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Meeting Minutes

Love Library, UNL Campus, Lincoln, Nebraska
November 3, 2006


State Advisory Council members present: Patty Birch, Janice Boyer, Nancy Cantin, Nancy Escamilla, Joan Giesecke, Cindy Gitt, Maggie Harding, Gretchen Healy, Diana Johnson, Marty Magee, Becky Pasco, Kristen Rogge, John Seyfarth, and MeMe Smith. Guest: Nancy Busch

Commissioners: Jean Ahrens, John Dale, Patrick Gross, Mary Nelson and Velma Sims-Shipley. Commission Staff: Laura Johnson, Maria Medrano-Nehls, and Rod Wagner.

Welcome and Introductions

Chair Jan Boyer opened the meeting with a welcome and introductions of those present.

Approval of the Agenda: A motion was made and seconded to approve the agenda. Motion approved.

Approval of Minutes (July 10, 2006): A motion was made to approve the minutes. Motion approved.

Maria Medrano-Nehls gave a short presentation on how to complete the expense reimbursement document.

Nebraska Library Commission - Rod Wagner

Biennium Budget Request - Rod Wagner reported that the Library Commission 's 2007 - 2009 biennium budget request was submitted mid-September. Of special interest is the state spending limit initiative that will be voted on in November (Initiative 423).

Library Services and Technology Act - Rod Wagner reported that the LSTA reauthorization process is still in the early stages. The LSTA appropriation for FY 2006 - 2007 has not been determined, along with much of the federal budget. Appropriations are being made on the basis of a Congressional continuing resolution that allocates funds based on the previous year funding levels. The federal library program reached a milestone this year from the enactment of the Library Services Act in 1956, later amended to the Library Services and Construction Act, and more recently the Library Services and Technology Act. There are plans in the works at the national level to recognize and celebrate the program and its contributions to library services throughout the United States.

The current LSTA grant application (Library Improvement Grants) is now posted on the Nebraska Library Commission Web site. The deadline to submit an LSTA grant application is December 28.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries - Projects and Initiatives - Joan Giesecke and Nancy Busch welcomed Commission and Council members to Love Library. Joan Giesecke spoke about the resources and services available from UNL Libraries to every Nebraskan. Community users may have access to the UNL library resources by obtaining a UNL library card. Community users do not have to be enrolled in the University to receive a library card. Services may be accessed at the library or online.

Services include the use of library materials, reference services, online catalog, electronic journals and articles, online databases, "Ask a Librarian " by phone, e-mail or live online chat, and interlibrary loan service.

Joan stated that the UNL Libraries has been working on its 2006-2008 strategic plan. The plan states that the library "supports excellence in research and learning by selecting, acquiring, creating, and organizing digital and print collections; by assisting students, faculty, and the community to effectively access and use information; and by promoting diversity of ideas and ensuring that today 's resources are available for tomorrow 's students. "

The three priorities listed in the strategic plan are to expand the Digital Scholarship and Literacy Program; enhance reference and instructional services to students, faculty, and the community; and enhance collections to support research, instruction, and service for today 's users and tomorrow 's scholars through increases in acquisitions.

State Advisory Council Ad Hoc Committee on LSTA Evaluation and Planning - Jan Boyer reported that at the last meeting it was decided an ad hoc committee would be formed to meet with NLC staff to provide input for the LSTA five-year evaluation and long range plan. The committee met and developed recommendations that included:

  • Identify four regional sites for information gathering sessions to gather input
  • Identify agency/professional outside NLC to conduct information gathering sessions and provide analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data gathered
  • Identify participants to represent:

1.      Genres of Libraries

2.      Gender

3.      Culture/Language/Ethnicity

4.      Geographic Distribution

5.      Community Participants not tied to library or library organizations

6.      Library science students

7.      other

  • Distribute information/research to participants in advance to provide scaffolding for discussions:

1.      Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources: A Report to the OCLC Membership,

2.      Long Overdue: A Fresh Look at Public and Leadership Attitudes About Libraries in the 21st Century,

  • Distribute:

1.      Results of discussions

2.      Anticipated use of results to participants, Nebraska librarians, and other stakeholders.

A motion was made and approved to approve the ad hoc committee 's recommendations.

