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Highlights in this Issue

NEBASE Annual Meeting 2002 - East

The NEBASE Annual Meeting 2002 - East was held at the Cornhusker Hotel on October 3.

Visiting OCLC

Last month, Norma Dannatt, Director of Imperial Public Library in Imperial was in Columbus, Ohio. Since Dublin, home to the OCLC headquarters, was just minutes away Norma couldn't resist the chance to visit the campus. She sent us her reflections on the unique experience.

Fall Trials

This fall the Network Services Department sponsored a number of trials for various electronic resources.

Wrapping Up A Successful Tour of the  Database Roadshow 2002

The 2002 Database Roadshow wrapped up its final workshop on November 1 in Norfolk.


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  NEBASE Annual Meeting 2002 - East
  Visiting OCLC
  OCLC Reference Services Advisory Committee Representatives
  CRITICAS Magazine Spanish-Language Book Donations
  NEBASE Workshop Calendar
  Databases Tips & Tricks: Disabling Topic Areas in FirstSearch
  FirstSearch Trial Continues Through November 30
  Fall Trials
  Wrapping Up a Successful Tour of the  Database Roadshow 2002
  `Tis the Season to Change Interfaces
  OCLC MARS Discounts Available to NEBASE Members
  OCLC NEWS     
  OCLC Product of the Month: QuestionPoint
  New OCLC Institute Courses
  OCLC Web Information Sessions
  OCLC FirstSearch Featured Databases and Electronic Collections Online Featured Publisher for November
  Notice of Discontinuation of the OCLC FirstSearch Featured Databases of the Month Promotion
  OCLC FirstSearch PsycARTICLES Discount
  OCLC FirstSearch Service Enhancements
  OCLC ILL Enhancement will add Lender's LDR Info to ILL Request
  OCLC Local Data Record Batchloading Service Offered at no Charge Through June 2003
  OCLC Low Volume ILL Pricing for CatExpress Subscribers
  End of Support for CatME Versions 1.20, 1.21, 2.00
  Learning to Use OCLC CatME
  OCLC CatExpress Label Printing Enhancement
  Building Multilingual Collections with OCLC Language Sets: Two Options
  Dewey Cutter Program Updated
  OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards and OCLC Input Standards Tables
  OCLC-MARC Records, Rev.1
  OCLC-MARC Technical Bulletin 247: OCLC -MARC Format Update 2002 - Now Available
  OCLC Connexion Monthly Maintenance Installations
  OCLC Windows Client to OCLC Connexion Preview
  Using OCLC Connexion: An OCLC Tutorial is Now Available
Browser Requirements for OCLC ILL Web Interface
  Netscape 4.x Support Ends January 19, 2003





NEBASE ANNUAL MEETING 2002NEBASE Annual Meeting 2002 - East - EAST

The NEBASE Annual Meeting 2002 - East was held at the Cornhusker Hotel on October 3. A total of 83 librarians and library staff registered for the event. The morning was started with our special keynote speaker Dr. William Crowe, President of the OCLC Board of Trustees. Dr. Crowe spoke to the group about the OCLC cooperative and its new responsibilities as its membership definitions change with new strategic directions. We also had updates from our NEBASE Advisory Council, Members Council Representative, and OCLC News.

The afternoon was highlighted with a roundtable on Virtual Reference with Paul Cappuzzello of OCLC providing a presentation on the QuestionPoint reference product. After the QuestionPoint session we heard from three Nebraska librarians working on their own virtual reference programs. Robin Bernstein explained Bellevue University's work with DocuTek VRLPlus has progressed over the past year. Roxanne Cox spoke about the University of Nebraska Medical Center's Ask Mac virtual reference service on the LSSI platform, and Charlene Maxey-Harris detailed University of Nebraska at Lincoln's experience as they begin to move towards implementation of QuestionPoint. The panel took a variety of questions from the audience afterward. From the number of questions it looks like there is growing interest in virtual library service in Nebraska.

NEBASE Annual Meeting 2002 - EastThe last session provided attendees with a wide variety of break out sessions to choose from.

