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Youth Grants for Excellence -

Application directions

Nebraska Library Commission
Youth Grants For Excellence
Application Form

7. Means of evaluation/Measures of success for both outputs and outcomes. (Output measures are quantitative and include statistics such as number of youth attending program, books circulated, number of programs held, etc. Outcomes are related to the question of whether or not your effort made a difference and if so, what that difference was. Outcome measures might include changes in attitude or behavior; documentation of knowledge acquired, etc.)

9. If awarded a grant I would be willing, if asked, to make a presentation at a state or system youth event or via teleconference.

Yes      No

Nebraska Library Commission Youth Grant Program

Describe each expenditure below. round figures to the nearest whole dollar amount
Contracted Services
Library Materials
Personnel Costs
Program Materials-Supplies
Estimated Total Project Budget
Amount being requested as a grant from the Library Commission: (no more than 75% of the Estimated Project Budget)
Cash Match
(must be at least 10% of the Estimated Total Project Budget)
Other Local Match (in-kind)
Total Local Match
(at least 25% of the Estimated Total Project Budget.):
In the (expandable) boxes below, describe each of the expenditures listed in the Proposed Project Budget above, including both grant and local funds.  List items that will be purchased and include detailed specifications.  Explain what they will be used for and why they are necessary to the success of the project.  If you have specifications sheets, or catalog entries, please reference them here and send copies via mail or e-mail to Sally Snyder.


WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, CERTIFY that we possesses the legal authority to apply for the grant; that a resolution, motion or similar action has been duly adopted or passed as an official act of the recipient's governing body, authorizing the filing of the applications, including all understandings and assurances contained therein, and directing and authorizing the person identified as the official representative of the applicant to act in connection with the application and to provide such additional information as may be required. Also, that the information contained in this application is complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge, that the necessary assurances of compliance with applicable state and federal statutes, rules, and regulations will be met; and, that the indicated agency designated in this application is authorized to administer this grant. The Authorized Representative of the Applicant Agency is authorized by the Library Board to approve these certifications on behalf of the Applicant Agency.

Applicant Agency/Library:
Name of Library Director/Authorized Representative:
Official Title of Director/Authorized Representative:

For more information, contact Sally Snyder.