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Nebraska Library Directory Help

The Directory is maintained by the Nebraska Library Commission.

It includes entries for directors and staff of all public, academic, school, special and institutional libraries in Nebraska. Also included are Educational Service Units, Library System staff, library trustees and friends, and Library Commission Board members. The directory is edited as updates are received--usually daily.

Case is never significant in searches (upper and lower case can be used interchangeably).

Searches are essentially free-form keyword searches of the entire content of each directory entry. Any entry containing the word, phrase, or character string you enter will be retrieved. This can result in false hits. Entering Smith may find entries containing Smith Street as well as librarians named Smith, for example.

It is almost always best to search by last name only.

However, a special, last-name, first name search feature is available. To search a personal name using this method, enter the last name, followed by a comma, then the first name. A space after the comma is optional. This search will only find exact matches. First names commonly contain abbreviations, titles (e.g. MR.), nicknames, or other variations that make them difficult to locate, so be sure to try a last-name only search if a combined search fails.

If you find errors or omissions in the directory, please report them to the Library Commission: Submit corrections, updates, or comments here

Public Library Search

To quickly locate the public library for a given city, enter the city followed by PL. For example: Lincoln PL

Mailing Labels

The Nebraska Library Commission will supply, on request, mailing labels or lists to the requestor, for a fee (payment in advance is required). Cost of the mailing labels/lists will be as follows:

    $10.00 or $.015 per label, whichever is greater
    $15.00 Printed Library Directory
    No Charge for electronic copies, format will be in Excel.

In order to promote library services and activities throughout Nebraska, the Library Commission will provide mailing labels at no cost to professional organizations and agencies whose purposes and goals are similar to those of the Commission. Among them are:
        Nebraska Library Association
        Nebraska School Librarians Association
        Mountain Plains Library Association
        Lincoln Library Association
        Library Systems (Central Plains, Southeast, Three Rivers, Western)
        State Agencies
        Nebraska Libraries (state, county, or city funded)

To order Mailing Labels please email Jennifer Wrampe with your name, address, and phone number.

Please note: the Nebraska Library Commission cannot provide e-mail lists.