Marcia Stout of OCLC provided Nebraska with its first presentation on OCLC's new services related to digitization and preservation. Allana Novotny conducted a hands-on class using netLibrary. Nebraska currently has two netLibrary collections in place and is set to offer a third near the end of 2002. Christa Burns held a Connexion class to help libraries get ready for the migration from OCLC's Passport for cataloging to the new Connexion service. Susan Knisely presented an informative session on using the FirstSearch Administrative Module and its many new enhancements. Devra Dragos and Pam Scott provided a presentation for libraries getting ready to automate their collections. Participants learned of things a library and its staff need to consider as they implement an automation project.

Next year's NEBASE Annual Meeting-East will be held at the Cornhusker on Thursday, September 18. We would love to hear any ideas you may have for the day's activities. Don't forget to mark the date down on your calendar. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Shannon Behrhorst
Network Services/NEBASE Director
Nebraska Library Commission

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Last month one of our own Nebraska librarians was treated to a tour of the OCLC Campus. Norma Dannatt, Director of Imperial Public Library in Imperial was in Columbus, Ohio with the help of a Nebraska Library Commission Continuing Education grant to attend the Clarion Conference on Rural and Small Libraries, II. Since Dublin, home to the OCLC headquarters, was just minutes away Norma couldn't resist the chance to visit the campus. She sent us her reflections on the unique experience.

Driving up to the OCLC campus I was greeted with lawns and trees that were manicured with handsome looking buildings. One in particular was the stately "Kilgour", a white three-story with tinted windows. As I walked through the front door the first thing I saw was the Atrium with trees 15 feet tall, and as I looked up each floor was open in the center. As you enter you have to sign in and get a badge that you must wear. The receptionist was very friendly. As I was waiting for Bob Murphy to take me on the tour I noticed under the third floor railing were over forty flags representing all the countries that OCLC serves.

As Bob was giving me a tour one of the rooms that I found fascinating was the computer room. This room is huge. Bob told me that when they first used computers that this room was full. Well, we all know that in 1970's the computers were somewhat bigger than they are now. Today they have five computers that sit in the middle of this massive room in a pyramid shape. They use the room for storage of paper and older computers that they are still working on. Also, it is in here that they have these storage units that hold backup tapes and each storage unit there is a robot that will get your tape you want and plug it in so you can look at it.

Not far from this room are the mainframe computers. They have three people in this room 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Another area I found fascinating was where they tested new software. There are microphones and cameras at all angles to watch the person figure out the new software in one room and in the other room are the people that monitor this person. This is also the building where you call if you have trouble and need some assistance. I know that I missed other things in this building, but there was just so much to take in.

A nice leisurely walk to the Brown and Smith building brings you to where new items are catalogued. New York City Public Library sent their collection of catalog cards to be catalogued by OCLC. I saw shelves of boxes filled with cards. They also get items from libraries. One staff member was cataloging videos and CD's from the Dallas Public Library. She told me that libraries even send such items as dolls to be catalogued.

I know I'm not doing my tour of OCLC justice, as there is so much to see. My guide Bob Murphy was very nice and told me personal stories of each floor and I met so many nice people as they were working that I wish I could remember all their names. If you are around the Dublin, Ohio area I would suggest that you call and get a tour. This is one tour that you will remember for years to come.

Norma Dannatt, Library Director
Imperial Public Library
Imperial, NE

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We would like to extend our thanks to Jim Soester of Chadron State College, who recently completed a three-year term as a representative to the OCLC Reference Services Advisory Committee. Jim's willingness to contribute to this important body on behalf of NEBASE is greatly appreciated.

We would like to congratulate Mary Nash of Creighton University's Reinert-Alumni Library. Mary was selected by OCLC as one of five new representatives to the Reference Services Advisory Committee.

