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NCompass Live: Digital Preservation, Part 3: Management and Providing Access - Recorded Online Session 


Digital Preservation is the focus of a three-part webinar series that will help you preserve your digital content. Sponsored by the Nebraska State Historical Society and the Nebraska Library Commission, these webinars will connect you to Library of Congress training modules. The LC’s Digital Preservation Outreach Education (DPOE) program simplifies the complex world of digital preservation into six tasks modules: inventory, select, storage, protect, manage, and provide.

March 6 presents Manage and Provide Modules: Managing your digital content is an active and ongoing process. Learn how planning and policies are keys to digital preservation. With your digital content safely stored and preserved, how you do you provide access to your patrons? This final module will address the issues of delivering your content in user-friendly, long-term ways.

All three webinars will be presented by Karen Keehr, Curator of Photographs at the Nebraska State Historical Society. Karen represented Nebraska at an intensive week-long DPOE training workshop this summer. These webinars are the first in a series of training opportunities for libraries, archives and museums that will be presented in 2013-14 as part of the newly-formed Husker Heritage NEtwork, funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. To find out more about future offerings, Nebraska’s statewide collections preservation plan and more resources, go to

The February 6 webinar focused on the Inventory and Select Modules: The first step in digital preservation is identifying what types of digital content needs to be preserved. Learn the importance of conducting and maintaining an inventory of your digital content and how that inventory will assist you in setting priorities and selecting what should be preserved.

February 20 featured Storage and Protect Modules: From metadata to the Cloud, learn how proper storage for digital content will preserve it well into the future. Plus, should disaster strike, is your digital content protected? Backing up your data may not be enough. Learn how to identify potential risks and how to develop policies to protect your digital content.

For more information, to register for upcoming NCompass Live events, or to listen to recordings of past events, go to the NCompass Live Webpage.

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Class Format
Recorded Online Session
Date Recorded Length
3/6/2013 52 minutes
No Charge
Karen Keehr
CE Hours
For Further Information Sponsor
Christa Burns
402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665
Nebraska Library Commission