Newsletter of the Nebraska Library Commission
Talking Book and Braille Service
June 2001

Library Commission Celebrates Centennial

Using the theme Libraries for the Centuries, the Nebraska Library Commission is now commemorating its one-hundredth year as a state agency and celebrating the future of libraries in the 21st century.

In January 1901, a bill was introduced in the Legislature of the State of Nebraska to create a Public Library Commission. On November 11, 1901, the newly created Nebraska Public Library Commission opened offices in the basement of the State Capitol and began work of promotion and development of library services throughout the state. The Nebraska Public Library Commission, renamed in 1972 as the Nebraska Library Commission, has worked toward establishing and extending services for the people of Nebraska throughout its one hundred history.

Summer Adventure Awaits Young Readers

Talking book and Braille readers age twelve and younger are encouraged to sign up for a free summer reading program, sponsored by the Talking Book and Braille Service. Based on the theme, "Reading Road Trip U.S.A.," this year's summer reading program is identical to what is being offered in many Nebraska public libraries.

All enrollees will receive a reading packet. Those who read five or more books will receive additional end-of-summer prizes. A sign-up form is being sent to young readers. This form should be returned to the Talking Book and Braille Service.

Thank You, Volunteers!

Breakfast in bed? Not quite, but volunteers at the Nebraska Library Commission were greeted with luscious cinnamon rolls and juice to celebrate National Volunteer Week. Pat Schreurs, Jeff Schroeder, and Dena Van Kirk were presented traveling cups in appreciation of their years of service. Each Talking Book and Braille Service volunteer received a 2001 Year of the Volunteer lapel pin and a pen flashlight.

Volunteer Profile-Marjory Gloe

Even for a person who likes to read, volunteer narrator Marjory Gloe has had a lot of practice. Since becoming a volunteer narrator nine and a half years ago, Marjory has recorded ten books and numerous magazines, including Cappers, Choice, LifeLines, Midwest Living, NCompass, Nebraska Farmer, Nebraskaland, and Nebraska Sports America. Her most recent book, People of the Troubled Water, by Nancy M. Peterson (RC 825), tells the story of fearless pioneers who penetrated the West by taking on the treacherous Missouri River.

A former librarian for Emporia State University and small business owner, Marjory reads for pleasure such books as Dream West, by David Nevin (RC 20213), which tells the story of frontiersman John C. Fremont. She even emailed the author and received a nice letter in reply.

Marjory's favorite foods include a crisp, chilled salad, made with a variety of greens and served with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. She also likes rich chocolate desserts. Her favorite movie is The English Patient, (DVS 70488), based on Michael Ondaatje's novel (RC 35558).

Marjory and her husband love to travel. In 1999, they spent three weeks in France, ending up in Provence where they rented a car and explored that beautiful region. Last fall they went to the Kodak Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, via Utah's national parks, and traveled on Old Route 66 in Arizona and New Mexico.

Volunteer Profile-Jane Knox

A studio volunteer for the past six and a half years, Jane Knox has used her voice to record 23 books and dozens of magazines. Some of her recordings include books by or about her favorite author, Mari Sandoz: The Battle of the Little Bighorn (RC 678); The Cattlemen From the Rio Grande Across the Far Marias (RC 679); and Mari, A Novel (RC 731). This last title, by Jane Valentine Barker, presents a fictionalized account of Mari and her relationship with her father Jules.

Jane became a studio volunteer because she thought it would be an interesting experience. She continues to give of her time and talent because of the satisfaction of doing a job well. She credits that success to the help she receives from the studio staff.

Outside of our studios, Jane has a wide range of interests. A retired choral director and public school music teacher, she continues her love of music. Her favorite movie of all time is the musical Singin' in the Rain. She collects nativity scenes; and she loves seafood.

The latest book she has read for pleasure is Letters From the Editor, by Harold Ross, founder of The New Yorker magazine.

Volunteer Profile-Walt Gengenbach

By the time he retired from the Columbus, Nebraska, Post Office years ago, Walt Gengenbach had become accustomed to daily contact with people. Though he looked forward to retirement, he soon saw many opportunities for volunteer service. One of these was with the Nebraska Library Commission, where he was trained to examine and repair broken cassettes. For his fifteen years of service, Walt was awarded an Admiralship in the Nebraska Navy.

Volunteerism is very important in the Gengenbach home. His wife Mildred is a volunteer with Lutheran Pantry Services. Many scraps of materials end up as warm quilts, for use locally and for Lutheran World Relief Services. Walt and Mildred serve as chapel escorts for residents at Tabitha Health Care Services. Once the residents are back in their rooms, it is almost time for Walt to begin delivering Meals on Wheels. Walt has volunteered on the same route for many years and has become close friends with meal recipients. Because of personal contact and meal delivery, people have been able to remain in their own homes.

As a member of the American Legion Athletic Committee, Walt is involved with the Boys Baseball Program at Lincoln's Sherman Field. Untold hours of dedicated service, including Walt's, have made this excellent program possible.

New Nebraska Cassette Books


RC 851 The Mallen Lot
Catherine Cookson
2 cassettes

Continues the saga of the Mallen family during the early 1900s. Focuses on Barbara's illicit love affair and the romances of her children. This final volume of the trilogy goes up to World War I and shows Barbara, willful and unhappy, making life difficult for everyone around her. Follows The Mallen Girl (NE 332). Narrated by Pauline Flanagan for the National Library Service.