The Reference Services Advisory Committee provides OCLC with insight into issues concerning online reference products and services, document delivery, electronic publishing, and management of electronic collections. The Advisory Committees were established to help provide OCLC with an informed group knowledgeable about certain services and their impact on their own and similar libraries. OCLC maintains three Product Advisory Committees to review new product concepts, strategies, and ideas, and evaluate standards. The three committees are Collections & Technical Services, Reference Services, and Resource Sharing.  For more information on the OCLC Advisory Committees visit: <>.

Shannon Behrhorst
Network Services/NEBASE Director
Nebraska Library Commission

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Every couple of months Criticas Magazine donates Spanish-language books, videos, and audio books to libraries across the nation and in Latin America.

Críticas Magazine is a comprehensive review of the latest in Spanish-language publishing written in English. Created by the editors of Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and School Library Journal, Críticas is an authoritative one-stop source for English-language reviews of new adult and children's titles from the international Spanish-language publishing world. Críticas also covers Spanish-language publishing news as it pertains to U.S. readers, librarians, and booksellers. For more information on Críticas Magazine, see their home page at <>.

If you are interested in getting some free Spanish-language titles for your library please contact:

Carmen Ospina
Associate Book Review Editor
Críticas Magazine
360 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010
tel: 646-746-6853
fax: 646-746-6734

Christa Burns
OCLC Member Services Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission

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The following workshops have been scheduled. The location and date as well as a description of each of the workshops can be found at </netserv/nebase/oclcworkshopsdesc.html>.  To register for any of the workshops,  please complete the online registration form at </netserv/nebase/oclcworkshops.html#reg>. The workshop fee for NEBASE libraries is $10.  If you are not a NEBASE library*, please check the registration form for your workshop fee. If you have any questions, please email Jeannette Powell or phone 402-471-7740 or 800-307-2665 for registration fee.

*NEBASE libraries are Nebraska libraries who use OCLC cataloging or interlibrary loan services or who subscribe to FirstSearch. Although libraries who subscribe only to FirstSearch are eligible to pay the $10 workshop fee, they must pay by check.

Jeannette Powell
Network Services Staff Assistant
Nebraska Library Commission

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Disabling Topic Areas in FirstSearch

FirstSearch topic areas are designed to assist users in selecting databases. Users who aren't sure which FirstSearch database to search can click on the "List by Topic" link that appears on the blue navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen. This will take them to the List Databases by Topic screen, from which they can display lists of databases assigned to particular topic areas. There are 15 OCLC-generated topic areas available, ranging from Arts & Humanities to Social Sciences. Libraries also have the option of modifying OCLC-generated topic areas or creating their own custom topic areas using the FirstSearch Administrative Module.

In addition to generating lists of databases assigned to particular topic areas, users can also use the "Suggest Best" feature to perform a broadcast search against all databases in a topic area in order to retrieve an estimated number of results for each database. Users can perform this type of search from the FirstSearch Home screen by typing keywords into the "Search for" box and selecting a topic area from the "Select a Topic or Database" drop-down menu. They can also perform this type of search from the Suggest Best Databases screen, which they can get to by clicking on the "Suggest Best" link on the blue navigation menu.


Topic areas can be very useful if a library provides access to a large number of FirstSearch databases. For example, if your library purchases a block of searches and provides access to the 50+ databases available via the per-search billing method, your users may need assistance in figuring out which databases are appropriate to search in for any given topic area. For libraries that only provide access to a few databases through FirstSearch, however, topic areas may not be at all useful.

In the case of an account that only accesses the 10 databases paid for by the Nebraska Library Commission, topic areas don't make a lot of sense. Indeed, in these accounts, six of the fifteen OCLC-generated topic areas are identical, having been assigned just the WorldCat and ECO databases. This is due in part to the fact that only three of the ten databases-ERIC, GPO, and MEDLINE-have any sort of subject orientation.

If your library only accesses the 10 databases paid for by the Library Commission and you'd like to disable the topic area functionality altogether, you can do so using the FirstSearch Administrative Module. Removing all topic areas affects the FirstSearch search interface in the following ways. First, when no topic areas are displayed, the "List by Topic" and "Suggest Best" links disappear from the blue navigation menu on the left side of the screen. Second, on the FirstSearch Home screen users no longer have the option of performing a keyword search across all databases in a topic area. This is because the "Select a Topic or Database" drop-down menu is revised to just allow users to select a database.


