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OCLC News  

OCLC PRODUCT OF THE MONTH : Cataloging Micro Enhancer
OCLC Cataloing Micro Enhancer

The OCLC Cataloging Micro Enhancer (CatME) for Windows software increases your cataloging productivity and reduces costs by combining interactive online searching and processing with optional offline editing on your local workstation. You choose the method that works most efficiently with your workflow and the items you process.

With CatME, you can work interactively to search, edit, export and process transactions while connected to OCLC. Or take advantage of the flexible batch and offline functionality:

You can store retrieved bibliographic and authority records in your local file so you always have access - they stay until you delete them. You also can:

CatME for Windows version 2.00 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Millennium, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP. There is no extra charge to download CatME.

For more information about CatME and to download the most recent version, see <http://www.oclc.org/catme/> where you will find the following and more:

You can also access documentation, lessons and tips.

Christa Burns
OCLC Member Services Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission

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The OCLC Institute is presenting a series of three satellite videoconferences to help librarians and other information professionals understand and incorporate emerging knowledge-sharing standards.

Each of the videoconferences will bring together an industry-recognized standards expert and two practitioners with real-world issues. The audience will have the opportunity to interact with experts and practitioners during the approximately 2 1/2-hour program, and the host will facilitate discussion and debate among all participants.

Called "Steering by Standards," the videoconference series will include:

--"A New Harvest: Revealing Hidden Resources With the Open Archives Metadata Harvesting Protocol"--12:00 -2:30 pm EST, March 26; with host Lorcan Dempsey, vice president, OCLC Office of Research. The featured speaker is Herbert Van de Sompel, director, e-Strategy and Programmes, British Library.

--"The OAIS Imperative: Enduring Record or Digital Dust?"--12:00 -2:30 pm EST, April 19; with host Meg Bellinger, vice president, OCLC Digital & Preservation Resources. The featured speaker is Donald Sawyer, lead, Science Office of Standards and Technology, NASA, and significant contributor to furthering the Open Archival Information System.

--"Paper Past, Digital Future: Managing Metadata Standards in Transition"--12:00 -2:30 pm EST, May 29; with host Gary Houk, vice president, OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Services, and featuring Barbara Tillett, chief, Cataloging Policy and Support Office, Library of Congress.

"These complex new standards will significantly impact librarians and other information professionals, their institutions, budgets, staffs, systems and workflows," said Erik Jul, executive director, OCLC Institute. "Gaining practical insights into these global initiatives will help library leaders decide more quickly and effectively how to respond locally."

More details on speakers, dates and times, pricing options, and a downlink license request form are available on the OCLC Institute web site <http://www.oclc.org/institute/>.

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Ingram Library Services has begun adding evaluative content and bibliographic records to WorldCat (the OCLC Online Union Catalog). Through a recent agreement, Ingram is:

--supplying OCLC with descriptive content to enhance WorldCat records in the OCLC FirstSearch service, including cover images, book summaries and author notes from publisher catalogs, and tables of contents data

--providing cataloging information to OCLC for the creation of new bibliographic records in WorldCat for Print-on-Demand titles available through an Ingram affiliate, Lightning Source. (Print-on-Demand is a digital fulfillment service offered by Lightning Source.)

--providing an estimated 3,000 high-quality cataloging records per month to be added to WorldCat for newly released titles that Ingram sells to libraries.

"This added content and the provision of new bibliographic records earlier in the publication cycle, immediately benefit all users of WorldCat by making it easier for them to identify relevant materials," said Gary Houk, vice president, OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Services. "This innovative alliance advances OCLC's strategic directive of extending the scope and content of WorldCat to include new forms of information and contributors, and it reinforces OCLC's mission of furthering access to the world's information and reducing library costs."

"Both databases, OCLC's WorldCat and Ingram's BookMARC, will have more timely records as a result of this agreement," said Jim Kelly, president of Ingram Library Services. "The entire library market will benefit."

OCLC announced last month that Ingram Library Services is providing early cataloging information to OCLC on videos and DVDs, making the metadata available before the materials are released.


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The Alternative Press Index is available during January as the FirstSearch Featured Database of the Month. The database will be available for searching at no charge from the FirstSearch web site at <http://www.oclc.org/firstsearch/databases/index.htm> beginning Wednesday, January 2.

