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NCompass Live: The Secret to Successful Internships - Recorded Online Session 


The secret to successful internships is no longer a secretóitís P L A N N I N G. JoAnn McManus and Mary Jo Ryan, both with the Nebraska Library Commission, will address the planning involved in preparing for a new intern and share tips to providing your intern, and your library with a great experience. Although the presentation revolves around ensuring that the newly announced library grant recipients of the 2016 Nebraska Library Internship Grant Program (to be announced on February 8th) are armed with great information, other libraries will also pick up great tips for how to prepare and make the most out of internships at their libraries.

Topics covered that will be helpful for everyone include: determine if the library should provide a stipend or actually hire the intern as an employee, advertise the position/opportunity, intern selection considerations, review of resources to assist you, goal-setting for the internship, organize "before" day one of the internship, introduce your intern to the projects to be completed, prepare and follow a time-line, orient the intern to the work of the library (even though the intern may not have responsibilities or tasks in many of the areas), share information about education and career paths in library careers, follow the internís progress, and the importance of a good experience for both the intern and the library and how to achieve it.

Topics of specific interest to the libraries that are being awarded an internship (and those that might be applying in the future) include: contract considerations between your library and the Nebraska Library Commission, required paperwork and reporting requirements for those receiving the internship grants, and other aspects related to selection of interns and orientation considerations that will keep grant recipients compliant.

Generally, JoAnn and Mary Jo will share information and secrets to having a successful internship at your library whether you are a grant recipient or not. Please be prepared to ask questions and to share your thoughts so we can learn from your past internship experiences.

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Class Format
Recorded Online Session
Date Recorded Length
2/17/2016 1 hour 11 minutes
No Charge
Mary Jo Ryan, Anneka Ramirez JoAnn McManus
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Christa Burns
402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665
Nebraska Library Commission