Here are the steps to follow to disable topic areas in FirstSearch:

  1. Go to <> and login using your FirstSearch authorization number and your Administrative Module password.
  2. Click on the Interface Display tab.
  3. Select Topic Areas from the blue bar. (Make sure you select Topic Areas and not Custom Topic Areas.)
  4. Currently displayed topic areas appear on the right side of the screen in the box labeled Topic Areas Displayed.
  5. Remove all topic areas from the Topic Areas Displayed box by clicking on each topic area, and then clicking on the Remove button.
  6. Click on Save Changes.

If you follow these steps, all topic area functionality should be disabled.

If you have any questions about using or disabling topic areas, please feel free to contact Susan Knisely at 402-471-3849, 800-307-2665, or e-mail Susan Knisely.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission


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This fall Nebraska librarians have been enjoying free trial access to the full suite of FirstSearch databases. This trial has included access to more than 70 FirstSearch databases, plus access to all of OCLC's Electronic Collections Online full-text, full-image journals. Trial access to all databases except PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES began in late September; access to these two databases began on November 1. Trial access will end on November 30.

For a full list of FirstSearch databases and descriptions, please see <>. Using the easy-to-use FirstSearch interface, patrons can search a host of well-known bibliographic, full-text, and ready reference databases and then view links to library holdings, whether print or electronic. The Electronic Collections Online service offers access to more than 4,000 full-image electronic journals. Electronic Collections Online is particularly powerful in combination with FirstSearch, as any citation from a subscribed ECO journal shows a link to the full-text article. In addition, Electronic Collections Online offers a terrific archiving solution -- your library retains the right to access all journals to which you have subscribed even after you discontinue subscriptions to any of them. A complete list of titles can be found at <>; in many cases, electronic journal titles are available for only a minimal annual access fee. More information on the ECO service is available at <>.

Trial access instructions were distributed via a September 23 message to the Trial mailing list. If you did not receive this information or would like to have it sent to you again, please call the Nebraska Library Commission at
402-471-2045 or 800-307-2665 and ask to speak to a Network Services staff member or e-mail Network Services. Trial access is limited to Nebraska libraries.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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This fall the Network Services Department sponsored a number of trials for various electronic resources. If you would like to provide any feedback on the trials from these past few months, please feel free to contact a member of the Network Services staff with your comments or questions. We would like to hear from libraries interested in any of the products we have featured on trial this fall.

Listed below are the products that have been on trial or are still available for trial through the Nebraska Library Commission. If you need access information for any of the ongoing trials, call us at 402-471-2045 or 800-307-2665 or e-mail Network Services.


Database Status



INET Library / INET Classroom completed 8/30/02        9/30/02
Safari Tech Books Online completed 9/1/02        9/30/02
bigchalk on trial 10/16/02  11/30/02
BioOne on trial 8/30/2002  11/30/2002
FirstSearch on trial 9/23/2002 11/30/2002
H.W. Wilson on trial 9/5/2002 11/30/2002
NewsBank on trial 10/17/2002 11/17/2002
OriginalSources on trial 10/16/2002 11/30/2002
Alexander Street Press on trial 11/8/2002 12/30/2002

For current trial news be sure to check out the Fall 2002 Database Trial Fact Sheet for Nebraska Libraries found at </netserv/trial.html>.

You can always find out what products have been featured as a statewide trial in the past by viewing the Trial History web site at: </netserv/history.html>.

Are there any resources your library is interested in purchasing? Let us know and we can contact the vendor for a statewide trial and possibly special pricing for Nebraska libraries.

Shannon Behrhorst
Network Services/NEBASE Director
Nebraska Library Commission

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The Database Roadshow
2002 wrapped up its final workshop on November 1 in Norfolk.  This year the Roadshow was presented at 12 sites across Nebraska and over 188 Nebraska library personnel attended the 4 ½ hour workshop.