The Alternative Press Index, produced by the Alternative Press Center, is the newest database on the OCLC FirstSearch service. It indexes alternative, radical and left periodicals, newspapers and magazines. The Index's scope is international and interdisciplinary, spanning the social sciences and humanities. A list of titles included in the Alternative Press Index is available on the Periodicals Titles in OCLC FirstSearch site at <http://www2.oclc.org/oclc/fs/fstitle/index_db.asp>.

Please contact NEBASE (402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665), or OCLC Support (800-848-5800 or <support@oclc.org>) with questions regarding the Alternative Press Index.
To request trials of additional FirstSearch databases, please contact NEBASE (402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665).

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Beginning January 27, PER-SEARCH access to RILM Music Abstracts will be removed from OCLC FirstSearch service accounts, at the request of the database producer, Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale. By January 31 all per-search access will have been discontinued and only subscribing libraries will have access to RILM. OCLC and RILM regret any inconvenience this change causes.

OCLC and NEBASE have several programs to help your library maintain affordable access to RILM Music Abstracts via FirstSearch, including special pricing for small academic institutions, substantial discounts for FirstSearch per-search libraries that purchase subscriptions, and an extended payment plan to help your transition to a new fiscal year. Call NEBASE (402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665) for details and to implement your library's subscription.

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OCLC now provides libraries with customized sets of bibliographic records that match their OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online journal subscription orders and renewals. This service provides MARC records that libraries may add to their local library databases, and results in the addition of libraries' OCLC symbols to records in the WorldCat database. Bibliographic records for Electronic Collections Online journals are provided at no charge to subscribing libraries, in order to support their efforts to simplify access to this content by library users.

Libraries may order bibliographic records for Electronic Collections Online journals when they place an Electronic Collections Online journal order or renewal, using the Bibliographic Records for Electronic Collections Online Order form at <http://www2.oclc.org/oclc/pdf/bibeco.pdf>. Libraries that wish to add customization options may do so through OCLC WorldCat Collection Sets for an additional charge. Library staff may consult with staff at NEBASE for the per-record charge for WorldCat Collection Sets enhancement options. Additional information about obtaining bibliographic records for OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online journals is available on the FirstSearch web site at <http://www.oclc.org/oclc/eco/bibrecord.htm>.

Please contact NEBASE (402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665) or OCLC User and Network Support (800-848-5800 or <support@oclc.org>) with questions about these enhancements to the OCLC FirstSearch service.

Christa Burns
OCLC Member Services Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission

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New Content

Alternative Press Index
The Alternative Press Index is now available on FirstSearch. This database is regarded as a unique resource in its field and considered to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to alternative sources of information available today. The Alternative Press Index is produced quarterly by the Alternative Press Center and indexes nearly 290 alternative, radical and left periodicals, newspapers and magazines that report and analyze the practices and theories of cultural, economic, political and social change. Additionally, the full text of 42 titles indexed in the Alternative Press Index is currently available through OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online.

The Alternative Press Index is available via both the per-search and subscription access options. As is customary OCLC practice, this database has been installed with its access turned ON in all active per-search FirstSearch accounts.

ATLAS: ATLA Serials Database
The ATLAS: ATLA Serials Database, from the American Theological Library Association, has expanded to a total of 55 full-text journals from its original content of 29 key journals in religion and theology indexed in the ATLA Religion database. ATLA provides cover-to-cover access to the contents of entire journals in the ATLAS collection.

MLA Directory of Periodicals
The MLA Directory of Periodicals, which provides full information about many of the journals and series indexed in the MLA International Bibliography database on the OCLC FirstSearch service, is now available to subscribers of the database. Users can access records in the Directory of Periodicals by clicking on hotlinks in bibliographic records retrieved by searching the MLA International Bibliography database or by using search indexes in the Advanced and Expert Search modes.

100 New Journals Added to Electronic Collections Online
Electronic Collections Online now includes 3,679 journals, following the addition of 100 new journals from 9 publishers. The new journals include 19 titles from the new Electronic Collections Online publisher, Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development.

Expanded FirstSearch Functionality

Exporting Records from FirstSearch into Bibliographic Management Tools
Using ISI ResearchSoft's Direct Export feature, FirstSearch users may now export one or more bibliographic records directly from OCLC FirstSearch into EndNote software. This allows FirstSearch users to create a bibliography of material accessed in FirstSearch databases as they review their search results.

To initiate this feature, users search FirstSearch, select records and click on an icon in the FirstSearch interface labeled Export. This will extract the relevant data from the FirstSearch records and export it into the EndNote software package. The function works with detailed records, marked records and lists of records from a single database. This feature is available on all FirstSearch authorizations; however, users who click on the Export button but do not have EndNote software loaded on their workstations will be prompted to save the outputted text file to the location of their choice.

