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Summer 2022


As part of its braille modernization initiative, NLS launched its Braille-on-Demand pilot project on Monday, June 20, 2022. This project will allow active NLS patrons to request and receive one hard-copy braille title per month, which they can retain for their personal use. If an individual who is not registered as a patron submits an order, NLS will refer the individual to their local network library to begin the process of becoming a patron.

Braille titles will be limited to books that are currently available on BARD, the NLS Braille and Audio Reading Download service. At this time, requests are limited to one book per patron per month. Only complete titles will be distributed. Requests for partial titles (for example, volume one of a three-volume book) will result in receiving the entire book.

The form to request a braille-on-demand book can be found at Patrons may complete the form themselves or contact their network library for assistance. They may also contact NLS Reference at for assistance in completing the form.

Patron Corner Virtual Events

As part of the Patron Engagement Section’s (PES) mission to offer services, resources, and programs to enrich the library experience for patrons, PES will host a quarterly Patron Corner virtual event where patrons can learn more about various services directly from NLS staff.

The quarterly Patron Corner will occur on the second Monday of the third month of each quarter. The next sessions will be September 12, 2022; December 12, 2022; and March 13, 2023.

On September 12, at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, the Patron Engagement Section at the National Library Service (NLS) for the Blind and Print Disabled at the Library of Congress will hold the event as part of their Patron Corner programming. Each quarterly program will provide an opportunity for patrons to learn more about various services directly from NLS staff. The program will be interactive, last for one hour, and have a designated topic of discussion. Bring your questions and your thoughts about the NLS collection and join us at The full Zoom invitation, including call-in numbers, is included below.

Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 160 098 3343
Passcode: 164674
Join by Telephone
For higher quality, dial a number based on your current location.
Dial: US: +1 669 254 5252
or +1 646 828 7666
or +1 669 216 1590
or +1 551 285 1373
Meeting ID: 160 098 3343

When you join this Zoom event, you will be in the waiting room until the program starts. When you enter the room, your phone or computer will be muted. Please stay on mute unless you are called on. If you want to ask a question, you may raise your hand by pressing Alt Y on your computer or Star 9 on your phone. Once you are called on, press Alt A on your computer or Star 6 on your phone to unmute yourself. Finally, this meeting will be recorded. If you do not wish to be recorded, we ask that you avoid speaking during the session.

New Locally Produced Books

DBC01985 Journey Out of Silence: An Autobiography by William Rush. William (Bill) Rush, a person who is experiencing cerebral palsy, does not have the use of his arms, legs or voice. Yet, in this autobiography, he tells how, as a person who can think, feel, remember, see and hear, he has used those abilities to earn a degree in journalism at a leading midwest university. Adult.

DBC01986 Our Life Our Way: A Memoir of Active Faith, Profound Love and Courageous Disability Rights by William Rush and Christine F. Robinson. In this sequel to Journey Out of Silence: An Autobiography (DBC01985) the authors share their story of love that sprang from their engagement with both disability rights advocacy and their Christian faith. Through vignettes, the couple tells of facing opposition and adversity, standing up for one’s rights, and growing in their faith and love. Adult.

DBC01989 The Bridge We Built: The Story of Yankton’s Meridian Bridge by Kathy K. Grow and Lois H. Varvel. The authors, both residents of Yankton, South Dakota, detail the building of the Meridian Bridge, which crosses the Missouri River and connects Yankton with Cedar County, Nebraska. Through newspaper stories, historical correspondence, and interviews, they examine the planning, construction, and impact of the bridge that was completed in 1924. Adult.

New Book on BARD

DBC01987 It’s Not the End of the Earth, but You Can See It from Here: Tales of the Great Plains by Roger Welsch. A collection of stories which demonstrate that small-town Nebraska life is filled with color and variety, ideas and humor, wit and warmth. Some pieces are short narratives; others are descriptions of characters. Adult.

Locally Produced Magazines

Hail Varsity Football season is around the corner. The greatest fan base in the country deserves a magazine that equals that commitment. Hail Varsity is that magazine. Combining unforgettable stories, cutting edge analysis and commentary, Hail Varsity is committed to covering the Cornhuskers unlike anyone else. That’s our focus, but it’s for you, the fans of Nebraska athletics. Hail Varsity magazine is “The Voice of Husker Nation.” Published 11 times a year, with monthly issues from August through May and the annual football yearbook in June, Hail Varsity is the only locally-owned and operated Husker publication.

Game and Fish Midwest With fishing season in full-swing and hunting season around the corner, you need to know when and where to go and what equipment to use. This is the publication to help you make those decisions. It also describes fishing and hunting hot spots in Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Published 10 times a year.

Magazine Changes

  1. The following magazines have ceased publication. Patron subscriptions will no longer be available via BARD and the Magazine-on-Cartridge program (MOC), although patrons may still download existing back issues from BARD:
    • Eating Well, braille format
    • ESPN: The Magazine, braille format
    • Popular Science, braille format
    • Cowboys and Indians, audio format
    • Martha Stewart Living, braille format
    • People en Español, audio format
  2. The following magazine will be replaced in October 2022:
    • Parents, braille format
    • Taking its place is Today’s Parent magazine.

Order Form and Mailing Instructions

Mark the books and magazines you wish to order, then put this page into an envelope and mail to:

Nebraska Library Commission
Talking Book and Braille Service
The Atrium, 1200 N St, Ste 120
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508-2023
(402) 471-4038 | (800) 742-7691

You can also order online by going to