Each year Network Services staff members Susan Knisely and Allana Novotny travel throughout the state bringing training on the five statewide databases to a variety of library staff.

Next year's Roadshow planning is already underway. With over 280 libraries receiving Gates computers and over 22 libraries gaining Internet connectivity for the first time there will be an entirely new group of database users across Nebraska. Also, the Wilson Web and Electric Library interfaces are undergoing changes this winter. The new Roadshow will be revamped to include completely new sections on these two new interfaces.

Be on the lookout next spring as the snow thaws for new  Database Roadshow
2003 training dates and mark you calendars. You can check for updates on the Database Roadshow at: </netserv/roadshow.html>.

Shannon Behrhorst
Network Services/NEBASE Director
Nebraska Library Commission

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Repeat after me: change is good, change is good, change is good. Did it work? Are you convinced? Probably not! Nobody likes change-especially if it's to a system we've spent a lot of time learning how to use-but most of us have come to accept change, if not make our peace with it. That's a good thing, because this season two of the database services available through the Nebraska Library Commission statewide database program--WilsonWeb and Electric Library--are undergoing interface changes.


If you have recently used the Wilson OmniFile Full Text Select and Wilson Biographies Plus Illustrated databases available through the Nebraska Library Commission, you may have noticed that you now have the option of selecting "Current WilsonWeb" or "New WilsonWeb" when you login to the WilsonWeb service. Highlights of the new WilsonWeb interface include:

While libraries can begin using the new WilsonWeb at any time, they should keep in mind that databases viewable through this new interface are still being revised and improved upon. The H.W. Wilson Company has not yet indicated when access to the current WilsonWeb will be discontinued.

Note: Libraries that subscribe to additional Wilson databases above and beyond what the Library Commission pays for may not have the option of selecting "Current WilsonWeb" or "New WilsonWeb" yet; this choice appears only after all databases included in a subscription are available through the new interface.

Electric Library

Earlier this fall,, inc. announced the availability of eLibrary 2, an updated edition of the Electric Library database currently available at no cost to Nebraska public and academic libraries through the Nebraska Library Commission.

According to bigchalk, eLibrary 2 will provide users with the following new features:

The new eLibrary 2 is scheduled to replace our current Electric Library at some point in the not-too-distant future. We have not yet received specific information about when this will happen, but right now it looks like the switch might occur in late December or possibly in January.

For the time being, the familiar Electric Library interface and the new eLibrary 2 will both be available. Users can continue accessing the familiar interface by clicking on the Electric Library logo on the Library Commission's Electronic Databases web page </databases/> or by going to <>.

If you'd like to begin using eLibrary 2 right away-or if you'd just like to sneak a peek-it is available at <> Your current authentication methods (IP-address recognition and/or username and password) should get you in.

If you have any questions about these upcoming changes, please don't hesitate to let me know. You can contact me by phone at 402-471-3849 or 800-307-2665 or e-mail me.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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NEBASE now offers all new subscribing libraries to the OCLC MARS service greater savings!

OCLC MARS provides comprehensive solutions for authority control and database enrichment. This service includes a broad range of bibliographic and authority services for any library, regardless of size.

Authority control and database preparation standardizes your bibliographic records across collections, cataloging staff preferences and local system changes. Bibliographic records are returned to your library "clean" and upgraded to the current MARC 21 format.

This high-quality service also gives your library individual attention with optimal accuracy rates, along with a customized profile and needs analysis to determine which components of the MARS processes are right for your library.

NEBASE libraries new to the MARS service will benefit from a minimum savings of 10% and could receive a savings of as much as 50% off standard prices for basefile processing when another MARS service is contracted. OCLC will also meet or beat any price quotes from other authority control providers. Best of all, if your library already benefits from the high-quality MARS service and you refer another library to the service you will receive a one-time Notification service run FREE of charge.

For additional information about OCLC MARS, go to <>

To request a price quote, contact NEBASE at 402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665.

Christa Burns
OCLC Member Services Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission

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