IP Address Recognition Control in the FirstSearch Administrative Module
Libraries may now control the IP addresses from which they provide access to FirstSearch using a new feature in their FirstSearch administrative modules. Through the administrative module, library staff may initiate IP address recognition access to FirstSearch, add or delete IP addresses and add or delete FirstSearch authorizations which are accessed from specific IP addresses. IP address changes entered through the administrative module are available as soon as the changes are saved.

Documentation about implementing IP address recognition access to FirstSearch is available in the administrative module online help and in the OCLC FirstSearch Administrative Module Reference Guide online at <http://www.oclc.org/firstsearch/documentation/adminref/>.

Please contact NEBASE (402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665) or OCLC User and Network Support (800-848-5800 or <support@oclc.org>) with questions about these enhancements to the OCLC FirstSearch service.

[OCLC Reference]

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Resource Sharing  


OCLC ILL service suspends the system aging process for ILL records on Saturdays, Sundays, and various holidays. As announced last year, to better accommodate our global partners, OCLC has reduced the number of non-referral holidays by eliminating those which affect only lenders in the United States. However, in response to concerns expressed by our U.S. member libraries, we have decided to retain Thanksgiving and the day after as non-referral holidays.

For 2002, the non-referral holidays are New Years day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas eve, Christmas day, and New Years eve.

This information is also available on the OCLC web site at: <http://www.oclc.org/oclc/ill/nonreferral.htm>.

Judith Carter
OCLC ILL Product Manager

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At some time, you may need to change your institution's lending status. If your library is closed for a long scheduled holiday or at least a week due to unforeseen circumstances such as inadequate staffing or natural disaster, you can change your status from supplier to non-supplier for a temporary time.

The switch from supplier to non-supplier status occurs once a week on Friday and covers a full week or more. So, if you need to be a non-supplier starting on a Tuesday, the actual switch would occur at the beginning of the week. Similarly, if you need to switch back to supplier status on a Thursday, the actual switch would occur on Saturday.

The supplier status of your symbol is verified only at the time the borrower builds the lender string. If your symbol had already been included in the borrower's request before your symbol was switched to lower case, you might receive requests in your message file. Given this, you might wish to change to non-supplier status a week or so before you HAVE to be unavailable for ILL.

To switch to non-supplier status for a temporary time, contact NEBASE at 402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665 by the end-of-the-day of the Wednesday before the week you need to go to non-supplier status. Tell us your beginning date of non-supplier status and when you wish to go back to supplier status.

You should also edit the :POLICIES: field in your Name-Address Directory record to indicate your temporary change in status and the date you anticipate a return to normal activity. When ready to return to normal supplier status, be sure to edit your Name-Address Directory record again to reflect your change back to supplier status.

Christa Burns
OCLC Member Services Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission

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OCLC installed several enhancements to the ILL Web interface on Sunday, December 9, 2001, as outlined below:


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The new CatExpress tutorial is now available on the OCLC CatExpress Web pageOCLC CatExpress <http://www.oclc.org/oclc/cataloging/catexpress/tutorial/xpsrch/index.html>. The OCLC Cataloging Express service (CatExpress) moved into the OCLC CORC environment on July 29, 2001. While screen displays have a new look, the CatExpress functionality remains basically the same. The new tutorial contains screen shots from the new interface. It covers new features including the administrative module where users can choose options for display and update their user information. The options include label vs. MARC tag display, a default class number type to use and a default holding library. It describes how to use the help function and guides the pupil through a search of help. The searching section describes the use of the reset button.

Anna Sylvester
OCLC Metadata Services

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The third edition of the CatExpress User Guide is now available on the OCLC web site in PDF, Word and HTML versions at <http://www.oclc.org/oclc/cataloging/catexpress/guide/>. The PDF version is best for local printing. Users may download the Word version and make custom edits to reflect local practice. The editing feature is especially attractive to groups that have to use the same set of procedures across all libraries.

The OCLC Cataloging Express service (CatExpress) moved into the OCLC CORC environment on July 29, 2001. While screen displays have a new look, the CatExpress functionality remains basically the same. Changes are documented in the third edition.

Linda Gabel [edited]
OCLC Metadata Services

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OCLC Forest Press has published People, Places & Things, a list of over 50,000 Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) paired with corresponding Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) numbers.