RC 855 Dear Laura
by Jean Stubbs
2 cassettes

Based on a true case, the story of a deadly love triangle comprised of an arrogant husband, his frivolous wife, and a spendthrift younger brother with whom the wife is having an affair. Narrated by Mitzi Friedlander for the National Library Service.

RC 856 The Painted Face
by Jean Stubbs
3 cassettes

In this mystery set in the 1800s, Inspector Lintott agrees to investigate the death of a child in a Paris train wreck twenty years earlier. The detective's revelations of adultery and incest shock his client. Explicit descriptions of sex. Narrated by Guy Sorel for the National Library Service.

RC 863 The Tie That Binds
by Kent Haruf
2 cassettes

Set in Colorado between 1896 and 1976, Edith, the courageous daughter of homesteaders, finds herself bound by duty, love, and obligation to her crippled father. With strength and dignity, she sacrifices her chance for happiness with the man she loves and assumes the grueling task of maintaining the family farm. Strong language. Narrated by Fred Major for the National Library Service.

RC 865 The Tide of Life
by Catherine Cookson
2 cassettes

When the kindly man she intends to marry at seventeen is murdered, Emily Kennedy takes a job as housekeeper to provide for herself and her ailing younger sister. Though in a household of suppressed violence, Emily wins her way through to maturity. Some strong language. Narrated by Virginia Cromer for the National Library Service.

RC 875 The White Buffalo
by Richard Sale
2 cassettes

Tale of the West set in 1874, Wild Bill Hickok, alias James B. Otis, and Indian warrior Crazy Horse share the same dream: to kill the last great white buffalo. Captures the unique era of gunfighters, gamblers, whores, and scalp hunters. Strong language. Narrated by Randy Atcher for the National Library Service.

RC 876 The Music Within
by Elizabeth Borton de Trevino
2 cassettes

A young musician, who dreams of composing great works, furthers his plans by marrying the plain but rich daughter of a Mexican general. Set in Mexico City during the 1930s. Narrated by Dale Carter for the National Library Service.

RC 877 Among the Innocent
by Elizabeth Borton de Trevino
2 cassettes

Historical novel based on the Inquisition and the spread of its authority to Spain's colonies in the New World. Guiomar, a young woman raised in a Spanish convent, joins her father and brother in the New World, where she faces the dangers of religious persecution. Narrated by George Backman for the National Library Service.


RC 808 Holding Stone Hands: On the Trail of the Cheyenne Exodus
by Alan Boye
3 cassettes

In 1878, approximately three hundred Northern Cheyenne fled shameful conditions on an Indian Territory reservation in order to return to their homeland in Montana's Tongue River country. In 1995, the author set out on foot to retrace the thousand-mile flight through four states. Along the way, descendants of the original Cheyenne leaders join him. Narrated by Tami Works.

RC 826 A Few Survived; The Story of a Japanese Prisoner of War
by Bob Dowding
1 cassette

In this true story of courage and perseverance, the author tells his very personal memories of leaving a small Nebraska town and being thrust into the unimaginable horrors of war. His work ethic, self-sufficiency, and faith in God helped him survive as a POW in Japan. Narrated by Jim Hewitt.

RC 828 This Old Farm: A Treasury of Family Farm Memories
Michael Dregni, Editor
1 cassette

Heartwarming stories and essays recount life on the family farm. This endearing collection includes insightful, entertaining stories by such well-known writers as Garrision Keillor, Roger Welsch, and E. B. White. Stories are based on themes familiar to both present and former farm folk; the farmstead, working the land, farm animals, and farm living. Narrated by Frances Buell.

Saturday Evening Post on Cassette

The Saturday Evening Post, produced six times a year, is a general-interest magazine containing humor, fiction, and non-fiction articles. Recorded by the Braille and Talking Book Division of the Arizona State Library, this magazine is now available free of charge to any Nebraska talking book reader. To sign up, please use the order form below or call your Readers Advisor.

Reader Survey - Communicating with Us and Using Talking Books

We would like to hear about your experiences communicating with us and with using talking books. Please mark your responses and return to the Talking Book and Braille Service. You can mail this form as "Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped". Look for an article in a future issue of Interchange where we report on the results of this survey.

1. What have you experienced when telephoning the Talking Book and Braille Service? (Please check all that apply.)

2. Do you know we have a toll-free 800 number for calls outside of Lincoln? 3. If you experience difficulty telephoning us, when is this most likely to occur? 4. When your call to the Talking Book and Braille Service reaches the answering machine, what do you experience? (Please mark all that apply.) 5. When you receive a letter or postcard from the Talking Book and Braille Service, how clearly do we communicate with you? (Please mark all that apply.) 6. If a cassette book fails to perform properly, how would you describe the problem? (Please mark all that apply.) 7. How often do you receive a cassette mailing boxe with broken or missing straps, or the straps break while you have it?

Order Form and Ordering Instructions

You may place your order by mailing or e-mailing it to the Talking Book and Braille Service, or by calling your Readers Advisor.

For mailing, please mark the books you wish to order and enclose this page in an envelope. Instead of using a stamp, you may put "Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped" on the corner of your envelope. Send your request to the Nebraska Library Commission Talking Book and Braille Service, 1200 N Street, Suite 120, Lincoln, NE 68508-2023. Be sure to include your name, address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number.

For e-mailing, send your order information to the Talking Book and Braille Service. Please include your name, address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number.

You may reach a Readers Advisor toll free by calling 1-800-742-7691. Be prepared to give your name, address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number.

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