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Giveaways from the Nebraska Library Commission

A variety of books and videos are available to those visiting the Library Commission. Any Nebraska library is welcome to these books, including those titles listed below.

Books are available for free if picked up at the Library Commission, or they can be mailed to your library for a suggested donation of $3.00 per paperback or $4.00 per hardcover.

For more information or to reserve available titles, contact the Information Services Team

Some currently available children's titles: (Looking for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or library science?)

Title Author Format Copies
The ABCs of Dinkology: Time In-Between
Mixes comic book art with prose, poetry, footnotes, trading cards, and an unofficial soundtrack
by A.E. Stueve Paperback 1
Advice To A Dancer
Wisdom and wonder from the studio and stage.
by Julian Adair Harcover 3
Alphabet Oddities
A children's poetry book filled with weird creatures, adventure, and science.
by Jennifer Joseph Harcover 3
Bubble Gum Brain
Becoming is better than being - helping kids to adjust their mindset
by Julia Cook Paperback
Cinderella's Other Shoe
Everyone's favorite fairy tale... from a shoe's perspective.
by Philippa Rae Paperback 2
The Curse of the Fates
Lottie suddenly begins to lose her hair. Is it a curse?
by Sydney Olson Paperback 2
Dearest Children
A message inspired by Father Edward J. Flanagan.
by Eli Hernandez Harcover 3
Element Unknown
In fifteen-year-old Rex Marshall’s mystical world, beings are classified by and can harness the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, and Darkness.
by Brittani Avery Paperback 1
Book #2 in the Shrodinger's Consortium series. Anomalies are the target; she's the bullseye.
by Tonya Kuper Paperback 2
A Friend at Midnight
After their mother remarries, Lily's brother chooses to go live with his father in Washington, D.C., until the day he calls home from the Baltimore-Washington Airport where his father has abandoned him.
by Caroline B. Cooney Paperback 1
A girl and her bear go on a journey that begins with a bit of a fright and concludes with unanticipated compassion and trust.
by Sharon Rues Hardcover 2
The High King
When the most powerful weapon in the land of Prydain falls into the hands of Arawn, Lord of the Land of Death, Taran and Prince Gwydion rally an army to stand up to the dark forces.
by Lloyd Alexander Paperback 1
I Wish... I Had a Name
A delightful children’s storybook, filled with beautiful images featuring Nebraska wildlife.
by Mary Henning Hardcover 2
Jacob's Backward ABC's
Jacob can't stand it. "Getting bored here, Mom!" So Mom gives him a challenge...
by Mary Golderinger Hardcover 2
The Judgmental Flower
Teaches the skill of valuing the differences of others.
by Julia Cook Paperback 1
Jumping Into Kindergarten
Starting kindergarten is a major milstone in the lives of young children.
by Julia Cook and Laura Jana Paperback
The Magic Word: Stellybird
An interactive children's book.
by J.D. James Hardcover 2
A young girl goes to live with her aunt during WWII and discovers a family secret.
by Nona Brooks Morrison Paperback 3
Mr. Ivan's Farm
Follow along as Mr. Ivan's granddaughter tells all about the farm and the things on it.
by Cynthia Fintel Paperback 3
My Grandma Makes Lefse
Children will enjoy the rhyming verse and original illustrations which accompany the major steps of "lefse day" in Norwegian households.
by Becky Thaldorf Latka Hardcover 1
Native and Novel in Nebraska
A look at eight different animals from Nebraska.
by Patt Harper Paperback 2
Rez Dog
Rocket, a State Patron sniffer dog, is stolen by a drug cartel leader and his friends race to save him.
by Tom Frye Paperback 2
Super Smart Sugar
This book recognizes Sugar, an American Pit Bull Terrier, as an intelligent, humorous and cleaver dog.
by Barbara Freeman Hardcover 2
'Twas the First Night Before Christmas
Readers will welcome the familiar cadence of the classic rhyme as they learn the essential facts of the first Christmas.
by Mary Beth Vonk Paperback 2

For more information, contact Information Services Team.