"People, Places & Things uses data in two important OCLC resources-WorldCat and the Dewey Decimal Classification system-to deliver a powerful guide for subject browsing to library users," said Joan S. Mitchell, editor in chief of the Dewey Decimal Classification and executive director of OCLC Forest Press. "Librarians will also find it a useful aid to Dewey and subject heading application."

The publication represents the combined efforts of the OCLC Office of Research and the Dewey editorial staff. Research staff selected LCSH/DDC number pairs from WorldCat based on techniques developed in the OCLC Office of Research to identify valid subject headings and relationships between such headings and corresponding Dewey numbers. The Dewey editors then reviewed the resulting pairs, and added additional entries for new headings.

"People, Places & Things is an important source of vocabulary enhancement to the DDC," said Diane Vizine-Goetz, OCLC consulting research scientist. "It also provides a useful list of subject headings for popular and emerging topics."

People, Places & Things priced at 100 is available in the January 2002 Forest Press catalog and from the Dewey web site at <http://www.oclc.org/dewey/products/index.htm#peopleplaces>. To request a catalog call 800-848-8578, ext 6237, or 614-764-6237. 

[OCLC, edited]

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CORC enhancements for November were successfully installed November 18, 2001. The following enhancements were implemented:

  1. Reported in the October 2001 Enhancements as a workaround: When you attempt to generate a new authority record from a heading on a new RC record, you may get an error message. This error message reads: An error occurred: Please validate the RC record before attempting to generate an authority record again. Just delete the error message and follow the instructions given.OCLC CORC
  2. Several user message inconsistencies
  3. Adding actions to Tagged AF Save File dropdown, to match RC functions
  4. LCCN is listed twice in the Authorities Save File Search dropdown; the duplicate will be removed and LCSH added
  5. Actions "Clone" and "Apply Constant Data" retain several uneditable fields, causing validation errors

Other problem fixes include current constant data overwriting the OCLC number of the records being editing.

On December 16, 2001, OCLC implemented the following enhancements to CORC (Build 1.22):

Abridged WebDewey
The major enhancement in Build 1.22 is the addition of access, by additional subscription only, to a new service, Abridged WebDewey. This service offer users of the abridged Dewey Decimal Classification browser-based access to the enhanced Abridged Edition 13 database. Detailed product and ordering information is available at <http://www.oclc.org/fp/>

WebDewey Quarterly Update
A user annotation feature has been added, allowing you to insert notes about local classification practice into the Dewey database. Notes can be designated as either institutional or personal. Institutional notes are viewable by all users at an institution; personal notes are viewable only by the holder of the authorization who created the note. Viewing of notes can be customized based on that designation.

In addition, updated LCSH mappings from the new Forest Press print publication, People, Places & Things have been added to WebDewey.

User Information screen (available from the "General" bar on the CORC navigation screen)
Elements have been rearranged for easier reading. The screen now includes the element, MARC Organization, which presents your MARC Organization code (also widely referred to under its previous name, NUC symbol). Note: not all agencies have been assigned a MARC Organization code--for more information on the code, see <http://lcweb.loc.gov/marc/organizations/>.

Logon Screen
The logon screen has been changed slightly to accommodate the listing of WebDewey along with CORC and CatExpress.

CORC/CatExpress Home Pages
A link to the OCLC Systems Alert page has been added to the "Useful Links" section of these pages.

Browser Compatibility Information
Currently, CORC and CatExpress work well with versions of Netscape 4.75, 4.76, 6.1 and 6.01 as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) IE 5.0 or 5.5. but not Netscape 6.0. IE 6.0 is still being tested for compatibility.

As usual, feedback about CORC is welcome. We recommend that you use the Contact Support feature in CORC to send both reports of problems and also suggestions for improvements. General information site for CORC: <www.oclc.org/corc>.

Dawn Lawson, OCLC Forest Press 
Susan Westberg, Cataloging and Metadata Services Division

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OCLC Tech Notes   


OCLC completed testing of the OCLC Access Suite components with a beta version of Microsoft Windows XP. All OCLC Access Suite components are compatible with Microsoft Windows XP. The installation program for some components was updated on the OCLC Access Suite download site. If installing under Microsoft Windows XP, you will need to use the download version for most components, instead of the version available on the OCLC Access Suite compact disc. OCLC will repeat the testing with the production version of Microsoft Windows XP and will announce any changes to the testing results. For more details, please see <http://www.oclc.org/services/operatingsystems/windowsxp.shtm>.

David Whitehair
OCLC Metadata Services Division

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