thedford High School
Tilden Public Library
Trenton Public Library
Trenton Public Schools
Tri-County Schools
Trumble Park Elementary
Twin Valley School
Union College
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
University of Nebraska at Kearney
University of Nebraska at Omaha
University of Nebraska Medical Center
U S Army Corps of Engineers
Valentine City Schools
Valentine High School
Valentine Public Library
V.A. Medical Center, Library Service
Verdigree Public Library
Wahoo Public Library
Wahoo Public Schools
Wakefield Community School
Wakonda Elementary School
Wallace Public Schools
Walnut Hill Elementary School
Walnut Middle School
Walthill Public School
Washington Elementary School
Wasmer Elementary School
Waverly Middle School
Waverly Senior High School
Wayne Middle School
Wayne Public Library
Wayne State College
Webermeier Memorial Library
Weeping Water Public Schools
West Holt High School
West Kearney High School -YRTC
West Lincoln School
Western Hills Elementary School
Western Nebraska Community College
Western Nebraska Community College-Sidney
Westlawn Elementary School
Westmont Elementary School
Westridge Middle School
Westside Community Schools
Wheatland Elementary School
Wheatland Public Schools
Wilber-Clatonia Public School
Wilcox Public School
Wilson Public Library
Wilson Study Center
Winside Public Schools
Wisner-Pilger Schools
Wisner Public Library
Wolbach Public Schools
Wood River Rural Jr/Sr High School
Wymore Public Library
Wynot Public School
Yates Elementary School
York College
York High School
Yutan Public School
Zeman Elementary


As the state library agency, the Nebraska Library Commission is an advocate for the library and information needs of all Nebraskans. The mission of the Library Commission is statewide promotion, development, and coordination of library and information services, bringing together people and information. The most up-to-date news releases from the Nebraska Library Commission are always available on the Library Commission home page. Point your World Wide Web browser to /, search on news releases.

For more information, contact Tessa Terry.