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Technology Resources for Libraries

Technology is a tool designed to help people solve real problems. To find technology that matters, start with what matters most to people in your community. Some may be building job skills for a better quality of life, others want to stay connected to friends, and kids trying to define themselves and figure out the world. Many adults are too!

There is no one size fits all solution to technology in every community. The problems that need solving differ from place to place, and person to person. Libraries can help by helping people gain exposure to new technology tools, providing basic skills training, and provding a place to meet and discuss how technology can shape our world for the better.

Every library chooses to help in different ways, based on their own needs and resources. This set of pages is designed to expand the number of resources available to everyone.

Find What Works for You:

Here are a few popular entry-points to get started. Some options are quick and easy, while others encourage you to dig deep, think bigger, and explore all that is possible with technology. Whatever you choose, we're here to help.

Snap Circuits
Tech Kits Through the Mail

Check out a Tech Kit to expose your community to new technology and build new skills.

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Activities & Programs
Explore High Tech

Use these information resources and activities to prepare your community for the future.

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Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy

Connect your community with the skills to navigate the digital world safely and effectively.

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Not sure where to start? Contact Amanda Sweet, our Technology Innovation Librarian for a consultation. She will ask a few questions and prepare a resource pack suited to your needs and the needs of your community.
(402) 471-3106