Council Roundtable

Marty Magee reported that the MedlinePlus Web site has undergone some changes. The page now provides links for podcast, Medline Plus magazine, Go Local, information on herbal drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, and training. Go Local will allow finding resources in counties.

Patty Birch reported that North Platte public library is holding fund-raising events to finance replacement of carpet in the library. The North Platte high school is moving from a four period day to an eight period day. Patty will be teaching the collection development class for the Library Technical Assistant program. It was noted and Patty was recognized for receiving the Mad Hatter award presented at the October NLA/NEMA conference.

Becky Pasco reported that the Nebraska Educational Media Association (NEMA) had another very successful year in terms of membership, outreach, and professional development. Membership is at 413 as of October, 2006. Professional development sessions were held in all Nebraska regional library system areas for school and youth services public librarians over the spring, summer and early fall 2006. New partnerships with Educational Service Units have paved the way for more attendance.

The Nebraska Department of Education has created and posted for recruitment an "information technology " position. The position "prefers " a professional with library media endorsement. This is a major step in getting adequate representation in the State Department of Education. NEMA sent six members to the October American Association of School Librarians Fall Forum in Rhode Island that focused on assessing student learning in the school library media center. Chadron State College will offer a library science class in the fall of 2007.

Cindy Gitt reported that the Friends of the Library (Holdrege) raised almost $600 from their bookfest. The library has a new management system for adult/teen internet computers. The program manages appointments and times sessions. The library will be putting up its Holiday Wish tree. Staff will place ornaments with items that the library would like to have and the public can purchase and donate the items to the library. Three pre-schools are bringing children to the library for story programs. Cindy started an after-school program for kindergarten thru fourth grade. Cindy also holds a video and snack program once a month which is well attended.

Nancy Escamilla reported that Patricia Gross started a book club at Gering High School. The club meets during the lunch hour on Fridays. Fifteen students participated in the first meeting. The principal is very supportive of the book club and provides money for books. The Scottsbluff public library will begin its second Prime Time Family Reading program. The library had 100 people participate at the first program and is expecting a larger group this time.

Judy Schachner, author of the Skippyjon Jones books, visited the Scottsbluff area. She spoke to 2,500 second and third graders from 54 schools. The library recently started an adult book club with 177 participants. The library will provide library cards to every kindergartner in Scottsbluff during Children 's Book week. The teen youth group held a Halloween haunted house at the library. The teens planned the event, raised money, decorated, and staffed the event themselves. The library participated in an Adopt-a-School program; this year the library was given the alternative learning school and the juvenile detention center. Staff will be present programs, read to the groups and provide books.

Jan Boyer reported that the University of Nebraska at Omaha held a dedication ceremony in October in honor of the UNO Library 's new addition.

Maggie Harding reported that she has resigned her position as Nebraska Library Association Executive Director effective December 31. The position description will change to include the annual conference coordinator 's duties. The NLA currently has 628 paid members.

Diana Johnson reported that the Stromsburg public library held book talks and hosted movie premiers for 7th and 8th grade students during Teen Week. Twenty-two teens participated. The Polk County Democratic party held its convention at the library.

Rod Wagner passed around a recruitment kit prepared for the Librarians for the 21st Century project. The recruitment kits will be available for persons interested in promoting library careers at schools, career fairs, and other meetings and events.

Nancy Cantin reported that the Hastings Regional Center school has been accredited. The library has been moved into the school for practical reasons. The Hastings public library bookmobile visits the facility once a week. The facility will be changed to a full youth facility in the near future.

MeMe Smith reported that the library suffered some vandalism and graffiti while staff attended conference. October was a busy month at the library. The library hosted Gary Dulabaum, author of My Teacher Rides a Harley, for a presentation. The Youth Service Librarian is developing a teen advisory council. The teen group planned, raised money, and held a dance at the library with food and drinks. Schuyler is currently a 45% Hispanic population community.

