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Interchange Newsletter

Winter 2023

Discontinued Magazines

We regret to inform you that Reminisce, Reminisce Extra, and Country have been discontinued by the publisher. RDA Enthusiast Brands, LLC has announced they are ceasing publication of these magazines. The December-January issues of Reminisce and Country and the January issue of Reminisce Extra will be the last issues that you will receive.

For those of you that would like a magazine similar to both Reminisce and Reminisce Extra, we would suggest Good Old Days. For those of you that subscribe to Country and would like something similar, we suggest Southern Living or Travel and Leisure. These are not perfect substitutes, but we believe they are comparable replacements to the canceled titles.

If you are interested in receiving Good Old Days, Southern Living or Travel and Leisure, please contact your reader’s advisor.

New Locally Produced Books

DBC01988 Behind the 8-Ball: Fact-based Story of a Youth Worker and Author of Scratchin’ on the Eight Ball by Tom Frye. “This is the story behind all of my stories, starting from when I was a kid growing up in Havelock and moving on through the 45 years I spent in the field of youth work. I may have a wild imagination, but this one is non-fiction and filled with true stories of my life and times.” Adult. Explicit descriptions of sex, violence and strong language.

DBC01990 Welcome to Pallywonkersville: My Irreverent, but Humorous, Memories of Growing Up in Rural Nebraska by David Hunt. The author shares humorous stories about growing up in Palisade, Nebraska, (population 350), which he refers to as Pallywonkersville. Family, friends, and pranks fill these vignettes of small-town life. Adult.

New Books on BARD

DBC02012 The Mystery of Hunting’s End by Mignon G. Eberhart. Smack in the middle of the Nebraska Sand Hills is Hunting's End, a weekend lodge owned by the rich Kingery family. Socialite Matil Kingery invites a strange collection of guests--the same people who were at the lodge when her father died of "heart failure" exactly five years ago. She intends to find out which one of them murdered him. Adult Mystery. 2023 One Book One Nebraska Selection.

Selections from the 150 Greatest Nebraska Books List celebrating Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary:

DBC02002 This Death by Drowning by William Kloefkorn. The author's personal memoir, an artfully assembled collection of reminiscences having to do with water. Adult.

DBC02004 Nebraska Folklore by Louise Pound. Included are cave legends, snake superstitions, weather lore, tales of strong men who rival Paul Bunyan, stories of Indian lovers' leaps, and the legends of Weeping Water and Lincoln Salt Basin. A section on old Nebraska folk customs provides a wealth of information about holiday observances, literary and debating societies, and various social traditions. Adult.

DBC02005 The Home Place by Wright Morris. First published in 1948, this novel, written in the first person, describes the one-day visit of Clyde Muncy to "the home place" at Lone Tree, Nebraska. This tale of a New York family's visit to a Nebraska farm has been acclaimed for its human interest and humor, stemming from the quiet collision of ways of life going in opposite directions. Adult Fiction.

DBC02006 More Than Winning: The Story of Tom Osborne by Tom Osborne and John E. Roberts. Tom Osborne gives an in-depth, personal account of his life--the forces that shaped his values, his own accomplishments in sports, and his experiences as head football coach at Nebraska. Throughout, he maintains that his strength and success come from a deep faith in God. Adult.

DBC02008 Keith County Journal by John Janovy. The natural life of Keith County, in West Central Nebraska, is explored in this unusual and highly praised book. As we walk with the author through the fields and marshes, we are shown aspects of the countryside that are usually ignored or even found repulsive, such as termites, snails, the blood-sucking louse, etc. Adult.

DBC02009 Take All to Nebraska by Sophus Keith Winther. A novel about a Danish family struggling to establish themselves on a rented farm in Nebraska at the turn of the century. Adult Fiction.

DBC02011 Wild Seasons: Gathering and Cooking Wild Plants of the Great Plains by Kay Young. Nearly 250 recipes range from old-time favorites (catnip tea; horehound lozenges; hickory nut cake) to enticing new creations (wild violet salad; milkweed sandwiches, prickly-pear cactus relish). Adult Cookbook.

DBC02010 Sister Sweet Ella by Rosekrans Hoffman. A neglected older brother plots to recapture his mother's attention, in this original tale of sibling rivalry. For grades 2-4.


Countryside and Small Stock Journal: In the spirit of homesteading, Countryside and Small Stock Journal emphasizes home food production and gardening, small-scale livestock, cooking, recycling, frugality, and traditional farming skills. Features articles that convey personal experiences of its readers who value old-style country living.

Nebraska Life: Events, travel, and community profiles from different regions of Nebraska. Writers and photographers from around the state contribute to make the publication one of Nebraska's best resources for travel and entertainment information. Nebraska Life also explores the state's culture, heritage and natural surroundings.

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