Kristen Rogge reported that she attended the NLA - NLC sponsored Dinner and Dialogue session for library trustees and municipal officials. Kris serves on the NLA Trustees, Users and Friends ad hoc committee that planned the Dinner and Dialogue sessions. The Windmills Across America art project deadline was extended because many artists said they had not heard about the project but would like to enter. For more information on the project visit:

Gretchen Healey reported that the library received a $129,000 IMLS enhancement grant. Gretchen is recruiting for a children 's librarian. The college is in the midst of a presidential search. The library held a Spooky Stories Night event attended by 68 people. All attendees were given a book. Gretchen stated that her library receives many donated books which she in turn gives to patrons who attend events at the library. She signed up to receive the donated books on The library recently installed a patron counter and found that they had been under counting by 2/3. The library received a $1,000 grant for new mother packets. The new mother packets include a certificate for one or more children 's books and a library card application. The library continues to have gamers ' night and will soon host a Dungeons and Dragons group. Every classroom from the Head Start program visits the library once a month.

Maria Medrano-Nehls reported that she will be taking the Public Services in Library and Information Science class taught by Jodene Glaesemann in January.

John Seyfarth reported that the Papillion public library will reach its ten year anniversary in its new facility and will hold a celebration in January.  Mary Gubbels, Papillion public library circulation librarian, was named the Nebraska Library Association Paraprofessional Section 's Paraprofessional of the Year. Sally Payne, Papillion public library director, was awarded the Nebraska Library Association Public Library Section 's Excalibur Award.

Joan Giesecke thanked Council and Commission members for coming to the UNL Love Library. Joan expressed appreciation for the opportunity to host the meeting.

Jean Ahrens reported that the Scottsbluff public library recently celebrated its 40th anniversary in its current facility.

Nebraska Library Association - Maggie Harding

Maggie Harding reported that the election of new officers was held. Beth Goble began her term as NLA president at the close of the annual conference in October. Maggie reported that 641 people attended the NLA - NEMA annual joint-conference in October. There were 60 programs and 2 keynote speakers at this year 's conference. Kathy Lute of Ogallala won the Trustee Citation Award. There are currently 628 paid members. Maggie reported that there were 125 attendees at the Dinner and Dialogue sessions which were held in four locations across the state.

Nebraska Educational and Media Association - Becky Pasco

Patty Birch reported on behalf of Becky Pasco. NEMA membership is at 413 as of October. Professional development sessions were held in all Nebraska regional library system areas for school and youth services public librarians over the spring, summer and early fall 2006.  The Nebraska Department of Education has created and posted an "information technology " position. The position "prefers " a professional with library media endorsement. This is a major step in getting adequate representation for school libraries in the Nebraska Department of Education. NEMA sent six members to the October American Association of School Librarians Fall Forum in Rhode Island. The Fall Forum theme was "Assessing Student Learning in the School Library Media Center. "

Librarians for the 21st Century

Rod Wagner reported that the Nebraska Library Commission has a new Now hiring @ your library® Web site. The Web site provides information on jobs and careers, scholarships, professional organizations and diversity organizations. The Nebraska Library Commission continues to present scholarships with funds from the grant. The Commission hopes to continue to present scholarships after the grant money is depleted.

New Business

Recommendations and Resolutions - Rod Wagner stated that he and John Seyfarth will confer about seeking a meeting with Lt. Governor Sheehy to discuss telecommunications policy issues in regard to LB 645.

The Council members expressed appreciation to Joan Giesecke for hosting the State Advisory Council on Libraries meeting.

Special Recognition - Rod Wagner presented Maggie Harding and John Seyfarth each with a Nebraska Admiralship signed by the Governor and a Certificate of Appreciation for their service and completion of two terms on the Council. Jeff Yost and Sharon Osenga were not able to attend the meeting. They will also receive recognition. Jeff Yost will complete his second term this year. Sharon Osenga has served one term and has decided not to be nominated for a second term.

 2007 Meeting Schedule - The next meeting will be held March 9, 2007, location to be announced.


Chair Jan Boyer adjourned the meeting at 2:40 p.m.

For more information, contact Sue Biltoft.